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The Latest Malaysia Travelling SOP must know!

 Do you know that latest SOPs of traveling in and out of Malaysia? Now that the borders are open, many are excited to go on vacation. But you really need to research about the latest SOPs to avoid turning a fun trip into a letdown. Confused? Let me explain what to do.

Firstly determine your vaccination status before traveling. I hope those who are reading are already fully vaccinated because covid is here to stay. Protect yourself and your loved ones against severe disease or complications such as long covid by vaccination.

Please make sure your passport and visa are valid for at least 6 months. You may obtain the latest entry requirements via the embassy or consulate of the country you are visiting. All relevant documents must be the original. Copies are not accepted.

Pre-departure requirements in Malaysia

Travellers must undergo a COVID-19 RT-PCR test 2 days prior to arrival. 

However, a fully vaccinated person who had contracted the virus 6 to 60 days prior to arrival in the country are exempted from the pre-departure PCR. They have to undergo a professionally administered RTK-Ag test to produce the “Fit to Travel” document. 

Children below 6 years old are not required to test.

Foreign travellers are required to purchase health insurance covering COVID-19 treatment with a minimum coverage of USD20,000.

Download MySejahtera app before departure. Complete the pre-departure information in the “Traveller” form, including health declarations and the negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result. Fully vaccinated travellers will then be issued with the traveller’s card on their MySejahtera, while non-vaccinated travellers will be issued with Home Surveillance Order for 5 days. Travellers must be able to produce either document before being allowed to board the aircraft.

Scan the QR codes before you enter the terminal or upon arrival at the gate for contact tracing purpose. 

Upon arrival in Malaysia

You will pass through a thermal scanner. If unwell, there are health care officers on-site to offer further check-up. If well, you can then proceed to the immigration counter for passport clearance and then reclaim your baggage.

Within 24 hours of arrival in Malaysia

You are required to do a professionally administered RTK-Ag test and upload the result in MySejahtera. Besides the airport, there are also many clinics available for testing nearby.

If tested positive:

If fully vaccinated with category 1 & 2 infections, you are subject to Home Surveillance Order for 7 days. If you unfortunately are category 3 & 4, seek treatment at the nearest healthcare facility.

If you are not vaccinated or partially vaccinated, Home Surveillance Order is 10 days.

If tested negative:

If fully vaccinated, no quarantine and you are free to roam! 

If you are  not vaccinated or partially vaccinated,  Home Surveillance Order for 5 days and repeat the RT-PCR test on the 4th day or professionally administered RTK-Ag test on the 5th day.

Now there is also Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) between Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia to allow fully vaccinated travellers from one country to enter into another without quarantine subject to COVID-19 testing and further requirements determined by the destination. For other countries, check their embassy for the latest requirements.

Feeling lost at the SOP? Don’t fret, now there is a traveling platform to facilitate the swab arrangements. eMedAsia is my preferred one-stop health, Covid & travel assistant. eMedAsia offers services through approximately 2,500 MOH recognised GPs nationwide.

For inbound travelers:

You can skip the Airport Test Queue and the crowd with Online Pre-Booking for your On-Arrival RTK Tests through MySafeTravel.gov.my at approximately 2,500 eMedAsia’s GPs nationwide. Afterall, physical distancing still minimizes the risk of COVID-19 exposure while queuing. eMedAsia allows RTK or PCR Swabbing at your accommodation (hotel) or nearest clinic. The service is convenient and affordable. The test result will then be directly updated on MySejahtera by the medical doctors/clinics .

Professional RTK-Ag performed at clinics: 

RM90 for foreigners

RM70 for Malaysian

Virtual RTK-Ag in compliance with the Ministry of Health’s requirement @ CLEADOC 

RM25.00 result 1 hour

RT-PCR Test at your home or any location within Malaysia 

RM300.00 result - 24 hours

They can also offer other blood tests and health assessments as well! There’s no need to worry about healthcare matters while traveling to Malaysia now being an eMedAsia user.

Now everyone can fly!

These are my references. Please refer to the following websites for more information:

Emedasia.com - for booking the RTK tests at clinics.

Travellers.emedasia.com - for booking the RTK tests at clinics 

MySafeTravel.gov.my - checklist for travelers from outside coming in and COVID 19 insurance

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