Sunday, May 3, 2020

2 ingredients Banana Oat Star Cookies Recipe

This is what happens when I have too many overripe bananas and quick oats in the pantry. Time for some quick and easy cookies!


1 cup quick oats 
1 large overripe banana  mashed to a liquid-like consistency
Optional toppings- chopped KitKat bars, almond nuts, pumpkin seeds, icing sugar for dusting

Makes 8 cookies

Preheat oven to 220°C. Oil the baking tray.

In a large bowl, add oats and mashed bananas. Mix with a fork until it becomes an evenly mixed, thick batter. 

Use the star shaped mould and gently flatten the batter about halfway through the thickness of the mould.

Add your favourite toppings.

Space the cookies about 2 inches apart.

Bake for about 15 minutes or until cookies are lightly brown and set. 

Cookie bottoms should also be brown and easily come off the baking tray. 

Let cookies cool before eating. Store uneaten cookies in an airtight container up to 2-3 days at room temperature. But they taste best on the day itself. It tastes like granola bars if left overnight.



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Dr Yingzangel said...

Thanks. Your visit is the reason I write!

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