Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Facial puffiness 101 | 360° Medi Skin V-Lift Phyto Stem Cell Spray Review

Beauty treatment at home is the way to go! Due to the current Pandemic, it's always wise to cut down non essential trips away from home. 

But this is no excuse to neglect skincare.

What is V lift?

V lifting is an aesthetic treatment that tightens skin to reduce puffiness and lightens wrinkles. I have previously tried nose threading using polydioxanone (PDO) fine threads. Read my experience in this post. It's a fast, effective and safe procedure under trained hands. The thread can also be inserted to create V shaped face. But now it's possible to do needleness V lifting! All in the comfort of your home.

What causes facial puffiness?

Facial puffiness is caused by water or salt retention under the skin. This can happen when the blood vessels are leaky; or when body cannot excrete excessive water or salt from the body. Or when the lymphatic and/or blood drainage is blocked.

Before spraying.

In healthy people, this can happen if one has too much salt, sleep deprivation (like me during my oncalls), alcohol, PMS and hot showers.

Besides that, people with certain health conditions can have puffy face such as
1. Allergies with angioedema
2. Kidney problems
3. Heart failure
4. Liver failure
5. Severe malnutrition with low protein in blood
6. Thyroid problems

Read more about facial puffiness here at Women Health Mag.

What can we do to lessen facial puffiness?

Drink up! Water of course. Make sure you have at least 1.5L to 2L of plain water a day. Have enough sleep. Exercise and be active. Remove makeups completely before sleeping. Cut down alcohol and salt. Or try V-lift treatments for more immediate and lasting results. I have recently tried 360° Medi Skin Instant V-Lift Phyto Stem Cell Spray as a quick fix at home.

360° Medi Skin Instant V-Lift Phyto Stem Cell Spray

This spray contains stem cells derived from plants to provide durable lifting and firming effect to the skin which helps to alleviate puffiness, round cheeks and uneven facial contour. The product is the much sought after V-shaped instagrammable face!

How to use?

This stem cell spray contains a potent concoction of botanical goodness. Just spray the face and neck twice a day after cleansing at about 4inch distance. It can also be used around the eyes. Just make sure you closed your eyes before spraying. Then gently tap and pat the solution after 10 seconds to facilitate absorption.

The effect is visible almost immediately. It's really magical and incredible. There's no injection involved and very minimal side effects as the content of the spray is natural.

The main ingredients are

1. Apple Stem Cells: It contains strong anti-ageing and rejuvenating properties

2. Acetyl hexapeptide-8 : This helps to tighten the skin and reduce appearance of fine lines.

3. Caffeine: I love my coffee! This reduces puffiness and make sure the skin is supple without cellulite.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

360° Medi Skin Instant V-Lift Phyto Stem Cell Spray is a convenient and effective therapy to create supple and photogenic face instantly. It's not invasive and safe for daily use. So I suggest ladies who think they have tried everything else besides aesthetic treatments can use the stem cell spray to help with facial puffiness. Everyday is an instagrammable look!

Get your own 360° Medi Skin Instant V-Lift Phyto Stem Cell Spray atJom Beautii.

360° Medi Skin is a certified aesthetic clinic that offers a range of beauty solutions - from medical grade facial treatments to minimally invasive office aesthetic procedures like filler injection and laser treatments.

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