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Monday, September 25, 2017

UK road trip- foodie adventure part 2

We just love food so much so this is part 2!

MacDonald's breakfast

That's the earliest breakfast we can find outside. All the other cafe opens earliest at 8.30am.

Mcmuffin with bacon and egg
Pancakes and sausage
Breakfast wrap filled with awesome bacon, hashbrown, egg, cheddar in generous amount of BBQ sauce- can't find this in Malaysia but this combination tasted heavenly

Very highly rated on TripAdvisor but we didn't find it too amazing. Shop was very full and we had to take away. 

The pork was juicy and soft but perhaps too heavy on the salt. We were tempted to try putting haggis in but glad that we decided otherwise. Not feeling very adventurous. The photo on bottom right corner shows the typical Edinburgh breakfast. 

Our impromptu trip to Glasgow brought us to this cafe for lunch in search of the best coffee in town.

Really enjoyed the coffee. I bet hubby felt the same.

The eggs in a pan were equally palatable. Topped with proscuitto, cooked cherry tomatoes and slightly wilted rocket leaves. A new idea for egg dishes.

The smoked salmon toast was equally pleasing. I really enjoyed how it's broken into flakes because that really enhanced the flavour.

Harry Ramsden Manchester

Chanced upon this franchise on the way to old Trafford stadium.

Fish and chips
Fried scampi with chips

I must say they really lived up to their reputation. Some said selling fried food doesn't require much skills but I beg to differ. The British eat this with tartare sauce and malt vinegar (which surprisingly goes well with the fries)

This is one of the most authentic Italian cuisine we have had in a while. Too hungry that we forgot to snap photos because it's after a long 8 hours drive! But I do recommend their pizza with fresh ricotta cheese, linguine with truffle oil, gnocchi and King prawn spaghetti. Loved their bread. Yummy!

On the odd days when we were running close to baby Bing's bed time, we would grab something from TescoExpress, Aldi or Sainsbury . 

There is an interesting selection of microwavable hot meal options including pasta, BBQ pork ribs, spicy chicken wings and pizza. Tasted fair. And at 1/4 of the price tag if you dine out. Fresh fruits and vegetables such as cherries, grapes, tangerines, avocados, peaches and nectarines were in season and amazingly great snacks.

The food culture in the UK is indeed very different from the Asian culture. Nevertheless, we love the diversity and look forward to the next food trip.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

UK road trip- foodie adventure part 1

We didn't specifically plan for places to eat beforehand simply because we wanted more flexibility. Since Ryan subscribed to the local prepaid simcard, we have 1Gb mobile data at disposal. With the availability of internet, we just Google the restaurants nearby with the best reviews.

The following places are child friendly. We were often handed a piece of kids menu that can be colored with crayons provided and to keep kids busy. The black rose tavern also provided soap bubble bottles.

The croft, Fort William

This is a very homey bar that serves comfort food.

Hunter's chicken- the classic version consists of bacon wrapped around chicken breast, baked, drizzled with cheese and BBQ sauce or tomato based gravy. The one here is served unraveled.

Roast beef with gravy and seasoned vegetables. Best food to eat in cold weather the beef slices were braised until it literally melted in the mouth.

Potato and leek soup was very rich and a tad too salty but baby Bing loved it nevertheless.

Papii Edinburgh

This puny cafe is famous for its eggs Benedict but we missed the timing. So instead we tried

Baked chicken pasta, salad dressed with balsamic vinegar- I find that the British tends to eat their pasta softer which I don't mind. The balsamic vinegar went so well with the cheese and pasta though.

Panini with bacon and melted cheddar- freshly pressed and so cripsy that one really had to savor it while hot.

Cappuccino-one of the best in the whole UK trip. Aromatic coffee slightly on the bitter side with the goodness of fresh milk.

Pub food again :)

Fish and chips- fish fried to perfection using local haddock and ask much fries that we couldn't finish.

Sirloin steak with battered fried mushroom, onion rings and chips- kind of disappointed with the steak because it's too bland and dry with no sauce. But the mushroom and onion rings were superb.

Other must try

Sausage with gravy- really miss the sausages (brought back old memories of orientation week in uni days)

Pakoda chicken- basically just boneless fried chicken. You can't go wrong with this dish.

Fried Mars bar- it didn't look appetizing but the combination of fried batter with melted chocolate and caramel was the best dessert I had in the UK.

Stay tuned for more awesome UK food!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nasi kukus craze at Dapur Mama Kuantan

Nobody is really so gaga over nasi kukus (steamed rice) until nasi kukus my mama franchise became an immediate success using the concept of a fast-food store to sell 'slow food'. Then Dapur Mama came about. But this is our first time trying Dapur Mama.

Look at the queue at lunch hour! One has to submit their orders and pay at the counter first before lining up to get food. They do have a wide variety-not just chicken.

Waited about half an hour-only to make us more interested to find out the charm of their food!

Classic nasi kukus ayam berempah
Hands up if you are a Malaysian but hates fried chicken because you most likely don't exist :p look at how my rice was flooded with awesome curry sauce! Even if you are not a rice lover, you are going to love it! Chicken is cripsy but would have been perfect if served with more crunchy fried spices.

Beef set-stewed so soft until it just melts in the mouth. Generous piece of meat served.
Pineapple chunk cooked in curry sauce is juicy and still able to preserve the freshness of pineapple.
Boiled salted egg- not salty at all. It complements the rice very well. And the meat curry sauce drizzled all over is different from the chicken set.

Now we know why it's worth queueing!

We rate it 8.5/10!

Dapur Mama - Original Nasi Kukus
36, Jln IM 6/7, Bandar Indera Mahkota, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang
013-940 2855

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Black canyon lunch date with my mentors! @kuantan

There's no end to learning and no easy way to thank your mentors. Liyana and I had a mini farewell lunch at Black Canyon East coast mall with our team today.

The restaurant has adopted the dine all fresco concept and we are glad that there were no smokers outside. The theme is western/Thai/Malaysian.

The highlight of the meal was actually the drinks! Absolutely love my matcha latte. It's not easy to find a place that can balance the strong flavor of matcha with milk well, yet not adding excessive sugar.

The black canyon coffee was equally awesome. Look at the color and coffee lovers will definitely go for it.

This is the second time I ever had Ruby crystals as dessert. The water chestnut was crunchy. But overall lacking in flavor and I still prefer Rama V- read here for my previous review.

Chicken wings! Always look so tempting. Tasted juicy and well marinated. These can never fail to attract people.

Green curry noodles with chicken. The curry has such a strong punch of flavor. Gives you a kick of spiciness in the stomach after a few mouthfuls. Gravy could be thicker though.

In a nutshell, we had an awesome time here.

I rate it 7/10!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Chillax on a weekend at Onederland Cafe Kuantan

Having an aimless Saturday is ready hard to come by. We were scrolling through places to eat and decided to head to Onederland Cafe due to the awesome reviews given by Google and Facebook.

The whole place was very homey. The owner has a huge collection of games that entertain the young and old alike. We settled with a pile of Uno cards (probably last played in the past decade). Baby Bing was fascinated by the wooden blocks arranged on a towed cart.

Other customers were mainly families and ladies who would like to chat over a cuppa with their children nearby.

Here comes the food!

Pan fried brinjal with honey chicken rice. The sweetness of honey permeated the whole rice dish and was in a stark contrast with the hot peppery cabbage chicken soup. Chicken breast cubes were pan fried and slightly caramelised and cripsy.

Fish and chips. Nothing too amazing but really loved the tartare sauce and the generous amount of mayonaise in the coleslaw. The fish was a bit dry.

Chicken pops with cheese sauce. Great for those who just want to munch on something crunchy while chit-chatting.

Mocha and cappuccino were sadly not served with fresh milk.  

Overall, great ambience for those who wants to spend the afternoon catching up and playing some board games. Food was average though with a reasonable price tag.

We rate it 7/10.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Comfort food @ Dream House Kopitiam

As doctors, we do not have fixed lunch time. As we were not busy for the day, we headed to Dream House Kopitiam in search of some comfort food.

It's not easy to find a place that sells hawker food air-conditioned. It's so important nowadays because the weather is so unbearably hot.

Their signature 3 colored pan mee. Red=dragon fruit, green=spinach, yellow=carrot

Tasted average and noodles not springy. But the portion is generous and soup refreshing. Match this with belacan chili sauce which is uniquely East coast.

The dried version is much more interesting. Noodles mixed with caramel sauce and seasoned. Topped with half boiled egg, fried minced spicy dried shrimps, minced pork, minced garlic, fried pork lard and chopped spring onions. All these intertwined and produced a harmonious combination.

Their roti titab is superb! Bread generously fried in salted butter-sinful combination yet so delicious. Down this with half boiled egg that is so gooey that it doesn't run (just the perfect consistency) and fragrant kaya. Will definitely order this again.

3 layer coffee goes perfectly with these.
Bottom- melted palm sugar
Middle- evaporated milk
Top- coffee
A tad to sweet for the taste buds but fantastic combination to die for.

Therefore we rate this 7/10. Mainly disappointed by their signature noodles.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy dessert time! @kuantan

Feeling something is missing after a meal? Craving for some sweet stuff? Dessert time! I have shortlisted a few dessert places in kuantan. May not be your classic ones but definitely worth visiting.

It's a sweltering day and I just want to cool down. So I grabbed a cup of king mango shake. At only RM5 for a huge cup, it's definitely worth the price. Made with pure mango slushie topped with fresh mango cubes and a scoop of vanilla icecream. What I really enjoyed was that it wasn't sickeningly sweet, just naturally sweet.

If you fancy slushie or ABC and love mamak stall, drop by Kampung Jawa. Sitting just next to the main big drain, you will find this mobile truck selling awesome shaved ice. They use real fruit and it's again, not too sweet. They start selling after lunch hour until evening everyday. Their ice is slightly coarse. There's so much ingredient inside that there's surprise each mouthful!

Mango shaved ice

Soursop shaved ice

Kula cakes is famed as the best spot to grab a good slice of cake in kuantan. The signature mango cheesecake is indeed to die for. So cheesy and densed with a thin layer of fresh mango.

We also had a slice of pavlova topped with strawberries, kiwi and other rejuvenating fruits.  This is the first pavlova that's not too sweet but has just the right bliss point.

What about some traditional Chinese char kuey and taufufa? Head to 888 food court along Jalan Teluk Sisek around lunch hour and you will get your well deserved dessert here. Some said it's the best in kuantan. I concur.

Cripsy char kuey tastes even better with sesame.

Taufufa so smooth that you just can't resist getting more.

What are you waiting for? Grab your dessert now!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

高原美食126海鲜楼 Bukit Tinggi

每逢驱车经过,都会到 Bukit Tinggi 的 126海鲜吃一餐。这里一直都是家公家婆的最爱。从旧的店铺到迁移到隔壁翻新的店面,我们都支持。这里一直都吸引过路客。从东西大道 Bukit Tinggi 出口转右一直到底就到了。








我们打了8/10 分!

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