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Dieting versus Meal Replacement for healthy lifestyle | Good Morning Multigrain Beverages Review

Having a strong family history of type 2 diabetes mellitus, I am beginning to adopt healthy lifestyle. Besides ditching the lift, (yes I take stairs to 8th floor, multiple times in a day), I pay attention to what I eat, most of the time but restricting carbohydrate, adding on vegetables, fruits and lean meat or seafood. Soon I'll need to start my single life in KL with long hours in the traffic, so I figure out I better eat on the go! This is called Meal Replacement or Diet Shake. Find out more here on WebMD.

Good Morning Multigrain Beverages has a great range of meal replacement options. I have tried the following options.

1. GSure
2. Pea Protein
3. V 18 Grains

These Good Morning Multigrain Beverages are based on  18 Multigrains with 5 colours

1. Red- Red Quinoa, Red Bean and Red Rice
2. Black- Black Sesame, Black Bean, Chia Seed and almond
3. Green - Mung Bean, Green Peas, Lentils
4. Brown- Flaxseed, Lotus Seed, Buckwheat
5. Orange- Corn, Millet, Soy Bean, Brown Rice, Garbanzo Bean

It's very important to take rainbow coloured phytonutrients as each provides specific nutrients and protects us against certain ailments. Details on this article at Harvard Health Publishing Site.

Red: Rich in carotenoid lycopene, a potent scavenger of gene-damaging free radicals that seems to protect against prostate cancer as well as heart and lung disease.

Green: These foods are rich in cancer cell-blocking chemicals like sulforaphane, isocyanate and indoles.

Orange and yellow: Provide beta cryptothanxin, which may help prevent heart disease

White and brown:  This contains allicin, which has anti-tumor properties. Other foods in this group contain antioxidant flavonoids like quercetin and kaempferol.

Besides that, these 3 beverages are lactose free, vegan friendly, gluten free with no added sugar. The Multigrains used are also non GMOs. The high soluble fiber content helps to ameliorate digestive and constipation issues.

Good Morning Global Sdn Bhd is documented in the Malaysian Book of Records as the biggest multigrain based product company. Their products go through strict quality control as set out by ISO22000, HACCP, GMP and MESTI. Therefore the ingredients used are also of premium quality and safe for consumption of the whole family.

Below are the other special features:

V18 Grains

This is now fortified with ginger and prebiotic inulin which is food for healthy bacteria in the gut.  Besides the fragrant taste of multigrain, the ginger gave a spicy kick which is surprisingly pleasant and not too overpowering with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


This provides complete nutrition and is suitable for people who need to build muscle bulk and prevent muscle loss because it contains CaHMG. Muscle loss is common with ageing and impacts negatively in the ability to perform self care. This is called sarcopenia. Lutein helps to improve vision. Omega 3&6 are great for cardiovascular health. Read more about sarcopenia on WebMD.

Pea Protein

Good Morning Pea Protein is so a complete nutrition fortified by essential and non-essential (meaning we may not need to take it from our daily diet because our bodies are able to make them) vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Remember I just talked about sarcopenia? This can actually start as early in our 30s. Especially for those who are obesed, the body is made of fat and not muscles-- aptly called sarcopenic obesity. You can imagine how difficult it is to get these people moving and regain the muscle bulk. This is when Pea Protein can help as meal replacement to lose weight yet building muscles.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I would love to follow the suku suku separuh healthy eating dietary needs 3 times a day. But it's simply mission impossible. Working full-time means most we dine out for lunch most weekdays. It can be a real chore to grab a nutritious and well balanced diet in Malaysia while eating out when char kuay teow and nasi lemak are some of the calorie loaded staples for many.

Good Morning beverages offer great and affordable options for supplementing and replacing our meals with quick and nutritious shakes. Most importantly, they taste really good (naturally sweetened with no added refined sugar!) Perfect for me who doesn't have the time to grab healthy lunches.

To know more, remember to visit their sites. Good Morning Global Sdn Bhd is having their 12th anniversary sales at the moment. Hurry up and get yours!

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