Saturday, May 9, 2020

Healthy Peanut Banana Daifuku Mochi Recipe

What to do when we had about 30 overripe bananas? 
It's impossible to cook and eat all of them in the next few days without getting sick of them. So we peel and freeze them! Frozen bananas are great for baking, making milk shakes and dessert fillings. One of our favorite is none other than Peanut Banana Daifuku Mochi.


-1cup Glutinous Rice Flour
-250ml water
- 1 tbsp cocoa powder for dusting
- 1/4 cup corn starch for dusting

-ground peanuts 1 cup
- frozen banana coins 1 cup
-1 tbsp Sugar (optional)

Freeze ripe banana cut into coin shapes. 

Dissolve glutinous rice flour with water. 

Microwave the mixture on high for 8 minutes.

When the mochi is still warm, transfer it to a silicone work surface with corn starch.

Dust corn starch on top of the mochi and the rolling pin.

Roll mochi to a thickness of about 2-4 mm.

Cut the mochi into 8 portions. 

Place 1 banana coin and 1tsp ground peanuts in the center of a mochi dough square. 

Gather mochi dough together to cover the filling completely, pinch the edges together at the base.

Place the Daifuku in a muffin mould.

Dust cocoa powder on top.

Have them while warm or freeze to make mochi ice cream!

Other yummy combinations can be-

Matcha dusting with sweet red bean paste filling
Dessicated coconut with mango filling
Cocoa powder dusting with strawberry filling
Instant coffee dusting with chocolate filling


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