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Monday, March 11, 2019

Cebion Effervescent Vitamin C and Calcium | Home Tester Club Review

Supplementing your diet with vitamin and minerals. Is it necessary, or is it a myth? Many studies have been done in this regard. Arguably, if you can have a good and balanced diet, there is no need for supplements. Then why is there still so much hype about supplements? Simply because we can rarely get enough in our diet.

Vitamin C, for example, in most of the studies, at least 500mg is needed to achieve health results. That is much higher than the daily recommended intake (RDA) of 75-90mg for adults. Even with supplementation, one will still need 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day! It's just not practical at times, to be so consistent in our vitamin C consumption. Therefore, supplementing has become the easy way out.

What is Vitamin C important for?

1. Reduces the seriousness of a cold and to prevent it from becoming lung infections
2. To boost the immune system weakened by stress
3. Preliminary studies have shown a 42% reduction in risk in developing stroke
4. Lessens the effect of skin aging

Read more about Vitamin C on webMD

Calcium, on the other hand, is also very important. At my age, I need 1000mg elementary calcium a day. Many Asians are unfortunately lactose intolerant, so milk and yoghurt may not be their best friends. Lactose free milk is also fairly hard to source for in parts of this world. So supplementing maybe a good idea too. It is widely known that calcium plays vital roles in bone and teeth health particularly later on in life when people become at risk of osteoporosis. Want to know more about calcium supplements? Read here on webMD.

So I have been given the chance to try Cebion Effervescent Vitamin C and calcium tablets, thanks for Home Tester Club. Each tablet contains 1000mg vitamin C and 600mg calcium carbonate (240mg elemental calcium). This is a trusted brand by an international pharmaceutical company called Zuellig Pharma. I am very much familiar with their other products such as Prolia/denosumab used in treating osteoporosis.

It is very simple to use. Dissolve a tablet in a glass of water and watch the effervescence. I personally find this very therapeutic. Then drink up! Remember to avoid taking this with caffeine/iron tablets because it will reduce absorption.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Cebion is a reliable brand for drugs. In the effervescent form, it is an efficient delivery system for effective nutrient absorption. This is because Vitamin C is water soluble.

And I love the taste of this Vitamin C, orangey and slightly on the sweet side. The price tag is also very much affordable comparing to many other formulations in the market. I would definitely buy again.

I hope this explains the importance of supplements. But please do get the advice of your healthcare providers before choosing any supplements- so you can the right amount, to avoid possible side effects, to make sure the right brand/formulation is consumed and to monitor for side effects.

Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before starting any supplements. Stop if discomfort or side effect ensues.

Interested to get it? Head to your nearest Guardian or Watsons stores now.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Organic baby products review from Riley and Declan

Being thirty something parents, all we have in mind are healthy and happy babies. We have our good and bad days. When it's good, both our princes sleep at the same time, allowing us some time to relax- even something as simple as a good unpressured toilet trip. On disastrous days, we will have a fussy baby who's gassy and keeps posetting into late night with a toddler who is trying to scream his head off demanding mom to scratch his itchy eczema.

I'm sure many can relate to the above scenario. We will try anything that work to keep the peace and calmness at home. We are very excited to see if Riley and Declan baby organics can help us.

Riley and Declan baby organics is a line of Australian products made with natural ingredients certified by Ecocert Greenlife.
It's an international network that sets the standard for all organic products. As mentioned on the packaging of the super relief cream, 99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 41% of the total ingredients and 95% of the plant ingredients are from organic farming. The percentage differs from product to product.

Of course, this range of products do not contain phalates, parabens, petrolatum and SLS. These are potential allergens.

Comfy tummy rub

Colic is a common problem for infants. The constant crying that is often inconsolable can push any person off the edge. 2 month old baby Yi, unfortunately, can be pretty fussy and I could spend hours soothing him. This really wears me out because I won't have time to eat, shower or even to read stories to Bing, let alone having some rest. Maybe it doesn't fit into the medical definition of colic, but it's bad enough to make us cancel our evening appointments.
Read more about colic on webMD

The comfy tummy rub's main ingredients are

Aloe vera- very commonly used, soothes the itchy skin, moisturises and heals small wounds.

Jojoba oil- similar to human sebum therefore good for sensitive skin especially for young children. Moisturises and doubles as massage oil.

Ginger root oil- it makes the cream sweet, spicy, woody and warm. The aroma and sensation is soothing. It also helps to relieve bloatedness and digestive problems such as gassiness.

What does  Dr Yingzangel think?

I know for sure I can rely on an organic product like this to minimise potential side effects since it's only maternal instinct that I want to give my children the best. I love the smell of the cream and the warming effect is definitely helping baby Yi. He's less gassy and cranky after use coupled with some massage techniques that I'm already using.

Super Relief Cream

Eczema is a very common skin problem particularly in children. I have previously written about using aloe vera gel and steroid free serum to manage eczema. I must reiterate the usefulness and importance of steroid in severely inflamed cases though.

Besides aloe vera and jojoba oil, this cream also contains

Calendula- widely used in nappy rash cream. It reduces pain, swelling and inflammation, as well as facilitating new tissue growth.

Shiso leaf- it's edible and used in Japanese cuisine. An antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

In mild cases like baby Bing, it's perfectly ok to use products like this which contains no steroid. Because one can use it liberally on any part of the skin without worrying about thinning the skin which is the main side effect of prolonged misuse of steroid cream.

In more severe cases, one can use it as an adjunct to moisturise and reduce inflammation besides using steroid creams sparingly.

Riley and Declan baby organics

Interested? Get it from
Butik Tateh Bangi or

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Children dental health featuring Zollipops (Malaysia) | review

I used to be quite slack with baby Bing's teeth brushing. I did clean his teeth with water and cloth twice a day with xylitol tooth paste. But I allowed Bing to sleep while latching on. We had a big wakeup call after a visit to the dentist and 2 teeth fillings when he's 2.

And we have since then been following these dental care tips:

1. Wipe gums before the first tooth erupt.
2. Use baby tooth brush appropriate to age.
3. Visit the dentist from 1 years of age.
4. Brush and floss properly at least twice a day.
5. Say no to sugary and starchy food.
6. Don't go to sleep with bottle in mouth.
7. Use fluoridated tooth paste once baby knows how to spit and gargle.

More details on Colgate website.

We have never offered Bing any sweets. But he must have learnt from his YouTube videos because one fine day he started asking for lollipops (mind you he's 2 years and 8 months old now). I don't even recall teaching him this word! I downright refused him any candies or lollipops in the worry of more dental caries. Until I came across Zollipop.

The kidpreneur behind Zollipop is none other than Alina Morse. Hailing from the US, it's the result of a why question- daddy, why can't we make a lollipop that's good for your teeth? It's been in the market since 2014.

Not only is zollipop sugar free but it's also loaded with ingredients that help to prevent dental caries. The main ingredients are

Xylitol- a natural sweetener that prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth and helps to repair damaged enamel.

Erythritol- a 0 calorie sweetener , produced by fermentation. It is able to reduce dental plaque weight by 24% in a 3-year study and lower the levels of Streptococcus mutans bacteria.

Stevia-a plant derived sweetener that contains no fermentable sugar which is an essential food source for bacteria.

This is the science behind these powerful ingredients.

The full list of ingredients:

Isomalt Syrup, Erythritol, Xylitol, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Beetroot Juice, Stevia, Turmeric, Grape Extract Annatto Extract, and Color Added. All Colors are Derived From Natural Plant Based Sources.

Being an US product, of course it has to be non-GMO, gluten free, dairy-free, vegan and kosher!

A pack of Zollipop has all these mixed flavors:  Natural Peppermint, Strawberry, Grape, Orange, Cherry, Raspberry and Pineapple. The packet opens in the middle and is resealable.

Would I buy it again?

Yes. For a happy baby Bing and happy mommy.

Because now I have finally found a lollipop that dentists will approve of! Not only does it satisfy Bing's cravings but it's also good for his teeth. No more mommy guilt. After the occasional indulgence in chocolate (Bing is a chocoholic just like his dad), offer a Zollipop instead of chasing after him to brush his teeth.

It's by no means a substitute for good dental care but it is a fun and easy way to keep teeth clean during the day.
Interested to try? 

Get it from Shopee

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Contact lens health tips featuring Barbies Eyesland- how to prevent losing eyesight from infections | review

Contact lens wearing is a very popular way to correct vision besides the good old glasses and LASIK surgery. One can achieve the ditch the glasses look immediately. But eye infections and its complications including blindness are very common among wearers. So what should we do to protect our eyes?

CDC has extensive resources regarding contact lens health here. I have summarised the recommendations.

Good habits

1. Wash with soap and dry hands before touching the lens- get rid the germs on hands

2. No sleeping with lens on-overnight wear risks microbial keratitis

3. No water contact with lens on including swimming, using hot tub, showering- Acanthamoeba in water can cause keratitis

Contact lens

1. Rub and rinse with contact lens disinfecting solution only- best way to remove deposits and germs

2. Never store lens in water- Acanthamoeba keratitis can cause blindness!

3. Replace the lens as recommended- for optimal vision and comfort

Contact lens case

1. Rub and rinse with contact lens disinfecting solution only

2. Empty and dry with clean tissue

3. Store upside down with caps off

4. Replace every 3 months

Contact lens solution

1. Don't mix used and fresh solution- biofilms can form

2. Use only the correct type of solution- some lens can interact with certain solutions

Lastly, don't forget to see your eye doctors at least annually for examination.

Besides the conventional clear lens, coloured lens are becoming trendy as one can change the color of the iris and makes the pupils appear larger, a much coveted feature in a pair of beautiful eyes. 

Wearing coloured lens are safe, provided the quality of the lens are good. In other words, there's no increased risks of eye infection with coloured lens if wearers follow the tips I explained above.

Barbie Eyesland is an online store which offers 100% authentic contact lens brands, mainly coloured lens to create those lovely Barbie doll looking like eyes. Because they have no physical store with the related overhead expenses so the price is much cheaper. But this does not compromise the quality of their products.

The great news is the lens are made by Barbie Eyesland itself! Quality assured. Made in Malaysia and proudly Malaysian. The lens can be worn for 3 months at 8 hours a day. The range of colors include various shades of black, brown, grey, olive green and blue. Shades that complement Asian facial features well.

Once purchased, it takes 1-3 days to receive the products and around 5 days to reach Singapore. It's very convenient. There's no shipping fee in Malaysia as well.

Would I recommend Barbie Eyesland?
I'm wearing icy grey 16mm lens here.

It's lightly tinted so it provides a natural look. The other advantage is that it's not too opaque which may obscure the vision. I love how my eyes did not become dry after wearing it the whole day. 

I would suggest first time wearers to get a prescription at their optometrists first. Try clear lens first to get a hang of how to wear contact lens. Subsequently, enjoy wearing the aesthetic coloured lens from Barbie Eyesland at a fraction of the price. 

The power of the lens range from 0-800. So those who falls out of the range need to consider other brands. 

Those who are interested, these are the links. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Dust and allergies featuring Raycop RS300 (Malaysia) | review

Having runny nose every morning? Sneezing non stop? Itchy, red and watery eyes? What about getting more breathless or wheezing or coughing for those with asthma?

Are you sick of trying out all sorts of inhalers and medications to relieve the symptoms? Maybe even needing frequent short courses of steroid tablets. You are not alone. Welcome to the club of dust allergy. It's common. 20 million adults in the US have this. That's 1 in every 5 people.

What's in dust?

Pet dander, pieces of dead cockroaches, mold spores, pieces of dead skin. And dust mites feed on these, their favorite being dead skin. Think your house is clean? Think again. Inhaling microscopic dust can cause allergies.

Dust mites

These tiny creatures can be nasty. Ranging in size from a hundredth to a thousandth of an inch, they're too small to see without magnification. As many as 19,000 dust mites can be found in a ball of dust the weight of a 1 gram paper clip, although the typical dust ball contains only 100 to 500 mites. 

As mentioned, they feed on dead skin shedded abundant on your pillows, beddings and upholstery, perhaps on your children's soft toys too. Because it's warm and moist. And we shed about a fifth of an ounce of skin a day. It makes up about 80% of the dust you see in an indoor sunbeam.

This is a very relevant study just to show you how scary and common dust mites are in Klang Valley.

Dust mites allergy can mainly cause allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis and worsen asthmatic control.

Since it causes so much problems, how can we get rid of them?

Clean, clean and clean!

1. Use airtight, plastic dust-mite covers on pillows, mattresses and box springs.

2. Use pillows filled with polyester fibers instead of kapok or feathers.

3. Wash bedding in very hot water (over 55 C) once a week

4. Get rid of dust collectors, stuffed animals and soft toys- if they don't spark joy :p Kon Marie your house for the sake of health!

5. Replace drapes with roll-up window 

6. Use an air conditioner or dehumidifier to lower humidity below 55C.

7. Use vacuum with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter.

Read more about dust and dust mites on webMD.

Raycop RS300 is a Korean vacuum designed to eliminate dust mites. A long anticipated cleaner for parents whose children have poorly controlled asthma. Our family has a strong history of allergies, eczema and asthma. And to be honest I'm allergic to dust too. With the addition of baby Yi, I'm even more determined to rid our house of dust mites.

How does it remove dust?

Instead of strong suction which is noisy and creates turbulence (makes dust fly everywhere!), Raycop features gentle suction, coupled by light pulsation to lift and remove dust. The UV lamp sterilises and kills bacteria. HEPA filter, on the other hand, traps all these nasties in the cleaner so it doesn't get released into the surroundings.

Read more about the technology here.

How to operate the vacuum?

It's recommended to vacuum our beddings everyday. There are two ways to vacuum it- full or partial purification. I have been doing full purification once a week and baby partial one daily. YouTube links below.

Full purification (5 minutes)

Partial purification (1 minute)
After a full purification, I run my fingers across the bedding and I could easily notice the difference.

I particularly like how the dust box is washable, eliminating the possibility of secondary air pollution while cleaning it up. And don't worry about exposing yourself and your family with UV light because it's only switched on when in contact with beddings.

What about our conventional way of cleaning the mattresses? This article beautifully summarised the limitations of using air purifier, sun exposure, tapping and chemical cleaning.

Would I recommend it?

Who doesn't love a fresh bed to sleep in every night? Especially when I have a relatively lightweight vacuum that can do the job for all the beds in less than half an hour. The Raycop design is so sleek and thoughtful that one doesn't even need to wear masks while cleaning up. It also doesn't stick to the bedding like conventional vacuum cleaners. But it gets tricky when you want to vacuum tight corners.

The amount of dust collected from our King bed with fresh linens.

The price tag though is a bit steep at RM2k each machine. Comparing with some other products in the market, it's among the high end range. The quality is definitely good with certification from various authorities such as the British Allergy Foundation and Institute of Tokyo Environmental Allergy. For example, since there's no strict definition of HEPA filter, many vacuum cleaners may not have good quality ones or may not have all the dust directing to the filter, render it useless.

In conclusion, I would say this product is very useful for those who have dust mite allergies, sensitive airways and uncontrolled asthma.

Interested? Contact as below.

Raycop Malaysia
No.6-7, Main Tower, Sunsuria Tower, Persiaran Mahagoni, Kota Damansara PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Persiaran Mahogani, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Monday, February 4, 2019

Eye skincare tips featuring Suddenbe ION and LED eye massager | review

The skin around our eyes is one of the most delicate and thinnest skin in our body. And it's one the areas that give others a first impression about you. I used to get this comment, “ Hey, Dr Angel. Are you post call?” Which means that I look exhausted with dark circles and puffy eyes. I really envy those with bright eyes.

So we drink 8 glasses of water a day, sleep 8 hours, avoid smoking, excessive alcohol and salty food. We buy the most expensive and promising eye cream in the market, apply eye masks but we still look like pandas. So, what have we done wrongly?

What else does it take to care the skin around eyes?

  1. Be very gentle. Pat, not rub products in with pinky.
  2. Be very gentle. Use products specially formulated for eyes to avoid skin irritation.
  3. Be very gentle. Remove eye make up by applying soaked cotton (with makeup remover, 20-30 seconds) over the eyes then gently drag towards the lashes.
  4. Be very gentle. No scrubbing, scratching, rubbing (my greatest enemy! I love to rub my eyes when I'm tired).
  5. Be very gentle and protect the area with eye products with SPF.
  6. Be very gentle and cool your eye products. This age old trick is great for debugging too!

Be very gentle! Read more on Teen Vogue

So how to get the products to work properly if everything needs to be so gentle? Employing the help of a good eye massager can ensure the right amount of pressure is used.

Suddenbe ION and LED eye massager

The technology used and design is elegant and simple. It enables high frequency microvibration up to 18,000 times each minute to massage the eye area. 2 different LED light color are available. The blue light features slow and long vibrations to remove impurities from the pores, as well as to allow deep penetration of eye products using the ions. The red light, on the other hand, features fast and short vibrations to smoothen fine lines.

Watch my YouTube video on the exact instructions about how to use the massager. Don’t forget to subscribe Dr Yingzangel YouTube channel.

Step 1. Cleanse eyes and face. Remove all makeup
Step 2. Apply eye cream. Even I forgot to use my pinky. In the video, I used my ring fingers.
Step 3. Gently rotate the massager around the eyes. Avoid the eyeballs and eyelids. About 10 seconds each eye.


What I really like about the massager is that immediate fresh feeling after use. As if I just have a power nap. The metal tip also feels coolish on the skin which will help to reduce puffiness. Since it’s so light, it is also travel friendly. Just pop it into the pull string pouch to protect it against scratches. When it’s dirty, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth/tissue.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Of the many eye products that I have tried, this is one of those I have been using diligently because it’s fast and easy to use. But I do realise I need a bit more eye cream than usual to lubricate and make sure the massager doesn't stretch my skin.

Want to know more? Head on to AllYoung Malaysia website.

Friday, February 1, 2019

The correct way to supplement collagen featuring NutriBear

Happy CNY!

Those who have been following my posts would have read about NutriBear- an efficacious collagen supplement. If not catch up here to learn about the function of collagen in the body and how to age gracefully.

In this article, I'm going to talk about how to supplement yourselves with sufficient amount of collagen. And the common misconceptions and questions regarding collagen supplementation.

1. Get the purest collagen

There are many collagen products in the market. But one can rarely find a single product that only contains collagen. Many includes other vitamins and minerals- especially vitamin C due to its benefits to the skin.

However, this combination is not palatable. Therefore, other additives and sweeteners are needed in the product. This is precisely the reason why NutriBear only contains collagen because Dr Cheng JC, the founder insists to create NutriBear. In fact, she suggests taking NutriBear separately with a Vitamin C supplement of your choice for the optimal level of collagen production.
But Berry flavoured NutriBear is also now available with added vitamin C.

Of course all NutriBear products are free of gluten, GMO, heavy metals and preservatives.

2. Get the correct source of collagen.

Many animal parts contain collagen including cow, swine, chicken and fish. The first 3 are much cheaper but also less effective. Fish collagen is absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently into the bloodstream, meaning more collagen consumed can be used by the body instead of being excreted.

3. Why granulated hydrolyzed collagen?

Granulation is a way to process collagen to make it easier to dissolve and absorb.

True enough, look at my previous YouTube video and you can see how easily the collagen powder dissolves without stirring in hot or warm water.

4. Powder vs capsule collagen

We need 5g of collagen supplement in a day. This increases with age as we are able to produce less. 1 scoop of NutriBear provides this 5g.

But there's only 0.5g in each capsule. You do the mathematics! It's just like taking medications. If you underdose yourself, you won't get the desired effect.

It takes around 3-4 weeks of collagen supplementation to start seeing the results.

5. Perhaps the favorite question - is it safe in pregnant or breastfeeding mothers?

As a general physician and breastfeeding mother, I know how tricky it is to get a trustable supplement. But NutriBear totally fits the bill. I love mixing NutriBear 1 scoop a day into my homemade red dates, longan and goji berry drink to boost breast milk production. 

 Still please check with your healthcare professionals before starting any supplement because other coexisting medical problems may make it dangerous to consume certain supplements.

So look good, feel good, save bears with NutriBear today!

More information
NutriBear website
Facebook page
If you are a scientist-->

For the real science behind it, read these research evidence. It shows how collagen supplementation is important in good skin, preventing osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and improving bone health. Note that these studies are not large scale like other studies for medications so collagen may be useful but it can't be recommended in practising guidelines for healthcare professionals. 

Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before any complementary therapy. Always ask for certified professionals before proceeding with treatment and stop if discomfort or side effect ensues.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Skin pigmentation away featuring Dr Glamogenic Spot Whitening Serum

I used to have sun kissed skin and I admit that I wasn't so diligent in providing sun protection. But I love bushwalking and the outdoors. With aging and 2 pregnancies, you can imagine the effect of photoaging and hormonal imbalance on my skin. And the sleepless nights caring for 2 adorable children are not helpful.

One of the annoying problem is  excessive skin pigmentation, mostly from acne scars, sun spots and of course my dark circles. Hyperpigmentation is caused by excessive melanin stimulated by exposure to UV rays. And it can take 10-20 years to develop. Read more on Cosmopolitan. It's not easy to treat these with the usual recommendation being laser which is minimally invasive with potential recurrence.

Dr Glamogenic Spot Whitening Serum

Dr Glamogenic is a skincare brand formulated in Korea but widely marketed in Australia. In my previous article, I have explained why I prefer to use products tailored to Asian skin.

The main active ingredients include

Shea butter
Macadamia oil
Soy isoflavones
Sunflower seed oil
Bee wax

This unique formulation benefit the skin by
1. Brightening dull complexion and promote radiance
2. Hydrating and moisturising
3. Nourishing the skin thus promoting collagen production
4. Lightening Pigmentation by even distribution of melanin which also works for dark circles

How to Use?
Step 1 cleanse
Step 2 tone
Step 3 use Dr Glamogenic Spot Whitening Serum while skin is still damp
Step 4 wait for serum to absorb
Step 5 moisturise

Watch my YouTube video for detailed instructions how to apply the serum. You can choose to use the serum with an eye massager for deeper penetration. Please subscribe to Dr Yingzangel. 

Would I recommend it?
Yes! Miraculously I have noticed a difference in merely 3 days without the pain and cost of going through laser treatment. The serum is not greasy and gets absorbed quickly.

Other Dr Glamogenic products available in Malaysia are:

For body :

1. Enliven Brightening Cream ( under arm, elbow,knee)

2.Youth Restoring Modeling Shaping Cream  ( body sculpting and firming)

For face :

3. Hyaluronic Booster Serum

4. Antioxidant Vit C+ Serum

5. Brassica Peeling Gel  ( for exfoliation )

7. Dynamic Brightening Mask

8. Vitalize Soothing Mask

If you are interested there are 3 methods to get your own Dr Glamogenic products

A. Visit Glamogenic Kiosk ( Authorized dealer)
Vintage Collection International Sdn Bhd Address: PC-001, Ground Floor,Sunway Giza Mall.
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
( -same level with Village grocer / opposite Tea Live )

B. WhatsApp order : +6 012 691 6128

C. Online order via FB Page : Glamogenic Official 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Debunking the mystery of bird's nest | Toko Tsuru premium bird's nest review

Being so expensive, is it really worth consuming bird's nest? From food to cosmetics, bird's nest is being added for its tauted benefits. Is this real or just a scam? Afterall, it's just solidified saliva produced by nesting swiftlets. Very much glorified eh?

People, especially Chinese, have been craving for bird's nest, pushing its price skyhigh. Traditionally, collection involves climbing treacherous caves as the swiftlets nest near dangerous terrain. Recently, bird's nests are also being farmed in Malaysia. A building is provided for the swiftlets to nest with the freedom to come and go. Cave nests, are of course, much more costly due to its scarcity.

Swiftlet farming harbours a lot of knowledge.  A renowned Professor Dr Lim, a kidney specialist in Malaysia, is actively involved. Ethical swiftlet farming makes sure only empty nests are collected after the eggs have hatched and the baby swiftlets do not need them anymore. There's ongoing research from his team about how to farm swiftlets and the nutritional value of bird's nest.  Read more here

Nests are then graded according to purity and size from the best white nests aka imperial nests to feathery nests and lastly grass nests. And of course priced accordingly.

The process to manufacture edible bird's nests is equally tedious. There are 7 steps involved and illustrated in the diagram below.    Most of the steps are labour intensive and requires experience and on job training. This is particularly true about the cleaning part. It's very meticulous using small forceps to pick out feathers and impurities.

One can either obtain bird's nest in the market after it's being cleaned in its original form. It takes double boiling for at least an hour to be cooked. The alternative is to use a slow cooker. Or purchase it in bottled versions that's ready for consumption. Bird's nest goes well with rock sugar, goji berries and red dates. There are even people who cleans bird's nest only for their own consumption.

So there must be a valid reason why people spend so much time and effort to produce good bird's nest. The proven nutritional value of bird's nest is as summarized below- the main active ingredients being sialic acid, epidermal growth factor and mitogenic stimulation factor. That's where the claims for supple and youthful skin come from.

Toko Tsuru premium bird's nest strictly adhere to the highest standards explained above to produce premium bird's nest soup canned for convenient consumption. It contains just bird's nest and rock sugar as bird's nest alone is rather bland to taste. Nothing else.

Each bottle is made of 4g of raw premium bird's nest! The other important nutrients include sialic acid, protein, fibre and phytonutrients.

Even though rock sugar is added, the bird's nest tasted just right and not too sweet. 

Look at how full the bottle is with bird's nest! There's very little amount of water actually unlike most of the other commercially available bird's nest. 

Let's bring these premium gifts to our loved ones this festive season. We should only give them the best for wishes of goodwill and health. Afterall, they gave us their best. Get it from

Monday, January 14, 2019

All About Mouth Ulcers Featuring PerioLacer Bioadhesive Gel

Hands up if you have never suffered from the pain of mouth ulcers! Lucky you! Because you are the rare ones. I particularly dislike the feeling of having to eat or brush my teeth when I have mouth ulcers but they are common.

Why mouth ulcers develop? Mainly we have ourselves to blame :(

  1. Accidentally biting and injuring the inside of my cheek (the damn moment when eating)
  2. Injured by toothbrush (cursing under my breath while brushing)
  3. Injured by the friction against misaligned or sharp teeth
  4. Injured by friction against dentures or braces
  5. Poor oral hygiene
  6. Burnt from eating hot food (ehem, guilty as charged for a food lover like me)
  7. Vs being too health conscious by using strong antiseptic or mouthwash (Ironic, yeah?)
Most of the time they are harmless and heals around a week without treatment. If they don’t clear up by 10days or they happens too frequent, watch out for the following causes and see your friendly dentist ok.
  1. Cold sore aka Herpes simplex infections
  2. Oral thrush
  3. Mouth ulcers
  4. Autoimmune disease such as SLE, lichen planus
  5. Drug reactions
  6. Crohn's disease

The annoying symptoms of mouth ulcers can be managed with good oral hygiene, regular mouth rinsing, hydration and avoiding spicy and sour food.

PerioLacer Bioadhesive Gel is one of the effective treatments for mouth ulcers. The main active ingredients are chlorhexidine (medical grade antiseptic which at a different concentration is used in skin preparations before surgeries and procedures) and salicylate (reduces inflammation, hence alleviates swelling and pain).

Interestingly, the effect of chlorhexidine in this preparation lasts as long as 48hours!

The tube comes with an applicator tip which makes it easier to direct the medication. After brushing, either use a soft toothbrush or clean finger to apply the gel 2-3 times daily to affected areas. Do not rinse and avoid drinking for about 30 minutes to make sure the medication stays there.

Besides mouth ulcers, PerioLacer Bioadhesive Gel can also be used in the following conditions:
  1. Frequent dental caries
  2. Gingivitis (inflamed gum)
  3. Stomatitis (inflamed corner of mouth)
  4. Periodontitis (inflamed tissue around the teeth)
  5. After dental surgeries such as scaling, wisdom tooth surgery

I like how the gel is not runny and stays easily in the mouth after application. The slight menthol flavour helps to lessen the pain too.

As with my recent post about SensiLacer, PerioLacer Bioadhesive Gel is a product of Lacer company from Spain. It costs RM37.50 from

Or shop for other LACER products here.

My lucky readers. You get 15% off all Lacer products straight imported from Spain when you use this code PMANGEL until end of this month. Hurry now!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Oral care for the sensitive teeth featuring SensiLacer

I am very lucky because I have never had dental caries before. You may ask my secret- I don’t have Darlie’s white teeth but I do make sure I brush my teeth at least twice a day, as well as avoiding sugary food.

I don’t floss (which any dentist will tell you rightly to floss) but I am blessed with small teeth so there are gaps in between them and food doesn’t get stuck. And I am guilty of missing my half yearly dentist appointment now and again :p But my last scaling was up to date in mid 2018 which is important to avoid plaque buildup.

But I do have problems with sensitive teeth. Sometimes, hot or cold drinks don’t agree with me. Sadly, this is most likely that some of my enamel has worn away.

These are the possible causes of teeth sensitivity-
  1. Excessive abrasive brushing
  2. Excessive acidic food (soda, sticky candy and high sugar carbs)
  3. Teeth grinding
  4. Bleaching
  5. Shrinking gums due to aging (after 40s)
  6. Gum disease
  7. Cracked tooth/filling

Read more about sensitive teeth on webMD

Unfortunately or fortunately, there was no obvious cause found for me. So I resort to the help of toothpaste for sensitive teeth which is the first line of treatment.

SensiLacer hails from Spain in which it’s been leading the market for the past 70 years. Interestingly, SensiLacer does not only alleviate teeth sensitivity, but it also treats it by blocking the dentinal tubules, reducing pain nerve activation and remineralizing the enamel.

Again, studies have shown solid evidence of SensiLacer providing pain relief in 3 days and eliminating sensitivity in 1 month. As for me, I have noticed significant improvement within 2 days of using the product.

The main ingredients that get the job done are
  1. Potassium nitrate- reduces teeth sensitivity
  2. Fluoride- remineralizes the enamel, reduces teeth sensitivity, avoids teeth decay
  3. Silicon dioxide obliterates- barrier against substances which cause teeth sensitivity

I love the mild minty and sweet pleasant taste of the toothpaste. It can be used daily by brushing after each meal or even by applying directly onto the sensitive teeth when the pain gets intolerable for quick relief.

Being gluten free also makes SensiLacer suitable for patients who suffer from coeliac disease, which is a condition whereby gluten consumption can cause small bowel inflammation, malabsorption and diarrhea.

SensiLacer Toothgel 75ml is now available on at RM31.50

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Give it a try if you have sensitive teeth like me to avoid suffering from feasting this CNY :)

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