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Thursday, January 16, 2020

How to maintain a healthy diet and weight with Homemade CNY cookies in Kuantan

CNY is approaching! Red lanterns are everywhere and people are handing out red packets. Good food is a must during CNY as well, especially CNY cookies. But how to make sure the waist lines won't be bursting out of the new clothes? These are a few important tips from Dr Yingzangel how to enjoy CNY cookies healthily.

Portion is definitely the key. Instead of finishing half a can of cookies a time, try to spread out to 2 cookies in one go and fill yourself up with a glass of water each time (avoid calorie loaded beverage). Take only good quality food. More does not mean healthier. Instead, consume cookies baked from freshly made ingredients and fillings which often mean homemade instead of mass produced ones.

Try to get more helpings of protein, fresh salad and fruits comparing to fried food or carbohydrate. It helps to fill the stomach for longer to avoid excessive snacking. Also try to stick to your usual sleeping time because late night supper and snacking is notorious for weight gain! Instead of being a couch potato, stand and walk around more this CNY to burn some calories.

This is why I only buy homemade CNY cookies from trusted bakers! These are my secret stash for CNY 2020!

The varieties include
-pineapple tarts
- dark chocolate cookies
- white chocolate cookies
-peanut cookies
-semolina cookies
- almond florentine

All homemade, less sweet and fresh! Healthier but taste equally mouthwatering. Order to make. Not only are they great for our own consumption, they are also awesome gifts for family and friends. 2 cans of cookies fit into a festive box with a convenient handle.

Drooling already? Contact 0189187377 to get your very own healthy CNY cookies.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Practical products for family | Gajah Baring Balsamo, Oless Lip balm and thermometer review

As a family with young children, we always have to make sure we have a few practical things in hand. As a doctor, I do believe in certain traditional remedies particularly in remedies that are applied to the skin such as massage oil, essential oil and herbal rubs/creams. Having products with ingredients suitable for the use of the whole family is even more important when we travel to reduce the amount of baggage. I am sure those with children will understand how much luggage our children need for a short 2 days away from home! I have recently received Gajah Baring Balsamo, OLESS lip balm and a cute froggy body thermometer which are good additions to the house.

Gajah Baring Balsamo

This garlic balm is useful for the whole family from babies to the elderly. It can be simply used as a massage oil to moisturise the skin or as a chest rub to relieve nasal congestion while suffering from cold. As our weather has become so unpredictable with sweltering hot sunny day and chilly raining evenings, many have fallen to viral infections. I have just recovered from one but my poor 5 month old has caught the virus from me. Because he's so young, he's not suitable to use cold medications. Therefore, traditional remedies like this garlic balm come in a very timely manner.

Gajah Baring Balsamo contains white garlic, olive oil, vitamin E, sunflower oil and bee wax. It's made of real garlic so it smells exactly like one! Without any added fragrance or artificial colouring that may cause allergies in those with sensitive skin.

I also love how Gajah Baring Balsamo comes in the form of a solid balm because I have way too many stained baggage items due to ointments/creams in the liquid form. When rubbed into the skin/chest gently, it doesn't really give any heaty sensation but it does help to relieve blocked nose. This helps my little boy to sleep better because he could breathe easier and was more comfortable. The other options is nasal irrigation which I find really unpleasant for both parents and children. My boy often chokes when I tried to irrigate his blocked nose which made his all the more irritable.

With every purchase, it now comes with a cute froggy body thermometer like this. I would like a thermometer is an essential item in every home's medicine cabinet. This is particularly because high grade fever can be an indication of serious infection which may require hospital admission.

In young children, they are also prone to having what we call febrile fits-- when body temperature is too high, it can cause convulsion. Even though febrile fits usually do not carry any serious consequences in our children's development and is usually self limiting, it's still better to know the exact body temperature and to lower it using paracetamol or other medications when needed. It can be a real scary sight. To learn more about febrile fit, refer to this RCH article.

If you are interested, you can get a Gajah Baring Balsamo at RM29.90 (excluding postage RM8 West Malaysia, RM12 East Malaysia)

For more information, please refer to the official website
Gajah Baring Balsamo
FB: Gajah Baring HQ (Garlic Balm)
IG: gajahbaring_hq
Distributed by ARS Pure Solution
Contact no.: 0187665694

OLESS lip balm

This is another family friendly product. This lip balm is homemade and safe for children use because the flavour and coluring are food grade. It's exactly like putting strawberry candy directly on the lips. Yums!

OLESS lip balm contains extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E, strawberry flavour and colouring.  These are nourishing ingredients that moisuturise the lips to deal with problems such as cracked lips, dry lips and pigmented lips.

Look at how excited baby Bing is! He has been observing me putting on my coloured lip balm so he immediately knew what to do with this lip balm. Strawberry is also his favorite flavour! I think this lip balm is going to finish in no time.

The price tag is also affordable at only RM10 each (excluding postage RM8 West Malaysia, RM11 East Malaysia).

For more information, please refer to
Official website
FB: Zuraini Muhammad
IG: zmbeauty_hq
Contact No.: 01132484182
Distributed by ZM Beauty

P.S. If you purchase these items during Raya period, you will also get these extra duit Raya packets. I love the design, so elegant :)

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Birthday Treats for Daycare- ideas and activities

Happy belated birthday baby Bing! My eldest had just turned 3! This is his first year at kindergarten/afternoon daycare. So as new as it is a learning experience for him, it's also new for us as parents. We are glad that he loves schooling. Basically he's the positive vibe there!

Bing with his trophy, medal and gift pack coming first in individual running, games and group games just 2 weeks before turning 3.

A simple discussion with Bing and we have decided to celebrate his birthday at school. Hubby and I do take Bing's opinion seriously because it's good to train him to make decision on his own. As long as we could remember, we offer him choices as long as it's not hazardous. This makes him think and gives him a voice as well as respect.

One afternoon after school brought us to the Mr DIY near our house for gift shopping. We love to shop here because their children section is simply fabulous! Good quality craft sets, books, stationery and toys at affordable prices. We deliberately chose a few different things to mix and match. Because there's more fun in the gift preparation this way.

LOT A1 & A3, GROUND & FIRST FLOOR, LORONG BUKIT SETONGKOL PERDANA 1, Lorong Bukit Setongkol Perdana 52, PERUMAHAN, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang
03-8961 1338

Baby Bing couldn't wait to prepare gift sets for his school mates. In each bag, he carefully placed an English alphabet book, a pencil with cartoon eraser attached, a whistle and a hand puppet craft set. We got 12 sets of these goodies at around RM50 only.

As for Bing's birthday cake, he decided to have a chocolate cake instead of his usual favorite pandan layer cake. We love to frequent Summer Bakery on the way to work. Not only are the pastry and cakes fresh, but it's also great value for money. We often buy bread and cake flour from the bakery as well (Baking is another Bing's hobby. That's story for another day!)

Summer Bakery
Jalan Darat Makbar, Kampung Darat Makbar, 25100 Kuantan, Pahang
016-936 8520

The Oreo chocolate cake had just the right amount of chocolate- light and not too rich. We simply love the presentation! What's the best about their cakes are that they are not too sweet. Just enough to satisfy cravings but good for parents like us who don't want to deal with more dental caries. Being a May baby as well as a Teacher's Day boy, we got 10% off because it's also Mother's Day promotion. The bakery opened as early as 7.30am so we were ready for our birthday party really early.

We notified the teachers a few days in advance and they have put up a simple yet lovely birthday decoration at school. With balloons and stuff. They have also prepared birthday hats for the children. Thank you teachers!

Bing got really excited when everyone sang a birthday song to him. As usual, he blew everyone's birthday candles and of course his! In the next half an hour, half of the cake was devoured by the happy children. We actually prefer this more traditional type of cake than fondant which has way too much sugar and artificial colouring.

After morning teatime and cake, Bing then handed the goodie bags to his school mates. The hilarious part was that he was really sad to part with the gifts and was only consoled after he also got a set himself (which explained his sulking face).

I finally managed to grab a photo with the birthday boy. So that's how awesome Bing's 3rd birthday went! I hope this gives you all some amazing ideas about what to do for your children!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Healthy instant meal under 5 minutes | Master Pasto Review

Most of my lunch hour is spent in a hurry. As a general physician, not only do I have to do ward rounds in the morning, but I also have to see patients in the clinic afterwards. And we do not have designated lunch hours. Depending on the work load, it can mean no lunch at all. But it's definitely not healthy because irregular meal times can make my gastritis play up.

Besides cash on delivery options, it's nearly impossible to get my hands on nutritious hot lunch. And being Asian, I prefer hot food than cold salad or sandwich anytime.
I'm glad that Master Pasto has produced convenient instant pasta so I can finally get yummy hot lunch under 5 minutes!

There are 3 main flavours available- spaghetti bolognaise, mushroom and aglo olio. These are the most popular pasta sauce that one can get from any decent Western restaurants.

Bolognaise is a tomato based sauce. An Italian classic that goes so well with chicken. The Master Pasto version is more on the sweet side.

The mushroom variety is served in carbonara sauce. This is a cream based sauce that comes with mushroom slices and some chicken. It's slightly sour in flavour.

Aglo olio is spicy in flavour with generous drizzle of olive oil. It goes well with seafood such at prawns and squid. But the Master Pasto version is more saucy with chicken pieces.

The pasta is of Angel hair variety because it's thinner and easier to reheat.
What's more, these instant pasta also have the halal stamp so I can share with my Muslim friends at ease. Great food is meant to be shared!

There are two ways of preparing these pasta.  I prefer the microwave option as it's easily available in my clinic's pantry.

There's no need to refrigerate the pasta even though it's already cooked. And there's no MSG or preservatives. Much healthier than my occasional Curry noodles or calorie loaded char kuay teow.

This is a short video showing the most basic way to cook the instant pasta. For your information, I managed to prepare dinner in 15 minutes only!

If I'm up to it, I can also add additional ingredients for the pasta such as carrots, tomatoes, chicken, extra mushroom, cheese and sausages. That will take up maybe another 5 minutes to prepare.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I love how convenient and fresh these Master Pasto pasta are. It even comes with proper meat and vegetables in the sauce. And it doesn't taste like instant pasta at all. The portion is just nice and even for a picky eater like Bing, he practically licked the plate clean and still asked for more. But we prefer to reheat the pasta for at least two minutes after adding some hot water because the pasta will be softer and less salty which is how we like it. 

So now I don't even have to pick up my phone and order for lunch/stress for dinner! All I need is less than 5 minutes. I can also easily get my supply from Master Pasto's website because delivery is free within Peninsula Malaysia

Master Pasto sites

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cream cheese bread- home made in bread maker

Since acquiring my Kenwood BM250 bread maker, we don't buy bread anymore.

This is one of our favorite recipes

Place these ingredients into the bread pan in sequence

320ml water
475g bread flour (we use a combination of high protein four and wholemeal flour from the Bake hut)
125g cream cheese (we use Tatura oz brand)
20g milk powder (we use Fernleaf)
40g butter (we don't believe in margarine or butter spread)
30g sugar
2tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp yeast (we use mauripan instant yeast)

Be careful to separate yeast with sugar to allow the dough to rise perfectly.

Set the machine to 4 sweet bread, 1kg loaf and medium crust.

Tada. Wonderful fresh loaf

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