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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

How to care for your hair during lockdown| Marvel by Melix Hair Care Series Review

This Covid 19 era calls for social distancing and Malaysia is already in the 7th week of Movement Control Order. Spending more time at home with the hair saloon closed means that I need all the more reasons to pamper myself. I have chopped off half of my hair on my own as it's really a hassle to dry them up as I have to shower a lot these days in and out of work.

A photo of me straight after I cut my hair. What do you think?

I'm still working full-time as a general physician, just spending more time at home as a mother, teacher to my 2 boys, cook and cleaner. Lol. To keep my sanity in check, I have gotten the Marvel Spring Shower hair care series by Melix!

I have already been using Melix body care series and am really in love with the floral scent. Read here to find out how I DIY home spa.

So to recreate a hair saloon at home--
1. Ask dear hubby and mommy to babysit for 1hour.
2. Infuse some lavender essential oil.
3. Put on some relaxing spa music using my phone.
4. Shampoo my hair with Marvel Spring Shower Shampoo.
5. Massage the scalp thoroughly for 10 minutes.
6. Rinse my hair.
7. Apply Marvel hair conditioner on the scalp.
8. Relax and meditate for 10 minutes.
9. Rinse again.
10. Pat the hair dry to reduce frizz.
11. Spray Marvel Apple Stem Cell tonic to the scalp.
12. Spray Marvel Antidandruff Spray to the scalp.
13. Dry and style.
14. Done!

Now let's analyse what makes the Marvel series so marvellous for our hair!

Marvel Spring Shower Hair Shampoo

The main ingredients are:
- Hydrolyzed wheat protein which protects and repairs the hair to reduce breakage and makes the hair soft.
- Avocado oil nourishes the hair and reduce dandruff
- Calendula flower extract works as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to calm irritated scalp

Marvel Spring Shower Hair Conditioner

The conditioner is made of a wonderful concoction of the following:
- Macadamia seed oil hydrates, tames and strengthens the mane
- Jojoba seed oil tones and moisturize the scalp
- Camomile flower extract soothes the scalp

Marvel Spring Shower Apple Stem Cell Tonic

-Apple Stem Cell improves the longevity and vitality of scalp cells.
-Peppermint Essential Oil cools and soothes the inflamed scalp.
-Algae extract purifies the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.

Marvel Spring Shower Anti-dandruff Spray

-Jasmine flower extract calms the irritated scalp.
- Tea tree oil is not only good in relieving acne but also reducing scalp inflammation.
- Safflower seed oil is anti-aging and rids the scalp of dandruff effectively.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I have been battling with oily scalp, dandruff and thinning hair even more so after delivering 2 energetic boys. I'm so happy that I have finally found affordable hair products that really tailor to my hair problems.

I'm not exaggerating that I can actually achieve an after hair saloon look easily with the products.
You can easily see how many natural yet powerful plant based ingredients are in Marvel Spring Shower Hair Care series. I love the floral scent that lingers long after a pampering session. Most importantly, I have noticed less oily scalp, a huge improvement in dandruff issues as well as thicker and shinier hair which is less prone to breaking.

Find out more from the following:
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