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The how and why of drinking Coffee | Mister Coffee Complete Coffee Company Review

Hands up if you are a coffee addict just like me! I love waking up to the aroma of a hot cuppa and on many afternoons, I need a cup to rejuvenate and go through the day. Moderate coffee consumption (1-2cups a day) has been associated with lower risks of developing dementia, type 2 diabetes mellitus, liver cancer and Parkinson’s disease. The scientists are not entirely sure why so and whether this is causative. But no harm making it a habit if it's enjoyable!

There are a few ways of making great coffee. And we have all these at home!

The cheapest way is  manual drip brew which is also more labour intensive. One can either hand brew/manual drip (need to pay attention to the temperature and timing of the brew), paper filters (travel friendly but tend to be light bodies) and the famous Vietnamese stainless steel filter (very rich and full of the aroma of condensed milk too).

If you don't have time, then investing in a coffee maker like my Philips Daily Collection Coffee Maker is the way to go if you prefer long black or flat white. I love how my machine can grind beans fresh every morning. 

If you are really into espresso-- it's worth grabbing a Breville Barista Express. Honestly, we have saved quite some bucks making our own espresso that easily rival famous cafes. These are great for short black, cappuccino, latte and mocha. 

No matter what you prefer, Mister Coffee has a complete range of beans for you to choose from. One can choose to buy whole beans or ground coffee with various level of coraseness. We prefer whole beans so we can grind them fresh just beforehand. Different grind size is suitable for various ways of brewing— with cold brew needing the coarsest size and Turkish brew the finest.

Espresso is strong, potent and great for a caffeine boost to kick start the day. The shot itself is creamy, foamy and rich in texture. An espresso shot is produced when the ground coffee is compacted and subjected to water near boiling point. Milk can usually be frothed and goes really well with the coffee for a perfect cappucino/latte. Mister Coffee has a comprehensive range of espresso beans which contains mainly of blend using robusta beans which has higher caffeine content. 

Espresso Range 

Espresso Classic is full-bodied ans has a strong aftertaste which lingers. When mixed with milk, it actually mimics hot chocolate!

Espresso Bar is strong, acidic and bitter reminiscing coffee lovers of fruit jam and chocolate. 

Espresso Super Bar is more acidic and citrusy.

Espresso Gold tasted aged and mellowed with the fragrance of bread. 

Espresso Pearl, on the other hand, is a robusta and arabica blend that tastes more bitter than acidic.

Espresso Royal gives off a vibrant sultana and chocolate taste. 

When we have more time during the weekend, we will bring out our manual drip brew kit. Drip brew tends to take alot longer to make. It can also be difficult to achieve the same consistency each time as the temperature and pouring technique have to be precise. Drip brew coffee involves pouring hot water over the ground coffee placed in a paper/stainless steel filter. It is therefore, lighter in taste and 'cleaner'. It is also easier to bring out the acidity and refreshing aspect of coffee. 

Mister Coffee's Drip Brew Specialty Coffee include: 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Grade 1 Kochere is considered the best grown coffee in the highlands of Ethiopia. The beans are dried inside the fruit to allow natural fermentation that results in a more pungent aroma. This yields a floral scent which has a sweet cherry and citrusy taste too. Do you know that Ethiopia is where coffee beans are discovered by a goat herder called Kaldi? 

Costa Rica SHB (Strictly Hard Beans) Tarrazu Finca Tirra don Fernando Coffee beans give an interesting combination of fruity and nutty aroma. This is a fragrant mixture of apricot and almond brittle. The beans are harder and denser as they are grown at altitudes higher than 4500 feet above sea levels, slowing maturation. As they can only be harvested later they are a lot more expensive. 

Single Origin Coffee refers to coffee beans harvested from a particular geographical area. It is usually done so to ensure a higher quality of beans. The single origin coffee beans often allow coffee lovers to bring back fond memories of the place of origin as it contains certain unique aroma. We have tried the following single origin coffee from Mister Coffee:

Rwanda Coop Korera Kawa is a medium roast which makes creamy and buttery coffee with lemony and orangey aroma. It is neither bitter nor acidic. 

Indonesian Bali Kintamani Ulian is grown in Ulian Village, planted in between orange trees to shelter coffee trees at least 10 years old, hand picked upon ripening. This unique bean makes the coffee taste like caramel and grapefruit. 

Grab your own coffee beans from

Mister Coffee 

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