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Is collagen supplementation worth the hype? | Vii Nutrition Sakura Collagen Review

 I have tried many collagen supplements but believe me, I am choosy when it comes to what to consume. I will show you why and how to pick the right product off the shelf.

40 years down the road, this is what face app think I will look like without me doing anything to slow the skin aging process. I think this looks fairly graceful but I definitely don't mind having less wrinkles :p

Collagen is abundant in human and animal connective tissue as the secret ingredient which makes skin elastic, joints lubricated and bones strong. With ageing, collagen production diminishes. So supplementing diet rich in collagen sounds like the way to go-- but most are quickly broken down during digestion, so how can any of this be true? Therefore, only certain collagen preparations work such as hydrolyzed collagen and collagen with enteric coating to withstand stomach acid to allow most of the protein molecules to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Always find out the exact ingredients in what you take. Make sure they are natural and produced by reputable source. I always research the products before purchase using reliable search engine like SFA.

In my constant quest for safe and effective collagen supplement, I have been taking Sakura collagen for a month now.

What is in Sakura Collagen by Vii Nutrition?

Patented Verisol® collagen peptide is the pioneer in the market developed by Gelita, the world's leading collagen manufacturer from Germany. . A unique membrane coating technology is used to prevent breakdown by the digestive system to allow the collagen to be absorbed by the body and gets delivered to its target site (underneath the skin, in the joints and bones). Verisol® also lasts for 192-hours - far exceeding the standard collagen peptide's at 8-hours.

Patented sakura extract is derived from hand-picked fresh petals within the "golden seven days" of its bloom. It contains two main active ingredients Caffeoyl Glucose and Quercetin Glucose. These are potent antioxidants to prevent premature skin aging and are able to stimulate skin cells from producing more collagen. As an anti-glycation agent, sakura extract also inhibits melanin formation to reduce skin tanning. Japanese Yuzu extract helps skin cell renewal and protects the stability of collagen. At the same time, Roselle extract is also rich in antioxidants.

Besides that, Vii Nutrition have also established a collaboration with Fitoplancton Marino - a world leading Spain-based company producing marine microalgae called TetraSOD® which forms the backbone of Vii Nutrition’s MA+ product. All Vii Nutrition products undergoes vigorous Pro Nutri Technology (PNT) Research, partnering with local scientists in both UPM and University of Malaysia Sabah. Therefore, the product quality is assured by multiple certifications such as GMP, MESTI, Halal, as well as ISO 9001.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Preliminary research suggests that collagen supplements are safe and effective to improve the health of skin and joints. But be cautious because the Ministry of Health does not regulate supplements, making it impossible to know if the supplement really matches what’s on the label. Therefore, choose brands that use third party testing, like NeoCell, rather than generic brands. Be vigilant and do not believe extreme claims-- especially in the ability to reverse aging, effects of unhealthy lifestyle, diet and previous smoking, as well as excessive UV exposure.

Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before any complementary therapy. Always ask for certified professionals before proceeding with supplementation and stop if discomfort or side effect ensues.

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