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New.bies Skincare Product Review

Unsurprisingly, Asian skin requires skincare products designed by Asians. Read here to understand our unique skincare needs. 

Besides that, the need to wear face mask for long periods also make maskne prevalent in our tropical climate. Refer to my previous post about skincare to manage maskne here.

I have tried a great Malaysian skincare brand recently called New.bie. New.bie was founded in August 2020. What convinces me about the series is their vision to develop premium quality and effective products using evidence-based ingredients-. New.bie also educates the public about the science behind skincare. The aim is to enable most Malaysians to own and experience good quality products at reasonable prices. The brand also strives to equip their resellers with skincare knowledge to help their customers in achieving dream skin.

New.bie Hydrating Glow Essence.

This essence contains AHAs (a combination of Lactic, Glycolic and Citric Acid) with 7 types of humectants. AHAs are used widely in chemical peel treatments in aesthetic clinics to exfoliate, unclog pores from keratin and dead skin cells to avoid breakouts and to reveal the radiant new skin. However, too much acid can irritate the skin causing dryness, stinging and more acne!

New.bie uses the latest techonology by encapsulating the acid which minimises skin irritation while allowing the AHAs to exfoliate effectively. Besides that New.bie Hydrating Glow Essence also faints pigmentation, reduces skin dullness and brightens up skin tone.

How to use New.bie Hydrating Glow Essence:

1.Cleanse and tone.
2.Apply a thin layer directly twice a week.
3.Alternatively, mix New.bie Hydrating Glow Essence into the moisturiser once a day.
4.This can be used every other day or everyday depending on the individual.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

As the name chemical peel suggests, my skin started peeling and became sensitive after AHA application previously. However, New.bie Hydrating Glow Essence is gentle enough not to cause redness or peeling. The essence is also able to boost skin hydration simultaneously to counter the skin tightening and drying effect of conventional acid treatment.

The essence is lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin. It does not burden the skin. I have also noticed a visible reduction in pore size, milia (this is soooo challenging to eliminate!), blackheads and whiteheads after a week of use.

I use New.bie Hydrating Glow Essence before sleep as exfoliating acids may make the skin more sensitive towards UV. It is also advisable to use a good sunscreen while on treatment.

New.bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield

This physical sunscreen is formulated to alleviate common Asian skincare concerns such as acne prone skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin and those with melasma. It provides SPF 50 PA++++ with 97% protection.

The active ingredients are mineral filters which is made up of 8% calamine (zinc oxide + iron oxide) and 8% titanium dioxide. This makes the Newbie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield suitable to deal with all those skin issues. Calamine also soothes and cools the skin against heat and acne formation. On the other hand, iron oxide can prevent the development of melasma. This special formulation provides thrice protection against UV damage, ranging from blue light as well as infrared rays. New.bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield is also suitable for children older than 1 year old.

To understand more about importance of sun protection for our skin, please read my previous post here. The post also explains how to apply sunscreen.

An additional tip to adequately cleanse your skin from sunscreen is by using micellar water or oil based cleanser at night before turning in.
What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Certain sunscreen can be oily, sticky and can also leave a white residue on the skin. This makes applying sun block uncomfortable, especially when it mixes with sweat-- a ubiquitous problem in Malaysian tropical climate. However, to make sun protection effective, reapplication throughout the day is essential.

Therefore, we particularly love New.bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield as it gets absorbed easily without leaving white cast. The texture is light, non greasy and easily applied. Reapplication is not longer dreaded.

As New.bie Hydrating Everyday Sunshield is also water proof, our family can now hang out by Kuantan beaches and enjoy all the water sports without getting sunburns. Do you know that even if we are staying indoors, sun protection should still be done? This can prevent premature skin aging.

Be rest assured that New.bie skincare products are also safe. They are:
-oil free
--alcohol free
- chemical filter free
- fragrance free
- mineral oil free

In a nutshell, New.bie Skincare range is designed to tackle common skin problems for Malaysians. I love how simple the ingredient list is-- as less is often more for those who have sensitive skin. The affordable price tag ensures the brand maintains its competitive edge in the market as well.

To know more about their products-- please kindly refer to their websites/social media accounts:

Twitter: newbie_hq

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