Sunday, May 10, 2020

Productive Ways to Spend the MCO with RodeoGO

Who's bored? Hands up! This is the first time in my 30 odd years of life having to go through Movement Control Order. I'm a very outdoorsy person and enjoy hanging out at local cafes even when I'm not travelling. Now we are constantly cooped at home, our family of 4 has developed this new routine.

1. Trying new homecooked food. This is why I have been blogging so much about my recipes. We adapt recipes to make them more children friendly and healthy- low sugar and low GI!

2. Gamexercise! Since we stopped visiting the parks (even though it's allowed now by law but covid 19 doesn't follow the human law ok), JustDance and our old Wii Sports become our source of endorphins.

3. Online shopping. Shoppee and Lazada have amazing offers and efficient delivery that we have parcels delivered almost everyday.

Besides that, we have also realised a way to earn some fast passive income. I'm sure many of us have tried a few apps which require us to share certain ads on our social media or Whatsapp so we get rewarded. But many also required certain number of views or else nothing will be rewarded. This means that even though it's shared, you may not get the rewards if there are not enough likes and resharing. I, personally, dislike this because it makes my account so spammy.

Instead, we have downloaded RodeoGO app. There are a few ways to quickly earn some bucks. Go to campaign for a list of active advertisements.

Watch & Earn

Watch an advertisement in the app. Each video only takes a minute or so. To make sure we really watch it, we will be required to answer a simple question related to the video to earn the coins. For example, at the end of this Kinder Bueno video, we were asked how many bars were there is a single wrapper. This is kind of fun and made me pay more attention. The coins are immediately earned after answering. It is that simple! On average, we get to earn RM1 for each video.

Spot TV ad & Earn

Watch TV and spot certain advertisements on TV such as Vanish as stated in RodeoGO app. Snap a photo using the app. One is then required to post on social media with a creative caption,  #RodeoGO and tag @RodeoGo. 

For each campaign, one can win up to x3! There's no limit on the number of posts that can be made. The RodeoGo team will then reply on the post to signal approval. Once approved, one can then win the stipulated amount of coins.

The exciting part is the coins can then be redeemed into payments or vouchers. Just go to earning report, click on the completed campaign then click on the amount earned. 

Fill in banking details then money is on its way to you! It will be processed within 14 working days. There's no minimum withdrawal amount or administrative charges. Easy peasy!

Download your own RodeoGO app here!


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