Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Pandan Lime Cooler Recipe

When there's a lime tree and a screwpine plant at home, it calls for some limeade!
 It's very easy to make and can be refrigerated up to 2-3 days. Many would dose the drink with quite a lot of sugar. But I replace it with isotonic drink and honey. You can also make it completely sugar free by using powdered sweetener like Erythritol.


8 screwpine leaves
8 calamansi 
Ice cubes
100 Plus Isotonic Drink chilled 
Honey (optional)

Place screwpine leaves in blender. 

Add enough water to cover the blades.

Blend until the juice is released.

Cut calamansi into halves.

Manually squeeze calamansi juice.

Sieve the leaves and calamansi seeds out.

Mix the juice together to form the concentrate.

Fill a glass with 4/5 isotonic drink, some ice cubes and 2 tbsp of honey if desired.

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