Thursday, October 8, 2020

Sustainable agriculture in Malaysia | Farm to Home Vegetable Delivery


The modern farmers are no longer what is depicted in the movies.  Mass agricultural production involves the use of many heavy machineries like tractors, processes such as tilling the soil, over-grazing, using fossil fuel based fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. All these produces vegetables fast to meet the public demand at the cost of leaving carbon footprints and damaging the environment. 

Farm to Home Delivery

An example of my everyday lunch box--full of nutritious salad from my vegetable subscription box!

Have you heard of sustainable agricultural practice called carbon farming? I was lucky enough to be able to learn about this environmentally friendly indoor farm around the Kayu Ara area. PG led me through his farm housed in the city. They produced compost onsite— using withered vegetables, quality soil, rainwater and the powerful decomposing power of earthworms and good bacteria. 

What a wonderful and natural way to farm! Carbon Farming involves implementing practices to improve the rate at which CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and converted to plant material and/or soil organic matter with a net result of CO2 gain. 

Read here to know more about carbon farming and why we should support it. 

Farm to Home Delivery has also collaborated with UPM to farm purple sweet potato leaves using ozone water. The UPM lab has proven their purple sweet potato leaves have antioxidants levels higher than those contained in grape seed oil. 

We actually asked Lala Chong to help us cook some of the awesome vegetables from the box, absolutely mouthwatering especially the Petai fried rice!

So where does Farm to Home Delivery source their vegetables? The main supplier is a reputable farmer from Cameron Highlands— the vegetables are chemical and pesticide free (CPF). Some vegetables are from Mantin carbon farm whereas the micro greens are from local farmers in Klang Valley. They ensure the vegetables are delivered from the farm to your doorstep within 48hours. If you would like your vegetables to last longer, you can request for them to be washed in ozone water at a minimal cost each box. Unlike many other vegetable delivery service, the customers can customise their orders — hence the tag line healthy, affordable and flexible.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I think it’s very important to know where your food come from, especially if you love to have them raw as salads. I have learnt so much recently about the scary facts in mainstream agriculture that I choose to get my vegetables from reliable sources only. I love Farm to Home Delivery because the quality control is good with the ability to exchange unsatisfactory items. Having said that, each box undergoes strict checks and sanitisation before they were being delivered. Even if u stay alone like me, one box can stay fresh up to 2 weeks as it is washed using ozone water— and remember to always cook the outer layer or leafy vegetables first which are more perishable.

Do you know that Farm To Home Delivery is having a Start-Up Pre-order Promo (40% discount!). Limited for the first 60 Customers with more than 27 veggie varieties to choose from and flexible delivery timings. Delivery is free within Klang Valley area; With an additional 10% discount on all PWP purchase. 

To get more freebies in your box besides the huge savings— head to this unique link to get your very own Clean Eating Vegetable Box from Farm to Home Delivery!

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