Monday, July 19, 2021

Skincare in the COVID era | Clinelle Pureswiss Hydracalm series review

 The delta COVID variant is here! Therefore, most healthcare workers choose to wear N95 and face shield in clinical areas. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a lot of inflammation and maskne. Therefore, good skincare regime is even more vital now.

I have been using Clinelle PureSWISS Hydracalm series for some time now. Let me introduce everyone to the products.

The range contains 3 main active ingredients:
1. Natural hyaluronic acid which can lock in moisture up to 72 hours.
2. Pure Swiss Thermal Spring Water is a hydration booster.
3. Bio-Calm complex calms, restores and strengthens skin’s barrier and defense function.

They make up the powerful 3x HydraCalm action. The effects are seen as early as 3 days after use.

Formulated and manufactured in France, this hydration range features the that aims to effectively restore skin health and penetrates deeper into the skin for longer lasting hydration.

Clinelle Pureswiss Hydracalm cleansing gel

This cleanser is soap-free. It remains foamy yet gentle enough to cleanse impurities and excess sebum without over-stripping skin’s natural moisture. My face feels rejuvenated and hydrated afterwards.

Clinelle Pureswiss Hydracalm serum

Serum provides intense treatment to plump and soften the skin. This serum is lightweight and absorbed quickly for radiant complexion.

Clinelle Pureswiss Hydracalm cream

This cream further boosts lasting skin hydration without being greasy. This is especially great for dehydrated skin to maintain oil water balance. The end result is elimination of fine lines and sebum overproduction-- these are the issues I face having combination skin.

Clinelle Pureswiss Hydracalm sleeping mask

I often work until later in the evening. A 2 min cooling and pampering sleeping mask ensures my skin remains fresh and rejuvenated throughout the night until the next morning. When applied, the mask transforms into water droplets which are easily absorbed by the skin.

Clinelle products are also safe for use as they contain:

No Artificial Fragrance – Contains allergen that may cause irritation to skin
No Artificial Colouring – Increases the risk of skin sensitivity and clog pores
No Comedogenic Ingredients – Clog pores and cause acne
No Mineral Oil – Causes acne
No SD Alcohol – Strips of skin’s natural moisture and causes dryness
No Lanolin – Causes irritation and allergy reaction to skin
No Paraben – May link to health risks

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