Friday, December 24, 2021

Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Series Will Definitely light up Your Christmas Theme

 Hello, Vit’s Noodles Lover! Let’s welcome December with a festive cheer because we’re definitely feeling the holiday spirit! Christmas is coming and there could be no greater method for partaking in this merry season than with some Christmassy food and pastries. Furthermore, nothing rings in the bubbly cheer like Christmas gifts and food, obviously!

Do you guys know that Vit Makanan (Kuala Lumpur) Sdn Bhd started out as a food trading company in 1975 and gradually ventured into the instant noodle industry. Since the expansion and with the best people in hand, our capabilities and resources have empowered us closer to becoming the world’s preferred noodle expert that signifies global standards in nutritional value, quality and services.

Christmas is a magical season and by buying Vit’s products, you can absolutely feel the Christmas soul! Vit’s Noodles will be happy to introduce to you guys about our new Italian series that definitely will level up your instant noodles craving.

Aglio Olio is a traditional Italian pasta dish from Naples, Italy. Usually cooked with just olive oil and garlic, Aglio Olio is fragrant and a classic pasta dish. You should attempt Vit's Italian Mi Goreng Aglio Olio flavor that is tasty, we bet.

If you prefer tomato-based pasta sauces, Vit’s also got it in Bolognese flavour! Made with fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs, their new Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Bolognese is going to be any kid’s or adults comfort food.

Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to present you with our new product “Vits Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara” featuring exclusive products for you to taste and enjoy. Vits Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara is the latest menu of Vits Italian Mi Goreng series. Its Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara is a combination of Mi Goreng inspired by the classic Italian menu. Introducing the latest Vits Italian Carbonara from Vits made from cheese, chicken ham, butter, chili flakes and cream adding the aura of Italian cuisine. It tastes just as good as being in Italy. Vits Italian Carbonara Fried Noodles is free of preservatives and artificial colors.

The taste of classic cuisine that will satisfy you and the preparation of simple and original recipes. Perfect for those of you who care about time and the aroma of real Italian cuisine.  You can make delicious Italian-style Mi Goreng in as few as four or five steps at home to satisfy your Italian food cravings.

You can be sure that these Italian-style quick noodles will become your new favorite meal due to their affordable prices.

Been craving for your favorite comfort food? You know where to buy? The promo is only Rm 5.95 available at Shopee and Lazada. 

Now you can grab the first and only Malaysia’s Italian Series Instant Noodles from @vits_malaysia. Products are available online and Aeon stores at the moment.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Living With COVID-19 : A New Era with a Multi-Pronged Approach in Response to COVID-19

 While the pandemic continues to devastate communities around the world, it is apparent that the COVID-19 virus will be among us for a long time. In Malaysia, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted the economy and the society, but also our healthcare resources. With this in mind, Roche Malaysia recently organised a media round table to focus on the management, interventions and treatment options, aside from the required vaccinations, to help communities, especially the vulnerable patients, cope with living the new normal. 

The esteemed panelists included Dr Chua Hock Hin, Consultant of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases from the Sarawak General Hospital and Dr Leong Hoe Nam, Consultant of Infectious Diseases at Rophi Clinic, from Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore while the session was moderated by Dr. Peter Tok from the Centre for Clinical Outcome Research, Institute for Clinical Research, Malaysia.   

“The public needs to be aware that there are  treatment options  which are present now  and soon to be available which will help to control symptoms, as well as contributing to the prevention  and treatment of this disease,” said Dr. Peter. He believes that these tools are needed to prevent and fight future COVID-19 outbreaks and minimise economic shutdowns while ensuring the public feels more at ease living with COVID-19.


“COVID-19 is the biggest global health challenge of our time, but how do we learn to live with it? said Dr. Chua. “One of the best ways is to equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge to understand the disease and the variety of treatment options which includes modern medicines, diagnostics solutions and vaccines. As we are all aware, many companies, research institutions and governments are working tirelessly in collaboration to find therapies that have the potential to treat and manage COVID-19, while the search for safe and effective treatments must continue. That is why it is imperative that the healthcare system acts early alongside vaccines with preventive and treatment methods, in order to eradicate the COVID-19 disease.”

He also added that the “most vulnerable" COVID-19 patients need to be protected as these are patients who are unable to build up an adequate antibody response against COVID-19. These patients, although they have been vaccinated, are also susceptible to breakthrough infection due to their underlying medical comorbidities or medications. “There are a number of different treatments available as well as currently being developed, aiming to address the needs of both non- hospitalised and hospitalised sick patients,  ranging from prophylactic therapies to treatment. This will hopefully help to prevent them from developing severe illness and offer more treatment options when they are  hospitalised, allowing these patients to have a new ‘normal’ and living with COVID-19.”

Dr Leong mentioned that apart from clinical care, supplemental oxygen and mechanical ventilation, there are several treatment options which have proven effective in treating patients with COVID-19 such as neutralising antibodies (NAbs), anti-virals, immunomodulators.  Commenting on NAbs, he said “These neutralising antibodies are naturally occurring antibodies that play an important role in the immune system. They signal the presence of a pathogen in the body so that white blood cells can locate and kill it. Neutralising antibodies are responsible for blocking the entry of a pathogen into a cell so that it is firstly unable to infect healthy cells, and secondly, it is unable to replicate and cause severe infection1. Antivirals on the other hand, work differently depending on the drug and virus type. Antivirals can block receptors so viruses can’t bind to and enter healthy cells, helping it fight off a viral infection and lower the viral load, which is the amount of active virus, in the body2 . Another treatment includes immunomodulators. This is a class of agent that stimulates or suppresses the immune system. We see it used in the fight against cancer, infection, or other diseases3.

Dr Leong further commented on NAbs, stating that, “These NAbs are a state of the art treatment and if given early to patients, we significantly reduce morbidity and  mortality of these patients.  We have made it this far throughout the pandemic, and we will continue to be resilient to face more upcoming challenges, especially with these innovative treatments.”


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Roche has explored multiple approaches to meet the needs of those affected by the virus. Although vaccination rates are increasing globally, most countries are entering a fourth wave of rising cases, and treatment options for the full range of disease severity and variants of concern are still needed. 

Deepti Saraf, the General Manager of Roche (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd said that, “In these exceptional times, we are committed to working with our healthcare system in their fight against COVID-19 and minimising its impact. We have developed a growing number of diagnostic solutions that help to detect and diagnose the infection, and continue to develop and support potential therapies which can play a role in treating the disease.”


“The impact of COVID-19 goes beyond those who contract it. That is why we are working with healthcare providers, authorities and organisations to help make sure patients continue to receive the latest innovation in tests, treatment and care they need during these challenging times. Building on a longstanding tradition of partnerships, we are working together to make healthcare stronger and more sustainable in the future.”


Thursday, December 2, 2021

Teeth Whitening | Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste Review

White teeth and a shiny, sparkling smile have been the biggest oral care trend over the last decade, stimulated by the visual-driven social media environment. During virtual meetings do you find yourself paying more attention and drawn to the person with the shiny smile? Is your own smile ready for a Zoom close-up when you are on Teams? 

Try this: smile widely, take a selfie, then zoom in for a closer look at your teeth. If you notice stains or discolorations, the new Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste can help you achieve whiter teeth and a brighter smile at home in just 14 days, and further helps to prevent stain build-up.  

Fresh & White is from LION Japan, the No.1 oral care company in Japan, that is backed by 130 years of experience in oral care development & innovation.  The smiling polar bear icon of Fresh & White is a mainstay of many Malaysian bathrooms, loved for its refreshing minty taste, and long-lasting breath-freshening power. 

The new Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste was developed with our digital lifestyles in mind that have made us hyper-aware of our appearance and our smile.  

Do you know that our daily food and drinks are one of the cuplrits of stained teeth? More importantly as a nation of foodies would you want to give these foods and drinks up? 

The coffee, teh tarik, boba tea, fruit juices and carbonated drinks that fuel our lives and socialisation are among the main sources of stains on teeth. Other pigmented, highly-flavoured food such as curries, soy sauce, tomato-based sauces, vinegar, lemon, beetroot, and colourful candies contribute to stains on teeth.  You can try to cut them out of your diet, or simply switch to Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste to keep your teeth whiter with confidence smile shiny and sparkling. 

The revolutionary Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste is formulated with Japanese volcanic mineral and advanced whitening agent to effectively whiten teeth while being gentle to teeth enamel that helps you present a shiny, sparkling smile at all times. 

Simple to use, cost effective and without harmful side effects, make the Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste part of your daily personal self-care routine. Take on the #FreshNWhite2WeeksChallenge. Brush for two minutes, twice a day with Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste as part of a good oral care routine for best results. You will see a brighter, more confident smile in just two weeks. 

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Figure 1: Comparison of Stain Removal Rate between Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste vs Leading Brand of Ordinary Toothpaste 

The efficacy of Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste is proven with a stain removal rate more than double of ordinary toothpaste through lab-testing  in Japan.

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Figure 2: Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste is proven to remove stains better than ordinary toothpaste, results on artificial tooth enamel 

Lab-testing involved twice daily brushing of two minutes per session on artificial tooth enamel discs made of material that is similar to human teeth using Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening on one set, and ordinary toothpaste on the other set. The results prove that Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening Toothpaste is effective in removing stubborn stain build-up on artificial tooth enamel. 

Besides, the benefits of Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening go beyond stain removal as its Anti-Sugar Shield technology is fortified with double fluoride to help prevent cavities by making tooth enamel more resistant to the action of sugar acids produced by bacteria and increasing remineralisation to strengthen enamel. With Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste, your shiny, sparkling smile is backed by stronger cavity-free teeth! 

Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening toothpaste completes your shiny, sparkling smile with a burst of freshness with fresh mint taste. This sweet, well-rounded minty freshness leaves the mouth and breath feeling fresh and clean, giving you confidence in every breath, even with your mask on! 

Enjoy this affordable at-home teeth whitening solution for the entire family that whitens teeth, helps prevents further stain build-up, while strengthening teeth and helping to prevent cavities as well as freshening breath for shiny, sparkling smiles.

Mandy Tan, Marketing Manager for Oral Care Department at Southern Lion Sdn Bhd says, “Bright smiles are the best asset for any social media feed but keeping our teeth free of stains is challenging especially when so many of us love coffee, tea and the variety of delicious Malaysian food. Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening is the perfect addition to you and your family’s oral care routine. It whitens, brightens, strengthens, protects your teeth, and freshens your breath, effectively and affordably. Try it for 14 days and you will see the difference. Be the confident star of your next virtual meeting for all the right, bright reasons with a shiny, sparkling smile with Fresh & White.”

Fresh & White Volcanic Whitening is produced under the highest safety and quality standards. All Fresh & White products are Halal certified, safe for use by Muslims. The 140g tube retails for RM6.10 while the twin pack (2 X 140g) is available at RM10.50. To find out more visit

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Turning Water into Disinfectant, not Wine to fight against COVID-19 | ELECLEAN

 Familiar with the bible chapter describing how Jesus turned water into wine? Such miracle exists now using some brilliant technology in fighting COVID. The pandemic has made hygiene and sanitization the priority for everyone. However using alcohol and bleach based solutions can cause skin and mucosal irritation, particularly for children and the elderly who have more sensitive skin. But it is not always possible to reach a tap and wash our hands with soap when we are out and about. Luckily we have found an innovative solution.

Introducing a safe and effective disinfectant using the world's first advanced technology called ELECLEAN, turning Water to Disinfectant! This technology is also featured by World Health Organization (WHO). ELECLEAN owns more than 34 patents in this area of expertise. The technology is inspired by Dr Chen during his overseas humanitarian mission trip.

We have been using ELECLEAN device at home. We just have to pour in clean water and activate the device and wait for 15 minutes. Tada, an SGS approved, safe and effective sanitiser is done and ready to be use! There is no alcohol, no chemical, no preservative and stabiliser in this sanitiser. In other words, there is no toxic or chemical residue left on the skin.

My boys are convinced this is magic. Do you know the science behind the advanced eletro-oxidation technology converts water into reactive oxygen species, namely hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radical and superoxide radical which is effective against 99.9% viruses and bacteria such as H1N1 and E.Coli as certified by their partner labs.

Furthermore, water is cheap and easily accessible. ELECLEAN device also comes in travel friendly size weighing only 100g to allow us to bring it on the go, satinizing any inanimate surface besides our hands. It is powered by USB rechargable batteries.

ELECLEAN is classified as a household electrical appliance. It is reusable for many years. Undeniably, this is envinronmentally friendly because we can reduce the usage of bottles and say goodbye to many disposable sanitiser.

We are so grateful for ELECLEAN which is an award winning product in the global fight against COVID-19. Try it yourself and witness the difference! Remember to use my 15% discount code YINGZANGEL15%.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Ayam Brand™ Community Care Campaign 2021 Supports Lives, Promotes Health and Sparks Livelihoods of 3 NGOs in Pahang

 The COVID-19 pandemic is a trying time for all us with charity organisations particularly hard hit as contributions from corporate donors and the public have reduced.   


Ayam Brand™, famed for its quality, no preservatives and no added MSG, healthy and convenient canned food, is here for Malaysians with the return of the Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign 2021. Themed #AyamBersamaMu, it promotes healthier lifestyle choices through the 3S concept of the Malaysian Healthy Plate, nurtures livelihoods through the #AyamFutureCreator program while contributing two months’ supply of Ayam Brand products to participating homes. 


This year’s campaign is fully virtual and SOP-compliant for the health and safety of all participants, allowing experts dietitians from KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital and 18 year old entrepreneur and well-known content creator Arianna Natasha of Arianna Kitchen to interact with children in all states.


It will aid and educate 1,500 children from 32 charity homes nationwide while providing them with more than 230,000 healthy Ayam Brand meals. This includes 101 children fromPertubuhan Kebajikan Baitul Husna Kuantan, Pusat Jagaan Chahaya, and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rapha Kuantan.


According to Ayam Brand™ General Manager Ms Chin Lee Foon, the CSR campaign which is now in its fourteenth year has contributed more than 2 million healthy meals to more than 25,000 people from 539 charity homes and NGOs.


“More Malaysians are now focused on healthier lifestyles with many of us enjoy making our own meals. The Ayam Brand team considered this in creating the #AyamBersamaMu campaign so that it is timely, relevant and useful to all participants giving them expert advice on better diets and inspiring them to be future content creators, while providing tangible support of two months’ supply of our products for each participating home. In addition, #AyamFutureCreator participants stand to win a total of RM6,000 in Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) SSPN saving plans,” Ms Chin explains.


Each participating home has received an #AyamBersamaMu starter kit of kitchen utensils, lighting, and filming accessories as well as Ayam Brand products for their journey towards becoming future creators. The two months’ supply of products include kids’ favourites that are high in protein and rich in Omega-3 namely Ayam Brand Tuna Mild and Spicy, Ayam Brand Saba Deli Natural and Ayam Brand Baked Bean Cheese.  


Ayam Brand emphasizes the contribution of its canned fish products as many charity homes lack regular access to fish such as tuna and saba that are a good source of Omega-3, which is an essential fatty acid that our body cannot produce. Omega-3 may help to prevent coronary heart disease, promote healthy nerve activity, improve vitamin absorption, maintain a healthy immune system and promote cell development. Omega 3 is also important in the development of vision and brain among children.



The KPJ Damansara’s Dietetic Services team are providing a virtual workshop on the Malaysian Healthy Plate popularly known as #SukuSukuSeparuh that recommends each daily meal to consist of a quarter protein, a quarter complex carbohydrates and half of fruits and vegetables, in portions based on the individual’s palm, fist and cupped palm size. This easy to visualize guide can be a guide for lifelong healthy eating. 


“Prevention is better than cure, we are committed to reaching out to the community and sharing vital health knowledge. Teaching the young about living a healthy life helps to create a healthier nation for the future especially during the pandemic. #SukuSukuSeparuh is easy for children and adults to grasp to follow for a healthier lifestyle,” says Ms Rushda Adiba Ismail, Dietitian at KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital.


The Ayam Brand Show Us Your Healthy Plate competition saw teams from each home, assembling healthy meals based on #SukuSukuSeparuh guides. The top three teams for each state will receive trophies, certificates of participation and customised lunchboxes. 


Arianna Natasha, the 18-year-old founder of Arianna Kitchen and self-taught content creator has almost 400,000 Instagram followers proved an excellent mentor for the children through the easily relatable #AyamFutureCreator workshop session. 


“I wish there had been a program like this when I started as a content creator. Content creation is hard work that requires skill, patience, and creativity. It can be a good career and the start of an online business for these kids, providing them with livelihood through the #AyamFutureCreator program,” Arianna shares, adding that Ayam Brand sandwiches were among the earliest snacks she learned how to prepare for herself as a child. “It is amazing that I’m working with one of my favourite food brands and get to mentor others.”


The #AyamFutureCreator competition requires teams of children to create a 1 to 3 minute cooking video using Ayam Brand products, using #SukuSukuSeparuh Malaysian Healthy Plate principles, based on the tutorial by Arianna. The kids will need to film, edit, tag, hashtag and promote the video on social media to hone their skills as content creators. Arianna, the Ayam Brand team and the KPJ Damansara Dietetic team will decide on the winners, who stand to win a total of RM6,000 in PTPTN SSPN saving plans.


“We have not had events since the pandemic began as we follow SOPs closely. The kids have been so excited by the #AyamBersamaMu virtual event. They enjoyed the #SukuSukuSeparuh workshop, even the adults found it very useful for our own meal planning. They loved the #AyamFutureCreator workshop because all of them would like to be famous content creators. Our thanks to Ayam Brand™ for supporting NGOs for many years. We are glad to be selected because the two months’ supply of products will see us through times like these when donations are scarce. Our thanks to Ayam Brand™ for always being with us and caring for the community,” explains Ms Grace of Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rapha Kuantan.


“I need to eat more vegetables, fruits, protein and Omega-3 to be healthy and grow tall and strong. I think I can win the #AyamFutureCreator competition, and start my own business like Kak Ary. Thank you Ayam Brand for helping me become a future creator!” says one of the participants.


To find out more about the #AyamBersamaMu CSR campaign and #AyamFutureCreator program visit or join

Friday, October 15, 2021


全球各地在近几年都卷起了一股禁烟风潮—这可是亡羊补牢之举。生为内科专科的我自然拥护这活动!吸烟对身体几乎所有的器官都是有害的,每一根烟含有超过7000种化学物质,其中数百种(包括尼古丁和一氧化碳)对人体有毒。吸烟与约40种疾病有关, 包括肺癌和慢性肺功能衰竭。这些有害物质不知对吸烟者带来伤害,也对无辜的误吸二手烟者带来危害!




·       我想要感觉更好。

·       我不想我的孩子们也吸烟。

·       我不想感觉喘不上气来。

·       我可以用这些钱来做些其他的事情。

·       气味不好,弄脏房子,而且衣服会有味道。

·       我想要我的口气清新。

·       我不想过早长皱纹。

·       这对同我一起住的人不公平。


·       我想能活着看我的孩子们长大。



把吸烟与特定时间和情况密切联系断开连接,其实就是要改变习惯。比如您喜欢饭后吸烟,试着在吃饭后刷牙或 咀嚼无糖口香糖。






Varenicline(Champix®)bupropion(Zyban®)作用于大脑来 降低想要吸烟的欲望的程度以及缓解戒断症状。




Cerahi Kehidupan Bersama TOP’

Back-to-School Campaign Returns to Support 200 Children from Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Communities Kuala Lumpur The majority of Mal...