Thursday, May 7, 2020

Healthy 8 Treasure Porridge Recipe 养生八宝粥

1 pot meal is something I really enjoy making. Simple, delicious and nutritious! 8 Treasure Porridge is on top of my list. It's versatile and extremely easy to make. Basically I just use whatever I have in the pantry and turn them into a pot of gold! Traditionally, this porridge is served as sweet dessert during Laba festival 腊八.But it can also be turned into this hearty savoury meal which is low GI. 

8 Treasure Porridge

1cup Basmathi rice
1cup black bean
1cup red bean
1cup soy bean
1cup red dates
1cup dried scallops
1 cup goji berry
1 cup dried longan
1cup dried white fungus
4 pieces of chicken thigh
2-4 slices of Bentong Ginger
Soy Sauce, sesame oil and white pepper to taste

Serves 4

Wash all ingredients. Soak the beans, rice and white fungus for 2 hours.

Put all the ingredients into Russell Taylors pressure cooker. 

Set to porridge P20. Make sure the valve is sealed. If needed, you can set a timer on the pressure cooker. If you don't have a pressure cooker, soak your beans longer for at least 3-4hours and cook your porridge in the rice cooker.

If you want to make the sweet version, omit scallop and chicken, substitute with oats/barley/sweet corn kernels/mung beans/black glutinous rice/oats with or without rock sugar (I tend to omit for a healthier alternative).

Just wait until the timer becomes bb which means done!

Serve warm and enjoy!

The sweet version can also be blended made into ice cream just like our favorite King's red bean icicles!

Or serve with evaporated milk for extra creaminess.

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