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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Malaysia Car & Motorcycle Road Tax


Do you know that vehicles and motorbikes all need road tax, car tax, or Vehicle Excise Duty in Malaysia? Or are you completely confused about the road tax system in Malaysia? Road and car tax, or Vehicle Excise Duty, is a responsibility by any car or motorcycle owner, which vehicles (either private or company) are used on public roads - paying tax is compulsory if you own one. Car tax rates are based on different factors. Find out these and more in this article.

What Is Road Tax?

Road tax is a fee you pay on your vehicle or motorcycle if you want to drive on the road. If your car is duly registered in the country – it has a number plate – then you must pay road tax. The tax money is paid directly into the central government purse used for road work and maintenance. Road tax is administered by the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

How Much Do I Pay For Road Tax?

Are you ready to renew your vehicle road tax? The amount you pay for road tax depends on:

  • The vehicle's engine cubic capacity

  • Your location

  • Type of use (private or company)

  • Type of car

Vehicle's Engine Cubic Capacity

The bigger the engine size of your vehicle, the more tax you pay. The price increase is because it's believed that the bigger the vehicle's engine size, the more the car pollutes the environment. Hence, big engine vehicle owners have to pay more for driving more polluting cars. It is to encourage ownership of less polluting vehicles.

Location (East or West Malaysia)

The location you reside in plays a significant role in determining the amount you pay for Malaysia's road tax. If you stay in East Malaysia, you will probably be spending a lesser amount than others in West Malaysia. The condition of Sabah and Sarawak road infrastructure and the network isn't the same as the ones in Peninsular - therefore, driving from one place to another in areas like Sabah and Sarawak takes a longer time.

Similarly, many people in this location (Sabah and Sarawak) drive four-wheel drive vehicles with strong engines due to the geographical condition, rugged terrain, and inferior road surface. Due to these reasons, vehicle road tax rates are cheaper in East Malaysia. Road Transport Department (JPJ) said that the more affordable road tax structure in Sabah & Sarawak is meant to compensate for all the inadequacies in that location. Furthermore, in locations such as Labuan, Langkawi, and Pangkor, if your vehicle engine capacity is 1,000cc or less, you pay a flat fee of RM20; however, If your vehicle engine capacity is more than 1,000cc, you'll have to pay 50% less of the road tax price being paid in Sabah or Sarawak.

Type Of Use (Private or Company)

The type of use of your vehicle also plays a role in determining the amount you pay for road tax. If your vehicle is registered as a private car, you will pay less money than cars registered as a vehicle.

Type Of Vehicle

All vehicles in Malaysia are divided into two broad sections:

  • Saloon: Sedan / Hatchback / Coupe / Wagon / Convertible

  • Non-Saloon: MPV / SUV / Pick-ups / Commercial

These two categories also pay a different amount for vehicle road tax. Private cars are classified as 'saloon' vehicles; they pay a lesser fee to Non- Saloon cars. However, MPV, SUV, or pickup trucks are classified as non-saloon vehicles and pay a higher rate than saloon cars. For the Non- Saloon cars category, it does not matter if it's private or company-owned; you pay the same amount.

Final Thought

We must make sure that our roads are safe by paying our road tax regularly. If you want to renew your road tax or auto insurance, you can always do it online at

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Shop more and Earn more at PG Mall Malaysia

Even though the shopping malls are already open during CMCO, as doctors, Mr husband and I still see many bad cases with covid 19 everyday at work. Besides good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, we still avoid going out and practise social distancing as much as possible. So online shopping is definitely a great way to avoid the crowd.

If you shop online frequently, you would have come across iPrice. The iPrice site lists many major online shopping platforms such as PG Mall on its site so shoppers can search for their desired products via one site instead of browsing through many apps. This saves me so much time trying to compare between sites! PG Mall is the none other than the third leading e-commerce platform on iPrice.

We have been shopping on PG Mall since its launch in 2017. PG mall is Malaysia's top e-commerce platform. It is proudly Malaysian owned by the Public Gold group. Whenever possible, we try to support local business. Afterall, Malaysians should back each other up!

Besides the convenience of buying using a few mouse clicks, PG Mall has also partnered with MayBank to launch its MayBank QRpay cash back promotion. Do you know that you can get 20% off capped at RM20 with only a minimum spend of RM30? From 4 May 2020 until 26 June 2020, shoppers can get twice cashbacks within the campaign period. In other words, shoppers are given RM20x2 for each MayBank account to spend in PG Mall. Speaking about Raya shopping spree!

In addition, PG Mall uses the ConsumerChant concept. It's a method used to allow profit sharing between shoppers and businesses. Each shopper has a unique referral link. Once a new shopper signs up and makes purchase, the referee will get cashback rewards besides cashback from the referee's own  personal purchase.

I just got my parcel delivered today.. Yum, my favorite Tao Kae Noi Seaweed sheets!

So what are you waiting for? Let's shop at PG Mall now! Click this link to register or scan the QR code to register. Spend money and get rewarded today!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Productive Ways to Spend the MCO with RodeoGO

Who's bored? Hands up! This is the first time in my 30 odd years of life having to go through Movement Control Order. I'm a very outdoorsy person and enjoy hanging out at local cafes even when I'm not travelling. Now we are constantly cooped at home, our family of 4 has developed this new routine.

1. Trying new homecooked food. This is why I have been blogging so much about my recipes. We adapt recipes to make them more children friendly and healthy- low sugar and low GI!

2. Gamexercise! Since we stopped visiting the parks (even though it's allowed now by law but covid 19 doesn't follow the human law ok), JustDance and our old Wii Sports become our source of endorphins.

3. Online shopping. Shoppee and Lazada have amazing offers and efficient delivery that we have parcels delivered almost everyday.

Besides that, we have also realised a way to earn some fast passive income. I'm sure many of us have tried a few apps which require us to share certain ads on our social media or Whatsapp so we get rewarded. But many also required certain number of views or else nothing will be rewarded. This means that even though it's shared, you may not get the rewards if there are not enough likes and resharing. I, personally, dislike this because it makes my account so spammy.

Instead, we have downloaded RodeoGO app. There are a few ways to quickly earn some bucks. Go to campaign for a list of active advertisements.

Watch & Earn

Watch an advertisement in the app. Each video only takes a minute or so. To make sure we really watch it, we will be required to answer a simple question related to the video to earn the coins. For example, at the end of this Kinder Bueno video, we were asked how many bars were there is a single wrapper. This is kind of fun and made me pay more attention. The coins are immediately earned after answering. It is that simple! On average, we get to earn RM1 for each video.

Spot TV ad & Earn

Watch TV and spot certain advertisements on TV such as Vanish as stated in RodeoGO app. Snap a photo using the app. One is then required to post on social media with a creative caption,  #RodeoGO and tag @RodeoGo. 

For each campaign, one can win up to x3! There's no limit on the number of posts that can be made. The RodeoGo team will then reply on the post to signal approval. Once approved, one can then win the stipulated amount of coins.

The exciting part is the coins can then be redeemed into payments or vouchers. Just go to earning report, click on the completed campaign then click on the amount earned. 

Fill in banking details then money is on its way to you! It will be processed within 14 working days. There's no minimum withdrawal amount or administrative charges. Easy peasy!

Download your own RodeoGO app here!


RodeoGO Social Media:-

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Remedy for Dry Hands | Sensenique Natural Body Wash Review

Hand washing is becoming ever important nowadays. As a healthcare worker, I see many patients a day. We practise 5 moments of hand hygiene to avoid transmitting germs between patients and ourselves.

 As we run out of commercial alcohol based handrub, the pharmacy has no choice but to DIY hand rub. The result is dry skin with contact dermatitis. My skin started to become tight, inflamed and flaky. It's very uncomfortable and I have lost sleep because of the itchiness. This is called irritant contact dermatitis.

The mainstay of treatment remains removing the source of irritation. But I can't reach a tap and wash my hands constantly! So I have started to use my own moisturizing Hand Sanitiser. Besides avoiding the offending chemical, it's very important to use the correct products to repair and rehydrate the dry hands. 

I am very happy to receive Sensenique Natural Body Wash. They are proudly made in Malaysia and has won the Best Body Wash- Local Brand (Reader's Choice) under Her Beauty Awards 2019. I use them as hand soap.  Time to pamper my hands and to support the local industry during lockdown.

Sensenique Natural is made of 98% organic ingredients and abide to the Ecocert - which is an international organization that produces the standard for environmental friendly and organic certification. As the ingredients are gentle, plant based yet potent, it's suitable for all skin types. It can be used in children older than 1 year of age and is definitely suitable for the elderly with thin and dry skin.

Sensenique Natural Body Wash does not contain harsh chemicals such as SLS, SLES, ALS, Coco betaine and cocamidopropyl betaine. These are ingredients frequently added to beauty products but can become source of causing skin irritation and inflammation. Read more about each of them on EWG.

Besides that, Sensenique contains hydrating ingredients like argan oil and aloe vera. These two plants also soothe inflamed skin due to the cooling effect.

Sensenique Natural Body Wash comes with 2 varieties-- 

1.  Ginger and Orange -Ginger root has antiaging and rejuvenating properties. Orange essential oil, on the other hand, improves complexion and is rich in vitamin A and C.
2. Peppermint and Lime- Peppermint oil cleanses the skin and helps to combat acne. Lime essential oil is very refreshing, is rich in antioxidants and definitely helps with pigmentation.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I love the citrusy and refreshing scent of Sensenique Natural body wash. After washing my hands, they felt moisturised and smooth. The price is slightly on the high side since only premium blend of essential oils are used. Those who love essential oils should definitely try it out. If you have never tried using essential oils, Sensenique could change you.

Official website

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

How to care for your hair during lockdown| Marvel by Melix Hair Care Series Review

This Covid 19 era calls for social distancing and Malaysia is already in the 7th week of Movement Control Order. Spending more time at home with the hair saloon closed means that I need all the more reasons to pamper myself. I have chopped off half of my hair on my own as it's really a hassle to dry them up as I have to shower a lot these days in and out of work.

A photo of me straight after I cut my hair. What do you think?

I'm still working full-time as a general physician, just spending more time at home as a mother, teacher to my 2 boys, cook and cleaner. Lol. To keep my sanity in check, I have gotten the Marvel Spring Shower hair care series by Melix!

I have already been using Melix body care series and am really in love with the floral scent. Read here to find out how I DIY home spa.

So to recreate a hair saloon at home--
1. Ask dear hubby and mommy to babysit for 1hour.
2. Infuse some lavender essential oil.
3. Put on some relaxing spa music using my phone.
4. Shampoo my hair with Marvel Spring Shower Shampoo.
5. Massage the scalp thoroughly for 10 minutes.
6. Rinse my hair.
7. Apply Marvel hair conditioner on the scalp.
8. Relax and meditate for 10 minutes.
9. Rinse again.
10. Pat the hair dry to reduce frizz.
11. Spray Marvel Apple Stem Cell tonic to the scalp.
12. Spray Marvel Antidandruff Spray to the scalp.
13. Dry and style.
14. Done!

Now let's analyse what makes the Marvel series so marvellous for our hair!

Marvel Spring Shower Hair Shampoo

The main ingredients are:
- Hydrolyzed wheat protein which protects and repairs the hair to reduce breakage and makes the hair soft.
- Avocado oil nourishes the hair and reduce dandruff
- Calendula flower extract works as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to calm irritated scalp

Marvel Spring Shower Hair Conditioner

The conditioner is made of a wonderful concoction of the following:
- Macadamia seed oil hydrates, tames and strengthens the mane
- Jojoba seed oil tones and moisturize the scalp
- Camomile flower extract soothes the scalp

Marvel Spring Shower Apple Stem Cell Tonic

-Apple Stem Cell improves the longevity and vitality of scalp cells.
-Peppermint Essential Oil cools and soothes the inflamed scalp.
-Algae extract purifies the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.

Marvel Spring Shower Anti-dandruff Spray

-Jasmine flower extract calms the irritated scalp.
- Tea tree oil is not only good in relieving acne but also reducing scalp inflammation.
- Safflower seed oil is anti-aging and rids the scalp of dandruff effectively.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I have been battling with oily scalp, dandruff and thinning hair even more so after delivering 2 energetic boys. I'm so happy that I have finally found affordable hair products that really tailor to my hair problems.

I'm not exaggerating that I can actually achieve an after hair saloon look easily with the products.
You can easily see how many natural yet powerful plant based ingredients are in Marvel Spring Shower Hair Care series. I love the floral scent that lingers long after a pampering session. Most importantly, I have noticed less oily scalp, a huge improvement in dandruff issues as well as thicker and shinier hair which is less prone to breaking.

Find out more from the following:
Official website

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Collagen supplementation- Is it the new fountain of youth? | Go Shine Botanical Beverage Review

Being a lady, I am conscious about my appearance and how fast wrinkles and crow feet have become part of my face in the past decade. Half of my hair thickness is gone due to hormonal changes after delivering my boys. How I miss my carefree student face with no blemish and supple skin. Besides investing in beauty products, what about collagen supplementation? Is it the panacea?

Collagen is a very important structure-- if you like, like a scaffold for the body. It makes up 75% of the dry weight of our skin which allows the skin to look plump and radiant. Collagen is also rich in amino acids which is needed for tendon, bone, joint, nail and hair health. Consuming collagen really brings beauty inside out as proven by a few recent research in 2014 and 2019.

I do believe that proper collagen supplementation can delay signs of ageing. This is because our body break down collagen faster than producing it as we age. Injecting collagen under the skin does not last long, can be painful and difficult to absorb and may cause allergic reactions. Consuming collagen, on the other hand, has very few side effects. Not only is it great to improve skin condition, collagen supplementation has also shown promising results in accelerating wound healing, improving lean mass and alleviating joint pain. Read more about collagen supplementation on WebMD.

The quality of the supplement is of utmost importance. Go Shine by Max Health Malaysia is one of the trusted collagen beverage brand in the market. It is formulated in Japan and Switzerland. Always look out for HACCP, GMP and MESTi approved products to ensure it does not contain any traces of heavy metal. Certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia,  Go Shine Botanical Beverage is definitely safe for consumption in healthy individuals. To my muslim friends, Go Shine is a halal product.

The other active ingredients include:

Rice Ceramide- whitens, hydrate and moisturise skin
Sakura- rich in antioxidant/anti-ageing, promotes collagen production
Vitamin C-boost collagen production, hasten healthy skin cell turnover
White Cucurmin- potent anti-oxidant, UV protection, soothes inflamed skin
Melon Extract- rich in Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) a poweful antioxidant, stress reliever
L-cysteine- Whitens skin by enhancing the production of glutathione, anti-oxidant
Vitamin E- Strong antioxidant, absorbs harmful UVB
Apple Stem Cell- maintain longevity of skin stem cells

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Any healthy person with no chronic illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart/kidney/liver failure may try collagen supplement with no ill effect. Avoid if you are expecting or lactating as well because no research has been done in this group of ladies as it is unethical to put both mothers and babies at risk. I have personally experienced the difference in collagen supplementation and will continue to consume high quality collagen such as Go Shine.

Go Shine Website
Or Whatsapp their agents:
011-2855 0987 (Jenny)
016-608 3369 (Christina)
016-709 0422 (Noel)

Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before any complementary therapy. Always ask for certified professionals before proceeding with treatment and stop if discomfort or side effect ensues.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Children safe and eco-friendly skincare | Ecostore Baby Care Product Review

Last weekend, we brought the children to Cherating Turtle Sanctuary. One of the panels in the exhibition talked about pollution of the ocean by man-made waste. And how that endangers the marine ecosystem. Do you know that plastic items can take 20-500 years to decompose? So every step that we take to reduce plastic waste contributes towards saving our planet! Read this article on WWF to find out more about plastic pollution. Reducing carbon footprint is everyone's responsibility.

In our home, we try to reduce, reuse and recycle. We have made do with plastic straws and replace them with washable metal straws instead. As for plastic bottles, we tend to choose products with eco-friendly features. Therefore Ecostore products remain our choice. We have been using their laundry detergents and baby care products for some time now.

All Ecostore product bottles are made of renewable sugarcane plastic which is 100% recyclable. The ingredients used in Ecostore products are also suitable for the septic tank. Bath water can be reused to water the garden if one has a proper gray water system in place. Their products are made in New Zealand following the strictest environmental standards in ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and CarboNzero certified factories.

Ecostore Baby Care products consist of a complete series of hair shampoo, body wash and body oil. The ingredients are plant based (GE and GMO free--which means no genetically modified crops) and cruelty free. There are no harsh chemicals like SLS/SLES, paraben, PEGs, dimethicone, synthetic dyes and perfumes. Do you know that newborn skin does not need soap for the first few weeks anyway?

Ecostore Baby Hair Shampoo

Baby Yi's hair are fine and soft. His scalp is sensitive and develop cradle cap sometimes.
Infused with lavender, eucalyptus and geranium oil, this hair shampoo allows gentle yet effective cleansing and is able to hydrate the scalp at the same time. This essential oil blend also relaxes the little one.

Ecostore Baby Body Wash

As with other Ecostore products, this body wash is dermatologically tested. Eucalyptus, lavender and aloe vera are the main ingredients used to nourish, hydrate and soothe sensitive baby skin. Our bedtime routine with Bing and Yi includes a warm shower filled with the relaxing scent of lavender. Children needs some down time, just like us adults before turning in.

Ecostore Baby Body Oil

Baby Yi used to scream every night and fight sleep as an infant. I almost lost my sanity sometimes holding and breastfeeding him for hours in a stretch. Ecostore body oil became our massage oil every night to relax him. I also used the oil to fade itchy stretch marks during confinement. Besides that, the oil works really well to soften baby Yi's cradle cap along the hairline. Again it smells wonderful because of the lavender, not to mention the great moisturizing effect of both blackcurrant and almond oil.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

New Zealand has one of the strictest standards in the world when it comes to baby skincare products. Therefore, I feel rest assured that the Ecostore baby series is 100% safe for my children, as well as the environment. Given the high quality, the price tag is very much affordable and value for money.

Get Ecostore products here. Quote BABYS1 for discounts! Valid until end of July 2020.

Monday, January 6, 2020

Spend in style this CNY using Stylish unisex Josk leather wallet

I am a person who does not believe in branded clothes, bags and shoes. But for wallets, I have to say it is extremely important to get one of good quality. After all, it contains all the essential items like credit cards, identification cards and cash. Many wallets are stylish but lack safety features. Some designs are just not practical due to limited space for cards and notes storage. While others are too bulky and can be a hassle to bring around.

I was elated when I came across Josk wallet. It's proudly made in Malaysia. It has all the features I like- good quality leather, durable, many compartments, anti-RFID at just the right size.

Josk GBR9319 Wallet

I love black wallets because it does not stain easily and is classic as well as elegant. Josk GBR9319 Wallet is made of High-Quality Grade 15 Luxury Cow Leather. It's made of full grain leather- this means the leather has full, complete grain of the hide intact.

Full grain leather is the least processed which makes it long lasting and resistant to wear and tear. It does not tear and usually the stitching fails before the leather.

As full grain leather is much more porous comparing to top grain leather, water tends to get absorbed into the leather- therefore Josk wallet is also treated to make it water resistant. With use, the leather continues to look good, resists scratches because it absorbs oil and form what's called patina to minimise the appearance of defects. Try and wave a lighter against the Josk wallet and it won't catch fire because this is how one recognises real leather. This means if you really like leather, get products made from full grain leather!

Want to know more about leather? Read from JooJoobs.

These are the measurements and specifications for my beloved Josk wallet.

Measurements approx: 10cm (W) X 18.5cm (H)
Measurements approx: 10cm (W) X 8.5cm (H) When Close.

Exterior:1 safe slot for holding most frequently used card such as pass card, parking card, or ID card.

Interior:1 large EXPANDABLE up to 2.5cm compartments which can hold up to 120 currency notes; some credit cards, 6+1 single credit card slot, 1 wide side pockets for more cards, currency notes, receipts &papers.

To me, it has ample of space for all my cards. I used to leave many of my membership cards at home. But I can bring all of them with me now without having a hard time to look through the compartments because they are clearly visible. The anti-RFID feature is a must these days as credit cards with pay wave function make frauds much more frequent.

The simple and elegant design makes Josk wallet a great choice for young professionals like me. It fits into my small sling bag both at work and when I'm traveling. Most of my work clothes do not have pockets therefore I tend to bring a small bag around for essential personal belongings. Josk wallet is versatile and fits my active and hectic lifestyle.

Still can't think of what to get for your loved ones? Whether for birthday or anniversary, Josk is definitely a great choice. Get on to Shopee to grab your own Josk wallet and take advantage their Nationwide free shipping.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Weil Hotel Ipoh Family Staycation day 2&3

After a well rested night in our cosy hotel beds, we were all ready for more fun!

Weil Hotel
292 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah Ipoh
Official website

The day started late and lazy with an awesome Chinese dimsum brunch feast at Yuk Sou Hin Restaurant on level 1. The current head chef was imported all the way from Hong Kong who handcrafted all the dimsum so the pastry was fresh, thin yet able to contain all the delicious fillings waiting to burst in the mouth and overwhelme the taste buds.

We had prawn crystal dumplings, Xiao Long Bao (with the yummylicious stock all wrapped inside), matcha Liu Sha Bao (salted egg yolk lava bun), cod fish dumplings, steamed fish balls (Bing boy's favorite), Siew Mai on a skewer (fried and drizzled with sweet soy sauce), fish porridge with salted egg, as well as egg noodles with roast chicken Char Siew and prawn dumplings.

Deserving special mention was the half roast duck. The duck was roasted over lychee wood to create a unique smokey fragrance. The skin was thin and crackly with soft yet dense duck meat. The sweet dipping sauce completed the heavenly combination. We really had to thank Ron the restaurant manager for his great recommendation.

We then had a late lunch around 1.30pm at Tiffin on ground floor. Asian selections included sushi, rice, fried vegetables, stir fry fish fillet, puri with curry, lasagna, assorted salads (potato salad, Caesar salad, cold deli meat slices, cheese), artisan bread with cauliflower cream soup. The best was a hot cup of aromatic latte.

The afternoon was then spent with a quick nap, followed by more frolicking in the bathtub then some casual meeting up with Ipoh friends. There's just so much to catch up with! Lounging in the comfortable hotel area made our meetup relaxed. Plenty of parking spaces for visitors too.

Dinner was also served buffet style at Tiffin. If you are wondering, we were not sick with so much buffet food because the variety and taste was great. Dinner was seafood and grill themed with sashimi, seafood on rocks, teppanyaki salmon, chicken and lamb, Asian stir fries, vegetable pie, salad bar, fruit rojak, fresh fruits selection as well as cakes and creme brulee. Craving for ice? No worries, DIY ABC shaved ice with a few scoops of icecream to your own liking.

So we had a good night's dream, waking up to another morning spread of buffet breakfast at Tiffin. Tiffin is open for 3 meals a day everyday! Savouring fluffy croissants, specialty bread, pancakes, waffles, cereal, danish, yoghurt, nasi lemak and chicken Rendang, rice porridge and soup noodles were also available to suit your needs.

Don't forget to watch, like and comment on our YouTube video about Weil Hotel's room and dining outlets!

We reluctantly returned to reality after a sumptous breakfast. What a great weekend getaway! Can't wait until our next trip I fondly call as mental health trip.

Weil Hotel Ipoh Family Staycation day 1

It's been a while since we have been on a pure leisure trip! Even though both boys were down with cold virus, we took up the challenge of driving 5 hours to this historic town of Ipoh. We decided to stay at Weil Hotel's studio room for comfort and convenience!

Weil Hotel
292 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah Ipoh
Official website
The room was spacious, clean and well maintained. We requested an additional single bed together with a king bed for 2 adults and 2 children. No more squeezing in the bed because there's more than enough space! Besides that, there were also 2 lazy couches for us to lounge on. Other amenities like bar fridge, safe, coffee and tea station and flat screen TV were in good conditions.

Bath tub! Children love a good time soaking. Having infinity pool is awesome but it can't beat a warm bath tub water play! Especially for young children who may catch a cold easily from the cold pool water. The tub was big enough to fit 2-3 children for some water gun shooting fun!

We were really hungry after checking in. But this elegant high tea set for 2 at Tea Lounge (Level 1) was more than enough to feed 2 adults and 2 young children with complimentary selection of coffee and tea (We got a hot cuppa of cappuccino and a fruity kiwiberry pot of tea, with an additional fresh watermelon juice for Bing boy). Not to mention all time favorite scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream!

Tier 1- macadamia cake, coffee cheesecake, fresh raspberry mousse, lemon curd eclair, durian meringue tart, mille feuille (custard filling), salted egg and pistachio macarons

Tier 2- Scotch egg (with sambal), Berny potatoes (crispy almond flakes), fish cake and Rendang chicken sushi

Tier 3- Smoked salmon brioche, multigrain egg mayo sandwich, tuna finger sandwich

Mainly Western pastry with Asian fusion, we love how fresh and crispy everything was. Each delicate piece handmade with care and love. The top tier desserts were just at the right amount of sweetness although we preferred the durian to be of richer aroma.

For avid shoppers,the bustling Ipoh Parade is just next door. Connected to the Weil Hotel on ground floor, there are many retail shopping options within walking distance. They also have many other food and beverage options such as Souper Tang and Sushi Tei.

Time to spend some energy after a fabulous teatime! Heading to the rooftop, we discovered lush greeneries and cosy couch to savour a birdseye view of Ipoh city centre with lots of instagrammable photo opportunities. The infinity pool was designed in such a way that one could take in the city view right at the edge. Do bring along buoyancy swimming devices for children though as the pool is 1.2m deep.

A great swim resulted in rumbling tummies soon after. The Deck Gastropub at the rooftop was definitely the right choice for a great evening away from home. Even though it served alcoholic beverages and sisha, smoking was prohibited and the setting was children friendly. The dazzling neon colored lightings kept the children fairly amused.

Our gastronomic experience included the following:

Appetizer- homemade multigrain bread with salted garlic butter (love how warm and soft the bread was!)

Starter- coi salad (a fresh selection of salad with a poached egg and freshly grated cheddar cheese)

Soup- Mushroom soup (freshly made in the kitchen with small chunks of fresh mushrooms in the soup for a different texture, as well as a swirl of fresh cream even baby Yi enjoyed)

- Jerk chicken (2 slices of marinated and crispy pan fried chicken breasts served on a bed of mashed pumpkin and sweet soy based vinaigrette

- Perak snapper (Steamed fresh snapper smothered in a generous Portuguese style spicy paste on a bed of mashed brinjals)

-  Fried icecream ( rich chocolate icecream wrapped in fluffy chocolate sponge with a deep fried crispy breaded outermost layer)

-  Green tea creme brulee (a crispy crystalized caramel top layer with a rich matcha flavoured cream and egg with a pudding like consistency)

Beverages include
- Chilled pineapple 'juice' which is actually a cocktail containing vodka
- Virgin mojito is a mocktail instead. Very refreshing because of the mint leaves.
- Limau Pheng is a very Malaysian style of calling sweetened lime juice suitable for children.

We had such a great first day staycation in Weil Hotel! Day 2 and 3 to be continued in the next post.

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