Thursday, October 8, 2020

Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfection in Households


 The coronavirus global health crisis has made everyone at a heightened awareness about cleanliness and sanitization. Covid 19 mainly spreads via droplets from coughing, sneezing and may become suspended in the air during certain high risk medical procedures such as nebulisation, suction of the mouth and airway. The Malaysian government endorses the mantra of avoiding 3Cs (Crowded places, Confined spaces, Close conversation) and do 3Ws (Wash hands, Warn and Wear masks). The current covid situation is very worrying, especially in Sabah and Kedah. Malaysians ought to be more vigilant and continue to follow SOPs, even if we are not in the red zone.

Detailed guidelines about cleaning and disinfecting our homes can be found on the CDC website.

Hand washing or sanitising if not possible is one of the keys in preventing  germ transmission, not just corona virus.  Alcohol and chlorhexidine based hand sanitisers have the longest track record based on effectiveness and safety. But these ingredients can be harsh on the skin. Working as a fulltime medical specialist means that I am constantly washing or sanitising my hands -- at least 20-30 times/day. This leaves my hands dry and irritated. Therefore, I have started to search for alternatives. Nanosilver has emerged as a potent sanitising agent as summarised in this research paper in which A+ protect spray by Antah Wellness is what I have been using recently. 

A+ protect spray  is a safe, effective non-alcohol antiseptic spray containing <10ppm Nanosilver colloidal particles. At this level of concentration, Nanosilver is proven to kill multiple micro-organisms and to promote wound healing within a minute of application. The shapes of the nanomolecules used in A+ Protect Spray are consistent in spheres, making it highly effective. Silver, at high concentration, is potentially toxic to human but A+ protect spray is safe for everyone's use-- including children and expecting mothers. It is useful for minor burns, wounds, sores, irritation, pimples and body odor. This spray makes wound cleansing painfree, is colourless and tasteless-- I have tried for my boys and they did not complain of stinging at all. 

Drinking Clorox is definitely not the way to safely mitigate against the risk of catching infections. But there are many ways of disinfecting the air around us using clorine dioxide gas. ClO2  Besides spraying sodium clorite solutions, do you know that you can now wear what is called a healthtag?has been proven to be effective as a rapid disinfectant which can also deodorises. However, it is non hazardous and is environmentally friendly, approved internationally by US-EPA, FDA, UK, Japan and most Health Authorities.

A+ Defend Tag by Antah Wellness is a creative way of wearing a tag containing a sachet of stabilised 5g Sodium Chlorite (naclo2) which slowly release  Chlorine Dioxide gas (Clo2). The concentration of the gas emitted is below  0.1 ppm which makes it safe-- it does have a slightly pungent order similar to the smell of swimming pool water but studies have shown no adverse effects like eyes irritations, respiratory discomfort or breathing difficulties. Each tag can be used up to 45 days in humid countries like Malaysia. And a study done by Nishimura et al has shown that it works optimally at a minimum humidity of 50% and best at relative humidity 70%. Malaysia, at its hottest and driest month has an average humidity of 70-80%, which is just great! I place my tag just next to my mini hand satiniser hanging from my work sling bag. Whenever I encounter the 3Cs, I will unseal the tag and protect myself. 

The A+  Defend Tag is imported from Japan and complies with the following Japanese Health Authorities and Regulations :- Standard Food Addictive Board, Japan Food Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Affairs Act,  Water Supply Law,  Swimming Pool Water Regulation and Bathtub Water Regulation. 

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

The coronavirus health crisis is unprecedented and is detrimental to the social and economy development of every nation involved. Unfortunately it is not going away anytime soon until we discover an effective treatment and/or vaccine. Therefore, cleaning and disinfecting practices are even more important than ever to halt the transmission chain. A+ Protect Spray and Defend Tag are interesting and innovative products helping us to get through this challenging time. 

Antah Healthcare is one of the key players in the marketing and distribution of healthcare related products, including disinfectants and sanitisers. Those who are interested can get A+ Protect spray and A+ Defend Tag from most major retail pharmacies throughout Malaysia. 

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