Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Eco Beauty Squad Interview

Warning. Long post ahead! Thanks @thefaceshopmalaysia for selecting me to tell my story about content creation! Of course, @venicemin and @fishmeatdie are my awesome mentors this round.

About Yourself

1. What are the biggest and most life-changing milestone/s and/or achievements of your life?


Being able to undergo undergraduate training in Melbourne on a scholarship was definitely the life changing moment for me. I am the only child and had not lived away from my family until I turned 20. It was not easy fitting in a completely new environment, struggling to understand the culture and the peculiar Oz accent. I was not used to having cold milk and salad for lunch. Neither was I familiar with the way people socialized. But I was glad to have the support from my fellow uni mates. We explored mundane day to day activities together. We also travelled a lot-- from there I really learnt to be open minded and to assimilate different culture. This included my first and last time bungee jumping as well as visiting a hot spring while surrounded by first snow. I also met my then bf now husband there. 

I was also fortunate to be offered an opportunity to attach to one the most prestigious health facility in London. I was alone for 2 months. But the experience was one of a lifetime. Till to day, my values and approach to managing patients are still very much shaped by these experiences. My husband and my outlook in life is to dream big and work hard towards our goals-- dare to be different and shine. We encourage our children to do the same.


2. Why do you think it's important for you to share your life's stories/experiences with others?

The more I progress in my career, the more humble I am by the vast amount of knowledge and experience each expert has. So I believe that I have to share my knowledge to others' benefit as well. It is very important to keep the mind sharp -- at least learn a new thing everyday. I am learning to become an expert doctor in the care of older adults-- therefore, keep updating our mental faculty remains the most vital way of preventing cognitive impairment. This includes being creative when producing new content. Why do I share mainly on social media? Because that is where most people are getting their information from and one of the most effective ways of passing the message I want to convey about loving life. I try to share some tips about healthy living in each of my posts for example. And I like people to see how an independent woman like me can juggle between work and family-- hopefully to inspire other young mothers and to build a supportive community to share our joy and challenges. 


3. What does it mean for you to be bold and "dare to be"?

Confidence definitely comes from knowledge and experience. To explore, to see, to feel and to able to relate to every moment in life. And to reflect on my life so I can be better and stronger everyday. When I am confident, I automatically put on that smile and look. I do pay attention to my physical appearance as well because that is a way to showcase my boldness and character. As I am in a leadership position at my workplace, I need that energy and assertiveness to bring my team to another level to provide consistent and quality patient centered care. 


It is very important to voice out opinions even if it is clearly different from others. I do encourage my team to brainstorm and provide ideas as well for each patient as every team member sees the case from a different perspective and is able to give constructive input. To me 'dare to be' means being able give and accept constructive feedbacks as well as to learn from mistakes for self improvement. 

4. What do you think sets you apart from other participants?

As a fulltime working physician, I enjoy showcasing my medical knowledge and incorporate them into skincare and beauty. After all, any good skincare regime is futile without healthy lifestyle because it does not stem from within. To maintain good skin health, fundamental things like adequate hydration, avoid smoking, a balanced diet and active lifestyle are the basis-- but it is still not being emphasized enough. And this becomes even more important as people ages. 

5. If you had the power to change the world today, what would you do?

The world is becoming less healthy-- both physically and mentally. Due to the current pandemic, many has become even more sedentary by working from home, and getting daily necessities d elivered to doorstep. This means a huge loss in the level of incidental activity. People who have no means to maintain social connectedness, especially those who are underprivileged (the poor and the old), their routines get disrupted, they may lose the means to be able to fend for themselves and make a living . Frail older people are particularly vulnerable when they become home bound.

We may not be able to curb the transmission over the short term but I believe everyone needs to come together as one, to embrace the new normal,  stop the chain of transmission, while at the same time, be mindful of those who are being disadvantaged and still find means to reach out --- even if it is as simple as helping to set up video call for an elderly to contact their loved ones. 

As a single person, I will not be able to reach out to everyone. But to bring about the awareness to more people using my social media handles-- so everyone can do their part in keeping our society together and healthy. 

Your Experience of the Campaign

1. Why did you decide to take part in this campaign? 


I have always been interested in content creation. I see this campaign as a leaping ground for me to get first hand information and knowledge how to revolutionize my love for sharing and to really get the message across to my followers. Getting accepted and being able to join the top 55 contestants mean a lot to me. It is an acknowledgment to my dedication in producing quality contents. It has also become a source of motivation for me to carry on. 


2. What are some of the key things you have learnt thus far in this campaign?

[Talk about key learnings, share exciting experience, what have you applied from the workshops so far]


It has been an educational journey. I have learnt how to position myself in the world of content creation, how to produce quality content that will attract engagement including the story I want to tell, the angle, the lighting, the editing as well as the focus. Anyone can post on social media but whether the post will resonate with others depends on how sincere and how others can relate to the post. As people tend to scroll through contents, the first impression of the posts become the determining factor of whether your readers will invest interest. 

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will complete my subspecialty training in geriatrics after 3 years. By then I am hoping to promote healthy living as well as healthy aging. I want to build a supportive online community who continues to make important conversations and to live healthily. And of course become an inspiration to those around them. As I become older, I want to live by example and prove I can still be youthful and beautiful. 

I am also hoping to let the older generation know-- becoming old is not an excuse to stop learning or to live healthily. In fact they should treasure and maintain their level of independence. The Eco Beauty Squad campaign has definitely improved my skills at content creation-- to portray the ability to shine through natural beauty using healthy lifestyle, aided by suitable skincare products.








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