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Clean Future with Clean Water | Cleanwash Home Solutions

Malaysia is blessed with plenty of water supply compared to other countries like the neighboring Singapore and Australia. However, the water supply is disrupted frequently due to scheduled maintanence or unplanned piping problems. We often notice unpleasant smell and taste of water, especially in certain areas even though the water is disinfected as the transporting water pipes are often corroded and rusty, risking leakage of metal into our water. Therefore, almost half of the Malaysian households have installed water filters and most will boil the water before consumption. 

Poor water quality is also bad for our health including skin issues. It can lead to eczema, lead toxicity, acne, premature ageing and dark circles! Marie Claire has an interesting article based on some anecdotal experience on how consuming enough water boosts energy level, mood and makes skin more supple.

Pay attention to the color of the new filter before installing to the water heater.

A day after installation.

Home water treatment systems consist if water conditioners and water filters. They can also be divided into point of entry (treat all the water supplied to the house) and point of use systems (usually limited to one faucet). Generally speaking, it is not advisable to have water filtration systems that use reverse osmosis or distillation as it completely removes minerals including fluoride which is a very important source to protect against dental caries. 

Another practical point about water filters is to service or replace cartridges regularly every 1-3months so that the system filters effectively, provides quality filtration and to prolong the lifespan of the system.

To ensure clean water supply, we have installed a few point of use water filtration systems in the house. We have been using the good old fashioned Panasonic water filter in the kitchen until we come across Clean Wash.

Cleanwash Home Solutions - Multipurpose Water Filter

Cleanwash Multipurpose Water Filter consists of a PP filter with calcium sulfite balls. It effectively filters out particles bigger than 5microns size and also chlorine in the water. Each set comes with tubings and accessories and the installation is super easy. Only took an inexperienced person like me 5mins!

Washing machine installation video

Shower line installation video

Their replacement cartridge is also affordable and can be purchased online through ClearLiving website.

Look at how dirty the filter is after a week! 

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I have installed Cleanwash Multipurpose Water Filter on my washing machine and shower line for a few weeks now. Remember in my previous post I discussed about my skin issues due to prolonged face mask use? I have noticed significant improvement in acne and irritative rash. My laundry also smells so fresh now. I had some problems with installing the filter to my water heater with pump- but it's quickly resolved by the efficient and friendly customer service team. Good aftersale service is definitely a plus when considering a water filter.

Good news to my Malaysian readers! I am collaborating with Cleanwash for a giveaway. Just pay RM0.99 and, 5, yes 5 lucky readers get a set of Cleanwash Multipurpose Water Filter (NRP RM88, delivery excluded ) each if you follow these steps:

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Deadline on 30 June 20!

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* Peninsular Malaysia – Rm 8.00 delivery charge per trip in a single purchase.

* East Malaysia – Rm 15.00 delivery charge per trip in a single purchase

* Storewide purchase at Rm 100.00 or above entitles for FREE DELIVERY in peninsular Malaysia

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