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Dream Home with IDW

 Home is where the heart is. Home is also where dream transpires into reality. It is not just a building but where the family bonds and support each other through the ups and downs in life.

Therefore, we pay attention to ensure our home is cozy and has practical designs. We love spacious living areas to allow children to run around. The wet kitchen area needs to have a long bench and glass top stove to prepare hearty home cooked meals. The dry kitchen is equipped with built in cabinets and adequate space to place our convection oven, microwave and espresso machine.

Bedrooms should have good ventilation-- dark and quiet enough for a good night's rest. Similarly, bathrooms are layered with non-slip tiles, sitting toilets and refreshing rain showers for thorough body cleansing. Working stations are well lit with mess free desk space and comfortable office chairs.

Besides that, our home has to be both elder and children friendly. We minimised clutter, ensure good lighting, and lessen hazards such as sharp corner and uneven floor surface. Ergonomic design is also what we aim for-- with space saving and multi-functional furniture.

Our home is designed based on this IDW Design Collection book. This book features 200 design collection with complete detail and drawings for us to follow at home.

The IDW book is written by a group of passionate interior designers with more than 10 years experience. They are certified by the Malaysian Society of Interior Design (MSID), Malaysian Institute of Interior Design (MIID) & Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM).

Besides getting interior design ideas from the book, one can also opt to let the IDW team to manage the renovation project completely. The IDW team is able to handle full design consultation from the preliminary design phase, detail drawings, submission to authorities, contractor selection, project monitoring until the completion of the projects. This makes renovation hassle free.

IDW also has flexible designs ideas that allow a wide range of designs- from affordable to luxurious living solutions for everyone. Besides that, IDW also focuses on environmentally sustainable transformation.

The IDW book focuses about the notion that Interior Design Can Now Be Owned by All Malaysians.

Chapter 1-Challenges in Building IDW
● IDW Design & Build (IDW) was established in 2007 as a start-up business in interior and renovation company when the founders were only 21 years old.
● They graduated with Diploma Studies in Interior Designer followed by Degree in Interior Architecture and finally obtained Master of Science Facilities Management.
● The first project was designing a bungalow which costed RM1.1 million.
● At the age of 23 years old, both founders accomplished another big project to design a college costing RM17 million. It took one year to complete.
● But it was not always smooth sailing for young entrepreneurs who are less experienced facing
● They persevered and furthered studies in Master of Science Facilities Management while managing business.
● Subsequently they had a fairy tale wedding.

Chapter 2 – Fire Tragedy
● In 2017, a fire almost killed Lokman Hakim and his family while on vacation in New Zealand.
● This motivated IDW to grow a stronger team to continue their business legacy.
● IDW is determined to help 1 million home property owner to get their dream home equipped with beauty and perfection.

Chapter 3 – COVID phenomenon
● Due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), many homeowners felt that they needed a better home for comfort and happiness.
● IDW therefore emerges as the pioneer in designing a comfortable place to work, study and spend time with family.
● This ‘New Normal’ inspired IDW to release their first book collection entitled IDW Design Collection in helping more homeowner to get their dream home.

Chapter 4-Exclusive Service and Fees to Pay
● As a well trusted andestablished interior designer brand, IDW successfully design and build every home area to look luxurious .
● IDW's design tailors to each clients’ preferences for worthwhile and affordable investments, starting from RM6000.
● IDW also strives for every homeowner to understand style and preferences to align with lifestyle.

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