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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Aromatherapy at home | Eucapro skin cleansing products review

Everyone would love their homes to smell good. But I simply can't bear the scent of most synthetic air fresheners. They make my head spin and stomach churn. But the scent of natural essential oils has served me well for years. I first noticed the usefulness of natural aromatherapy during my first pregnancy. Even though I did not have severe morning sickness, I couldn't smell cooking and did have my fair share of nausea. Keeping some essential oils handy for sniffing was useful and safe during pregnancy.

Eucapro has started producing odor removal and disinfecting sprays for a while now. More information about their household products in my previous post here. And we are so excited to introduce you all to Eucapro's shower products range!

What's so unique about Eucapro?

Eucapro products are formulated in Australia mainly using eucalyptus oil. They are

1. Cruelty free
2. Vegan friendly
3. Organic, natural and safe
4. High quality yet affordable
total ingredients (including water and salt) must be organic

The following harmful ingredients are not used in Eucapro products:

1. No parabens- may lead to fertility issues and cancer 

2. No propylene glycol- risk children to breathing and immunity problems 

3. No sulphates (including sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate)- harsh and irritating to the skin

4. No cocamidopropyl betaine- may cause allergies and contact dermatitis

5. No artificial or unnecessary fragrances/colours- may worsen eczema

6.. No synthetic detergents (eg, cocamide DEA/MEA)-may cause cancer

7. No petrochemicals (eg, petrolatum, polysorbates, PEG)- may cause cancer
Potential role as carcinogens, concern over long-term effects on the skin

8. No mineral oils (a.k.a. paraffinum liquidum)- Toxic if ingested, also a skin irritant and allergen with links to cancer

9. No lanolin- toxic if ingested

10. No chlorinated water- irritates and dehydrates skin

11No phthalates - cause allergies and can be harmful to developing foetus

Eucapro Baby Moisturising Bath & Wash
Eucapro Baby Shampoo

These 2 baby products also feature eucalyptus, aloe vera and rosemary oils. Baby Yi has really sensitive skin which tends to become irritated and inflamed especially on his face, neck and private areas even when we wipe off his saliva and change his diapers frequently. It tends to worsen when he is down with a cold. 

After using Eucapro, we realise his skin is much more moisturised and smooth. Eucalyptus and aloe vera soothe his itchy inflamed skin down very well. The tear free formula is a must for all the baby products I use.

Eucapro Family Body Wash- eucalyptus or lavender

Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial properties with effective yet gentle cleansing actions. The lavender version, on the other hand, leaves a long lasting scent on the skin after shower. Both lavender and eucalyptus calm eczematous skin and relieve itch. Mr husband works as a surgeon so he needs to perform surgical hand scrubs- resulting in dry and cracked skin, particularly on his hands. He loves how cooling and soothing the body wash.

Eucapro Moisturized Hand Wash and Family Hair Shampoo

I don't have ezcema but frequent hand washing and the need of using alcohol hand rubs dehydrate my skin. It becomes dry and itchy. After using Eucapro handwash, I'm able to clean my hands and keep them moisturised at all times. Unlike many handwash soaps which strips my hands from moisture and wash away my skincare products. The hair shampoo contains Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Olive Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil. This unique blend of essential oils hydrate the scalp and protect the hair from damage due to intense hair styling or coloring. I did not even have to use hair conditioner anymore. This simplifies my hair cleansing regime and there's no more bad hair day!

Eucapro offers such a great range of family skincare products which hydrate the skin and  it's great for sensitive skin. Want to know more? Official links as follow:

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The secret to health and age reversal | Ageversal by Dr Wu Product Review

I have been getting comments that I look about 10 years younger than my actual age.  Many do not believe that I'm already a mother of two and a general physician. What's my secret?

The first and foremost tip is lead a healthy lifestyle. I cannot stress how important it is to have 2 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each meal, replace high calorie and sugar loaded beverages with 1.5L plain water a day. Do aerobic exercise for at least 30mins every 2 to 3 days. I quit taking the lift for almost a year now and take stairs up to the 8th floor a few times each day. I have never smoked and say no to alcohol for 4 years already. I also try to make sure I get at least 7 hours of sleep every night,  even though it's usually fragmented as my young children are not sleeping through the night.

Besides that,  good anti-ageing skincare products are extremely important. My favorite product now is none other than Dr Wu's Ageversal series. I rarely go for facial treatments because I just do not have the time to sit for hours in the saloon without needing to attend to my work or family. Instead,  I often steal an hour off during the day to pamper myself.

Ageversal Intensive Repairing Serum with Squalane

Serum is a concentrated concoction of active ingredients designed to tackle certain skin issues such as dehydrated skin. It's often oil like but can be lotion like. Only a few drops are needed each application. Use serum after cleansing and toning. In many ways, the term essence is used interchangeably with serum.

This Ageversal Serum is a multipurpose essence oil and is required only in a single drop. It can be used on its own directly onto a rough and dehydrated skin area for a quick fix. When added to any current moisturiser or serum, it acts to enhance the function whether to boost hydration or repair ageing skin. Ever find it difficult to get an even application of liquid foundation? Add a drop of Ageversal Serum into the foundation and it will no longer be cakey! It can also be used  to smoothen rough skin, as a treatment oil for dry twice a day for the best results.

Squalane oil is produced naturally by our skin which makes up to 12% of total skin surface at birth. That's why baby skin is so soft and smooth. It can also be found in olives,  rice bran and wheat germ. Squalane oil penetrates deep into the skin to provide hydration right at the cellular level, balances sebum production, soothes inflamed skin and promotes collagen production.

Other ingredients include -

L22 Lipid Complex contains plant derived oils that similate the skin surface including Macadamia Seed Oil , Argan Oil and Olive Oil.

Juvenessence is a patented active ingredient that targets Progerin (an age accelerating protein) to improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Lupinus Albus Seed Extract has great antioxidant and emolient properties.

Dunaliella Salina Extract is a type of microalgae found in sea salt fields which is a powerhouse of carotenoid production (aka a potent antioxidant).

In a nutshell, it's a plant derived squalane with essence oils which is lightweight but able to achieve intensive skin repair!

Ageversal Multipeptides Anti-aging Ampoule

Ampoules, on the other hand,  are meant to save the day. When I have a full day ahead but need to appear my best,  I will use ampoules to "supercharge" my skin. It contains even higher concentrations of active ingredients than in serum. Use ampoules before applying serum or essence. Ageversal ampoules are designed for twice a day use.

10 types of multipeptides (including di-,  tri-, tetra-, penta -, hexa-,  octapeptides) in this ampoule at 10 times higher concentration signal the skin cells to produce collagen. The hyaluronic acid in the ampoule also directly improves skin firmness and youthfulness.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Pampering my face using the ampoule with a slightly viscous texture 

Working in a highly stressful environment,  I really need good skincare products like Ageversal to delay and also reverse certain signs of ageing, particularly sagging skin,  crow feet,  wrinkles and fine lines. Ageversal is a well researched product created by Dr Ying Chin Wu with 40 years of vast clinical experiences and extensive research on skin structure, and a formula based on doctor’s prescription, in order to bring high quality skincare treatments to our homes without needing to go through the needles or spend long hours in the clinics.

I love the instant boost of hydration and the ability to lift the skin, as well as smoothening and softening it. Ageversal is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin as it is made of natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals such as alcohol, parabens and preservatives. It delivers a pleasant floral scent which doubles as an aromatherapy for the face.

Interested to get your own? It's available at Sasa Malaysia outlets!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Supplement towards good health| Second Life Review

Liver is a very important internal organ that removes harmful toxin from the body,  maintains adequate blood sugar level and produces proteins that are essential for good immunity and the body's own ability to heal itself. Bad lifestyle habits such as being sedentary,  poor and unhealthy dietary choices (especially heavy alcohol consumption) as well as highly stressed lifestyle can result in fatty liver and eventually scarring and failure of the liver. Those who have diabetes and high blood pressure are even more susceptible to this.

Second Life

Second Life as a liver tonic

Research has shown the benefit of consuming milk thistle for those with fatty liver. In fact,  our local expert Prof Dr Chan from UMMC advocates this as it contains this active ingredient called sillymarin which can also be used in cases where the liver fails suddenly due to ingestion of toxic wild mushroom. Containing Dukung Anak, a traditional herb with phenolics, lignans and xylans, liver and kidney protective effects are possible. Read more about Dukung Anak here.

Watch this YouTube video for the scientific paper published by Prof Dr Chan.

Second Life as a skincare supplement.

Marine based collagen is proven to be a great skin food. Since natural collagen production dwindles with age,  supplementation helps to make skin supple and elastic. Marine based collagen is of the highest quality and the easiest to absorb. However it's not suitable for those who are allergic to seafood. Read more about collagen supplementation here in my previous post.

Second Life in promoting digestive health and  replenishing nutrition

Many people eat out because they have no time to prepare their own meals.  As a result,  we often consume high calorie food with excessive carbohydrates and fat content which is often lacking in essential nutrients and fibre. This in turn lead to lack of energy and weight gain, as well as indigestion and constipation. As Second Life contains inulin ( a type of dietary fiber called fructan), it helps to relieve bloatedness and regulate our bowel movements. It is also rich in vitamin B, C, D, calcium,  folate, magnesium and zinc.

The sweetness of the supplements comes from isomalt which is a sugar alcohol that tastes sweet without raising blood sugar levels. Isomalt is also tooth friendly. The flavor is further enhanced by using Torula yeast extract which gives the umami factor without the harmful effect of MSG.

How to take Second Life?

Simply open a sachet and pour the powder directly into the mouth. It tastes sweet with the fragrance of mango. A sachet a day will do because excessive isomalt may cause diarrhoea instead. Consume lots of water after that to wash down the supplement.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Second Life is a convenient supplement with multiple benefits in terms of liver protection, digestive and skin health. Supplements may have no harm and us as doctors can help by monitoring your blood and urine tests if you want to try any supplements. However,  it's always wise to consult your doctors first before starting any supplements. Avoid if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any prescription medications in fear of interactions.

Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before any complementary therapy. Always ask for certified professionals before proceeding with treatment and stop if discomfort or side effect ensues.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Shaping eyebrows made easy | Andmetics Brow Wax Strips Review

As long as I remember,  I have fairly messy and bushy eyebrows. I started trimming and tweezing but the hairs grow back within a week and usually there will still be many fine hairs being left behind. It is also easy to overtrim the brows resulting in very thin, sometimes assymetrical and artificial looking brows.

Andmetics Brow Wax Strips have made shaping eyebrows so much easier and time saving. All brows will now have the ideal two third up and a third down ratio! The strips already shaped and are ready for use. They are so thin that I can easily bring them and wax my brows anywhere and anytime. Yet another trick to lighten my ever growing luggage size!  (the only downside of traveling with my children)

How to use it?
Watch this official video. I find the model a bit distracting though haha.

1. Each pack comes with 2 sticky wax strips
2. Separate the strips.
3. Stick the wax underneath the brow.
4. Leave the strip for 2 minutes.
5. Remove the strip in a quick pull.
6. Admire the hair removed!
7. Wipe the area clean to remove waxy residues.

This is how messy my brow looked like before waxing. Lots of flimsy baby hairs underneath.

After 2 minutes,  the brow looked much neater. I must say the wax strips managed to remove most of the unsightly hairs. Unlike most waxing products,  Antmetics was relatively painless. Gentle yet effective.

There are also wax strips for upper lips and the area above the nose bridge (in between the eye brows). Just all the spots I need to remove annoying facial hairs from.

Other waxing tips :
1. Before first use,  perform a sensitivity test 24 hours prior by sticking a strip on the upper inner arm.

2. Make sure skin is dry, clean and free from makeup and facial products before use.

3. Avoid waxing after a hot bath.

4. Avoid contact with the eyes and under eyelids.

5. Avoid sunbathing a day after waxing.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I love how uniform my brows look now without having to worry about fine hairs underneath the brow. As the strips remove hairs from their follicles, it takes about 4 weeks to grow back. That saves me so much brow trimming time and effort! The sticky residue can be removed  easily by gently wiping the area using cleansing wipes.  It gives an instant visible result for my brows.

Where to get Andmetics brow wax strips?

Available at Hermo, Andmetics brow wax strips can also be purchased online from Shopee,  Lazada or Zalora.

Official website

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Eumora moor facial bar review

We have been extremely busy. Organising course after course; speaking in various meetings,  preparing for Jasper Lodge Kuantan; juggling our full-time doctoring job while caring for 2 young children. These stresses put a toll on my skin,  making it dull and acne prone. Therefore, I'm so excited to try Eumora Moor Facial Bar!

What is Austrian Heilmoor mud?

The use of moor for it's beautifying effect started since ancient Rome and Egypt. Imagine herbs, plants and flowers permanently submerged under water or underground for thousands of years. After the ripening process in the unique environment without oxygen,  moor is produced. Interestingly,  the therapeutic effects of the plants are still retained in moor which creates the main active ingredient in Eumora Facial Bar-suitable for all skin types with a hypoallergenic property.

 It contains all minerals except iodine. The ability to adsorb pollutants and pathogens allows the skin to be cleansed inside out. Moor helps to rebuild the skin into thicker and denser layers so to smoothen wrinkles and reduce skin sagging.  Eumora sources its moor from the highest quality European moor. 

What is Hydration Microalgae Factor (Hma)?

Similar to the structure of collagen,  Hma is derived from Microalgae (Haematococcus P. and Chlorella S) cultivated in fresh water lakes. This hydrates the skin very well while helping to maintain skin elasticity and suppleness. Hma is also suitable for those with sensitive skin in all types of climate. Also rich in vitamin B, it strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier function. As collagen production dwindles with age, external sources like this is essential for anti-ageing properties.

All ingredients used in this facial bar is naturally derived with no harsh chemicals such as paraben, alcohol and SLS. No artificial coloring or fragrance added. Besides that,  it also follows GMP and is Halal certified, vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

How to use Eumora Moor facial bar?

1. Lather a generous amount.
2. Apply onto wet face.
3. Leave on for at least 3 minutes.
4. Rinse off with cold water.

Just a good tip- lather using wet hands instead of running it under water for the bar to last longer. It's about RM75 a bar after all!

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Using Eumora moor facial bar is like applying a clay mask everyday.  I love how it pampers my skin,  providing it with a boost in hydration and nutrients. As its pH is neutral, it doesn't sting when applied. It helps to relieve these skin problems such as eczema, acne,  uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dark circles and wrinkles.

It is truly a one size fits all skin remedy. One can omit toning, exfoliating and facial with Eumora! Moisturising may be necessary for those with dry skin though. This simplifies my skincare regime so much. It works as good as a needleless face lift!

Facial soap is definitely the new trend now! Grab your own Eumora moor facial bar today. Each packet comes with 4 travel sized facialbar. But the price is a bit steep. Worth spending for youthful skin though I would say.

Official website

Friday, November 1, 2019

Skincare product for the family with sensitive skin | Remdii product review

Born in a family with atopy (which means tendency to have sensitive skin, allergies and sensitive airway or asthma), we are always very careful when it comes to selecting skincare products for ourselves as well as our children. Now we are already a happy family of 4, it becomes even more important to find products that are suitable for the whole family’s use. Because we travel a lot, we need just a set of products that we can bring along for everyone’s convenience to lighten the luggage and lessen the hassle of luggage searching.

Remdii Sensitive skincare range definitely fits the bill. It is produced by Lipidware, the brainchild of a group of dedicated scientists in a laboratory under the Institute of Bioscience, University Putra Malaysia. As a doctor couple, we believe a lot in research driven and science proven skincare products. What’s more, Lipidware is also awarded as the winner of INPEX award (2017), gold medalist for ITEX (2017) and winner of ‘Commercialization Success Story’ in PECIPTa (2017). Browsing through the list of team leading the brand reveals a strong and solid research background.

Harnessing the power of phytonutrients, the ingredient list can be found on the product labels.  Besides that, their patented formulation (MY 158177-A) has anti-microbial properties towards Propionibacterium acnes, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus which often cause troublesome acne and skin infections. The ingredients are delivered via nanoemulsion which are bioactives that can penetrate deeper skin layers into the dermis easily.

One of the key ingredients used in the Remdii is Vitamin E which is 60 times more potent to allow deeper penetration. This is because 75% of tocotrienols and only 25% of tocopherols are used. Tocotrienols have shorter tails on the molecular level to allow greater mobility in cell membranes. This allows a much larger skin area to be covered by this powerful antioxidant. This combination makes oil that's water soluble with lightweight and non greasy application.

Remdii products are also free from harsh and potentially harmful chemicals such as paraben, artificial fragrance or colouring, mineral oil, as well as dehydrating agents such as SLS and alcohol. These ingredients are the no-nos when it comes to eczema prone and sensitive skin. 

Remdii Calming Body Wash 250ml

Mr husband had been really stressed with his final year master thesis with eczema flare up. The itch can be really intolerable. This calming body wash has a comforting effect to his skin and does not strip the skin off the natural moisture.

Remdii Gentle Hair Shampoo 250ml

The shampoo is suitable for all hair types and daily use. It's gentle to the scalp,  easy to lather and rinse off. We did not have to use conditioner as our hair were not dry after shampooing.

Remdii Ultrasensitive Intensive Barrier Repair Cream 50ml

This barrier repair cream is made based on Skin Mimic Technology ceramide complex. In other words, when applied, it acts like the natural skin layer to help our skin’s natural function as a barrier. This cream is especially useful for those who has inflamed, itchy and broken skin surface due to scratching. I suggest to use this cream for skin areas that are really eczematous. It works for insect bites as well. 

Remdii Intensive Moisturising Cream 112ml

Baby Bing applying the cream on his own. 

This moisturizer hydrates the skin from deep within. It is lightweight and not oily. Apply the cream at least twice a day for the whole body to get the right level of hydration for our skin. The cream also has the ability to soothe irritated and inflamed skin. 

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Using the latest technology to produce high end skincare products and proudly owned by Malaysia, I am definitely a supporter for Remdii products. Not only are they suitable for those with sensitive skin, it can also be used by the whole family without the need to purchase multiple products, including babies. This makes grocery shopping a whole lot easier. As the products are packed in convenient packaging, they can be brought along while we are travelling. There is no more need to separate adult and children products anymore!

Remdii Sensitive Series and Skincare Series can now be found in clinics, retail pharmacies and health centers throughout Malaysia. They can also be purchased online. Support our Malaysian made high quality skincare product!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Ladies travelling light with simplified beauty regime | Maskingdom Organic Cleansing Flakes

I find it difficult to travel light while maintaining my beauty regime. On average,  I need to bring at least a set of makeup remover,  cotton pads,  cleanser,  toner and moisturizer with or without paper masks.  That's excluding my eye cream and body lotion,  body wash,  shampoo and conditioner.  Other essential items include contact lens,  contact lens case and solution,  mascara, eyebrow pencil,  foundation, eyeliner,  blush,  lip balm and lipstick.

So I got really excited to try Maskingdom Organic Cleansing Flakes. Being a full-time working mother of 2, I need all the help to maintain youthfulness in a single step. The cleansing flake allows makeup removal, deep cleansing and moisturising. Each piece is only 0.01mm, the same thickness as a strand of hair. The flake's pH is between 5.5-6.5, hence it's perfect for all skin types even sensitive skin. Each casing contains 100 flakes- surprisingly compact!

8 main active ingredients are derived from organic plants using low temperature under high pressure. Eco certification ensures only organic ingredients are used without harmful ingredients like alcohol,  SLS,  paraben, artificial fragrance. My vegan friends and animal lovers can rest assure that no animal testing was used.

I have grouped the active ingredients together according to their functions.

Shea butter,  apricot kernel oil,  argan oil, honey and hyaluronic acid- hydrates the skin,  lock moisture and nutrition in, as well as repairs sun damaged skin. Boost skin hydration up to 67% after a single usage.

Scuterallia alpina and chameleon plant extract- penetrates deep underneath the skin to cleanse impurities and unblock pores

Aloe Vera and glycyrrhizate/liquorice root extract- powerhouse of vitamins, minerals,  antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to calm irritated skin and prevent breakouts.

How to use?

1. Place a piece of cleansing flake onto dry palm
2. Drizzle some water to lather.
3. Cleanse and massage the cleanser onto the face in circular motions.
4. Rinse off with water.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Instead of having separate products for makeup removal,  cleansing and moisturising,   Maskingdom has all these 3 functions in 1. Not only does this simplify my beauty regime,  but it also allows me to save time (from 10mins to only 2mins), use less water, pack my travel bags easier and travel light. Most importantly,  my skin felt supple and clean after the first use with visibly less blackheads. Since it's also suitable for men's use,  Mr hubby can share the same product with me!

Besides that,  the casing is intricately sculpted and carved by experienced wood craftsman. It's light yet durable enough to be kept in the suitcase in order to protect the cleansing flakes. I absolutely love the bohemian feel of the casing!

Try Maskingdom Organic Cleansing Flakes and feel the difference yourself. Quote TWEXCEL02 at a promotional price of RM99 (original price RM146) this month! Don't say I Bojio!

ERH Skincare website

Thursday, August 22, 2019

美眉要美美 ︳Brand Queens 香熏首饰和护唇膏

Brand Queens 香熏首饰

我超爱这系列香水首饰,有精美项链、手链和耳环。Brand Queens 首饰是铜镀金打造。每一款都是精心打造,有可打开的吊坠,里面可以装喷了香水的棉花小球。让带上的美眉成天香喷喷。



Brand Queens 的创办人是 Winnie Ng。每一样饰品都是手工打造,拥有高级品质保证。手饰常带,不像银手饰,不变色或黑。喜欢的美眉即刻上官方网站看看吧!

粉紅佳人護唇蜜(BQ Lip Balm)

这唇蜜是 BQ 的新产品哦!这款唇蜜滋潤保養唇部、單獨使用可提亮和滋润唇部、長期使用可修復唇紋。涂上后唇釉有啞光質感、让唇部更丝滑。唇蜜不沾杯,也适合用于上妆前护唇,方便妆后卸妆。





天然果實萃取出的澳洲堅果油,滋潤性佳;富含礦物質、蛋白質、多種不飽和脂肪酸。 適合所有膚質,使肌膚柔嫩。油性溫和,不刺激皮膚。

这有抗菌、淨化、鎮靜等功效。 適用所有膚質尤其是乾燥或敏感肌膚。

上网订购 Brand Queens 配件也很快就邮递到噢!送来的纸袋也闪闪亮亮,看到了心情都瞬间变好。质地很好,也很符合网上看到的款式。

🎊🎊🎊 2019 大放送 🎊🎊🎊

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Organic skincare for Asian skin and babies | ERH skincare @ Eva Organics

As I have written before this in this article, Asians have different skincare needs than our Caucasian counterparts. One of it is how Asian skin tans and burns more easily, and is more sensitive and drier. This is why I am using organic skincare products, this time round produced in Taiwan. I am going to introduce a few products by ERH skincare and Sassibaby in this article.

ERH Supra Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+

This is a broad spectrum sunscreen against both UVA and UVB. The way to interpret whether a sunscreen is good enough was described in my previous writing here. Just trust me this time round, the ERH Supra Sun Protection Cream definitely fits the bill!

The active ingredients are:
- MBBT which are micro-sized particles that effectively segrergate harmful UV rays from the skin. It is lightweight and is able to penetrate into deeper skin layers for better protection without clogging the pores. This means the cream is also splash and sweat proof!

- Jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid nourishes and hydrates the skin, as well as prevents skin ageing.

- Liquorice root extract offers a great boost to fairer complexion and soothes irritated skin.

- Rice germ oil and German chamomile extract keeps the skin supple and calms sunburnt skin.

How to use?
- Apply after cleansing, toning and moisturising.
- Tap instead of smear the cream onto the face. It doubles as makeup foundation.
- Suitable for all skin types

It is also quality assured and registered under National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency with the NPRA number NOT140303465K. Other ERH series include the popular Ultimate Blackhead Killer Set,

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

This sunscreen is not greasy and gets absorbed fast without leaving stains on the skin. I love how it also includes other skinfood which hydrates and soothes the skin. The fact that it lasts for 12 hours, I do not even have to bring my sunscreen when I am away at work or out for play. It also has a water in oil patented formula which means that it is suitable for multiple applications, which also works as a concealer for uneven skin tone and the appearance of open pores.

Both my children unfortunately have inherited our atopic trait which means that their skin is prone to eczema and dryness. The Sassi Baby Bath and Body Wash is designed for newborn onwards who have sensitive skin just like ours be it ezcema, diaper rash, milk rash or mosquito bites. Adults can also use it. Read more about eczema here.

A few powerful ingredients found in the body wash includes

-Lactobacillus is a skin friendly bacteria that helps to maintain the optimal skin pH balance to allow the skin to function in the best condition.

- Lavender Oil gives the body wash its distinct fragrant smell which is a great aromatherapy.

- Liquorice root extract soothes inflamed skin and brightens the skin colour. 

The four main functions of the series are to cleanse gently yet effectively, prevent itch, alleviate rash and to heal as well as enhance the skin's function as a protective barrier. 

It goes without saying that Sassi Baby products do not contain harsh chemicals such as paraben, alcohol, SLS, chlorine and mineral oil. It is also 100% organic and cruelty free with EcoCert accreditation. 

The Sassi Baby series also comes with tear free shampoo and moisturising lotion.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I love how easy it is to pump the body wash single-handedly. Remember moments when your baby is cranky and just wants to be held onto during a bath? This small trick comes in handy. As the packaging is so cute, baby Bing and Yi enjoy to play with the bottle which doubles as a bath toy. The natural and organic ingredients used make me worried free when using it for my young children.

If you want to try the products above, It's definitely a good time now. Quote MY60EVA to get RM60 off in this Merdeka month for purchase worth RM300 and above! 

To read more about their products head on to:-

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