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Thursday, February 24, 2022

MummyJene The Best Blog For Health Tips Routine


As a fulltime working doctor mommy, I really need to juggle my time well. Learning from fellow mommies like MummyJene provide great support and resources through mommyhood..Below are her tips!

During the early weeks of the quarantine period, my besties and I took to the challenge of exercising at least 15 minutes daily. Amazingly, most of us became very consistent. One bestie outshined us all by sticking to her 30-minute to 1-hour exercise every morning. When most of us just started our day, she would be sending us a photo of her post-workout selfie. Then at tea time, we would take a break from whatever we are doing and say hi to each other through our chat group. We usually share how productive our day was. And this bestie who finished her workout before 7 am would have the most productive day. Her dedication to fitness was inspiring that in the second week, most of us have followed her suit. This is how accountability partners or groups can improve our motivation to achieve our goal of a healthy lifestyle

Stay-at-home vs Working Mom Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Most of us would love to have an accountability partner with a similar schedule. This is where staying at home vs working mom differs. The schedule is what separates us. But instead of focusing on our differences, I want to encourage you that our similarities are far more important. Let's start with a health tip routine with MummyJene's blog.

Healthy Morning Routine For The Busy Working Mom

The morning rush is an epitome in the house of a busy working mom. "Hurry" and "we're late" are the most repeated words. And if you were like me, you probably missed a lot of breakfast throughout the year. The best way to stop these morning problems is to start your day earlier and to boost your energy. But how do we do that? MummyJene has great tips on her website on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle. According to her, starting small and not getting overwhelmed is the first step. Here is a list of her morning routine for a great healthy day.

  1. Rise early. The rule of thumb for Mummy Jene is to always start your day earlier than the children. When you have the house to yourself, you have a minimal distraction.

  2. Exercise. If you are a working mom, early morning is the best time for you to exercise. This is the time that you have the most energy, so grab the opportunity and sweat it out.

  3. Start your day with a glass of water. Staying hydrated is essential in body functioning. After 8 hours (probably less because you're a mom) of sleep and a good sweat from your exercise, you need to replenish on the water. This way, your body is ready for a new day. Plus, it's good for your metabolism.

  4. A quiet time to yourself. Quiet time is a good way to rest from exercise and to create a balance of physical and emotional wellbeing. Depending on you, quiet times can be done through bible reading and prayer, or reading a good book with coffee. As long as you find the needed calm to steady your heartbeat and your breathing.

  5. Don't go hungry. A full meal will help you avoid munching all day and avoid all the extra calories. Plus a healthy meal gives you the right energy boosts needed for the morning hustle.

Healthy morning routine for tired stay at home mom

According to the Pew Research Center, stay-at-home moms (SAHM) have risen over the past decade. And because of this change in trend, awareness of the health condition of SAHM has also increased. It has been known that loneliness and depression are more prone to stay at home vs working mom. Acknowledging this, MummyJene has published health tips that focus on holistic wellbeing. According to her, children will benefit the most if they have a healthy mummy to take care of them. Be healthier with this morning routine.

  1. Start early. Again, it's always good to start your day earlier than the children. When you have the house to yourself, you have the least distraction.

  2. Drink a glass of water. Staying hydrated helps your body function in its optimal state. After your sleep, you need water, so your body kickstarts its metabolism and is ready for a new day.

  3. Have a quiet time. This is probably the most important that you need to be consistent with. Your quiet time in the morning will have a tremendous effect on your emotional health. You can do whatever you like in your quiet time. Be it prayer, meditations, or just plain procrastination. It's not being lazy, it is self-care.

  4. Set your schedule. Schedule your day. This is important because everything happens differently at home, depending on the mood of the children. Make a priority list of the things that you need to complete. Household chores are unending. So a schedule can help you manage your expectations and not over exhaust yourself. 

  5. Take note to include exercise in your schedule. You can do this early in the morning, during kid's nap time, or in the afternoon while hubby is home to entertain the kids. Exercise can be done at any time of the day as long as you know how to manage your energy.

  6. Eat a healthy breakfast. Take it as the liberty to prepare a healthy meal every day for you and your family. Nothing beats a nutritious meal. As they say, let food be thy medicine.

I hope this article helps you to build a balanced lifestyle!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Why breastfeed until 2 years? | Shapee® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Thermal Pads Review

After the first birthday, many mothers think it's the time to wean the baby off breastfeeding. Please don't! After the first sleepless month, breastmilk supply is already established and our body should have adjusted to baby's demand. There shouldn't be any more engorgement. Hopefully by then the little one is already an expert in breastfeeding.

My eldest took a month to do that and I had to express and feed. My second was a natural since he was born and could breastfeed lying down. I started to work when they were 3 months old so I had to start pumping x2-3/day from 8am to 5pm during workdays. Am absolutely in love with my faithful Spectra 9 plus breast pump which helps to maintain my milk supply.

As doctors, Mr husband and I are well aware of the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding in the first six months and preferably for 2 years. Besides its obvious nutritional benefits, breastfeeding is also the fastest way to soothe an irritated toddler from tantrums, discomfort and guiltily to sleep (we are still sleep training our second).

Do you know that:

Breastfeeding your toddler can provide:

29% of his daily energy needs
43% of protein requirements
75% of Vitamin A requirements
60% of Vitamin C requirements.

Read more about breastfeeding your toddler here at ASN.

We are so glad that we have Shapee® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Thermal Pads to ease the journey of breastfeeding. It's definitely no easy feat.

In the early days, breast engorgements can be really unbearable and painful. They felt so heavy like solid rocks and makes me feel feverish and shiver in the first week. I had to manually massage and unclog my breasts until I started to use Shapee® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Thermal Pads. Simply keep the pads in the freezer an hour before use. Instead of using cabbage leaves which can be inconvenient to bring around. Lol.

A month before my maternity leave ends, I have to start freezing breastmilk for the boy. In order to stimulate letdown and increase yield, I use Shapee® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Thermal Pads as heat therapy. There are 2 ways to heat the pads- heat them with the soft cover on for 10-15 seconds or immerse in hot water with cover off for 10 minutes. 

Then I simply wrap them around my breast pump flanges and then secure them with my nursing bras. My work can be incredibly hectic as a full-time doctor, so 10 minutes of pumping time is all I have each session. The thermal pads are very useful to have.

Good breastmilk bags are also important for freezing breastmilk in chest freezers which can be kept up to 12 months! Shapee has recently introduced Milkee Lab Bags which have the following features:

-Double zipper to avoid spillage
-Designated write-on area
-Measurement capacity
-Stable standing bottom
-Thermal sensor
-Baby-friendly material
-Reinforced seal
-Pre- Sterilized bags
-Available with 2 size ( 7oz / 5oz ) with 25 bags per box

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Shapee® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Thermal Pads are great accessories to have for breastfeeding moms.  They are washable, reusable, BPA and BPS free. The most important thing is they are safe and doesn't contain toxic materials like lead or irritative ingredients such as latex. The soft and flexible design fits snugly to the breasts and is compatible to any breast pump.



Monday, June 15, 2020

Probiotics and Prebiotics for Children | H2Kid Review

Since the day we are born, our gut is full of bacteria (called microbiota). Don't be disgusted because they are good bacteria. They are hardworking creatures helping to break down and digest food, feedback to the immune system about gut's health status and dampen inflammation. Our two main BFFs are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

So how do probiotics and prebiotics fit into the picture? Probiotics are living bacteria isolated from human, grown (cultured) in the laboratory and then made into supplement. When probiotics are consumed, the good bacteria goes and populate in the gut. Prebiotics is simply food for probiotics. It doesn't get digested by our body so it goes straight to the bowel, to our BFFs in the gut who can feast on it.

Does everyone need to take probiotics and/or prebiotics then? Not really. If you are able to eat clean and healthily all the time. And have no issues with indigestion, then there's no need. But if you are like me- work hectically, no fixed meal time, eat outside food a lot, have a bloated and gassy stomach most of the time, as well as constipation. Then you should give it a try. Or if you have chronic illnesses especially those involving your gut such as irritable bowel syndrome, you will definitely benefit from it.

Read more about probiotics and prebiotics from this article at ClevelandClinic.

What is H2Kid?

H2Kid is a gluten free natural supplement for children. It contains probiotics and prebiotics in the form of Bifidobacterium and galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS). It is flavoured by 100% natural real berries-- Cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, as well as acerola berries. Therefore it's naturally sweetened without added sugar. These berries are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Besides being tasty, they are absolutely safe for children.

Read here to know more about the safety of probiotic use in children.

How to prepare H2Kid?

H2Kid can be mixed in cold/room temperature/warm water or juice. It doesn't need to be refrigerated either unlike some other probiotics. Children older than 1 year old can consume H2Kid.

Other additives in H2Kid are:

Water soluble fiber to soften stools, regulate bowel habits and ease constipation.

Papain enzyme to improve digestion, leading to better appetite.

DHA & ALA are important for brain development and general well-being.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

It can be a real struggle to get my boys to take in enough fibre. They don't really have problems with taking in water thankfully. On the odd occasion, they do suffer from constipation. It's heart breaking to see them cry because of the colicky tummy ache. Giving commercially prepared laxatives is not easy due to the taste. Luckily H2Kids is very well accepted by my boys as the berry taste is delicious.

Want to try H2Kid and witness the change for your children? We are giving away 10 units of H2Kid for free! Just follow the steps:

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Deadline on 15 July 20!

Whole food vs multivitamin for the picky eaters | Oscokid Review

Hands up if you have picky eaters at home! Meal times, if we are lucky, the boys will eat what's served. Sometimes, their favorite food may suddenly become a 'poison' in their eyes! Introduction of each new food can be a really daunting experience. With us parents end up to lose our mind at the dining table. How to get enough nutrients for the growing kids then? Multivitamins will only provide certain minerals and vitamins. It's still better to give whole food. Read this article from WebMD when should your kids get vitamin supplements.

Luckily they love Oscokid! Oscokid is 100% plant based milk using Organic millets and Organic Soy milk as the base. So it's suitable for children with special dietary needs such as those with celiac disease, cow's milk allergy and lactose intolerance. These children cannot take normal cow's milk based milk as their body cannot accept it causing diarrhoea and malabsorption. It is also great for those who are vegetarian by choice.

Read more about celiac disease, cow's milk allergy and lactose intolerance.

Oscokid is a high protein beverage that is specially formulated for growing kids and youth with no preservative and additive. The proteins are non GMO sourced from organic soybean and organic millet which are the building blocks in human body. Isoflavones which are abundant in soybean, promote healthier and stronger bone growth.

Millet, on the other hand, is rich in iron which is important in red blood cells formation. Do you know that iron deficiency anaemia in children is a correctable cause of delayed cognitive development! Coarse rice provides various types of vitamins, (especially A&B),  minerals and water soluble fibers for health and better bowel regularity.

Besides that, Oscokid has the following natural additives:

Phosphatidyserine (PS) is an important nutrient to improve general mental performance, including the ability to focus, better impulse control,  short-term auditory memory and learning without becoming easily fatigued. In other words, this may help children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Lutein is a strong antioxidant that is naturally present in the eyes to protect the eyes against UV light related damage such as premature cataracts and macular degeneration later on in life.

DHA and ALA, sourced from seaweed and perilla seeds, helps in brain development.

Prebiotics, in the form of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), softens stools to ease bowel movement and relieves constipation. It also promotes calcium and magnesium absorption from our daily diet.

Even though Oscokid has the umami taste, it doesn't contain sugar/gluten/sucrose/lactose.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Oscokid Travel Pack really tides us through difficult meal time scenario. Instead of giving in to sweet snacks, we bring out sachet of Oscokid to save the day. The important thing is both boys really love the taste. Even I love it! We just need a glass of water and a spoon to prepare an instant and nutritious meal for the boys! The sachets are small and easy to bring along while travelling. So if you have picky children like mine, try Oscokid Travel Pack. It also comes in 800g tins.

My lucky readers, please thank Oscokid Malaysia for sponsoring 3 units of Oscokid Travel Pack. Just follow these simple steps to win yourself a pack of goodness!

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Deadline on 30 June 20!

Oscokid Website
Facebook page
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Thursday, April 30, 2020

How to make your children eat the rainbow?

Do you have little picky eaters at home? I have 2! We often end up with crying and tantruming toddlers at the dining table. I thought I was going to give up trying. But recently, I picked up some tips to get my kids to eat! It's called eating the rainbow concept. So far we have made some promising progress at home. I'm a pleased momma indeed.

1. Eat rainbow food. Choose food of various colours. Teach my boys the different colours of the food and eating all of them.
2. Talk kids. Don't use bombastic language like protein helps you to build muscles. Try taking chicken will make you a stronger policeman and fireman! (These 2 jobs are my boys' obsession)
3. Get the small hands to help in the kitchen. When they are involved in the washing, cutting and cooking, the boys get to know about the food they eat and widen their acceptance
4. Keep trying! Whenever introducing new food, insist on at least 1 bite to show respect to the hands who put the food on table. If they don't like it, they can say no, thank you bye. It can take up to 30 bites before children take up a liking.
5. Camouflage certain ingredients into favorite food for example vegetables into omelette/bread/cake.

This ABC soup is very colorful, easy to make and definitely can be prepared in the morning for lunch before I head to work.

2 brown onions
1 carrot
2 sweet corns on the cob
4 small tomatoes
2 potatoes

1/2 cup of organic soy bean
3 chicken thigh with bones

Firm tofu cubes

Salt soy sauce and sesame oil to taste

Blanch chicken in hot water to skim impurities.

Cut everything into big chunks and place in Russell Taylors pressure cooker inner pot.

Add water to cover the ingredients.

Seal the lid. Make sure the valve is closed.

Set pressure cooker to the Soup Preset.

Set timer if needed.

Voila! A pot of wholesome meal can be enjoyed with some steam rice or noodles.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Children safe and eco-friendly skincare | Ecostore Baby Care Product Review

Last weekend, we brought the children to Cherating Turtle Sanctuary. One of the panels in the exhibition talked about pollution of the ocean by man-made waste. And how that endangers the marine ecosystem. Do you know that plastic items can take 20-500 years to decompose? So every step that we take to reduce plastic waste contributes towards saving our planet! Read this article on WWF to find out more about plastic pollution. Reducing carbon footprint is everyone's responsibility.

In our home, we try to reduce, reuse and recycle. We have made do with plastic straws and replace them with washable metal straws instead. As for plastic bottles, we tend to choose products with eco-friendly features. Therefore Ecostore products remain our choice. We have been using their laundry detergents and baby care products for some time now.

All Ecostore product bottles are made of renewable sugarcane plastic which is 100% recyclable. The ingredients used in Ecostore products are also suitable for the septic tank. Bath water can be reused to water the garden if one has a proper gray water system in place. Their products are made in New Zealand following the strictest environmental standards in ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and CarboNzero certified factories.

Ecostore Baby Care products consist of a complete series of hair shampoo, body wash and body oil. The ingredients are plant based (GE and GMO free--which means no genetically modified crops) and cruelty free. There are no harsh chemicals like SLS/SLES, paraben, PEGs, dimethicone, synthetic dyes and perfumes. Do you know that newborn skin does not need soap for the first few weeks anyway?

Ecostore Baby Hair Shampoo

Baby Yi's hair are fine and soft. His scalp is sensitive and develop cradle cap sometimes.
Infused with lavender, eucalyptus and geranium oil, this hair shampoo allows gentle yet effective cleansing and is able to hydrate the scalp at the same time. This essential oil blend also relaxes the little one.

Ecostore Baby Body Wash

As with other Ecostore products, this body wash is dermatologically tested. Eucalyptus, lavender and aloe vera are the main ingredients used to nourish, hydrate and soothe sensitive baby skin. Our bedtime routine with Bing and Yi includes a warm shower filled with the relaxing scent of lavender. Children needs some down time, just like us adults before turning in.

Ecostore Baby Body Oil

Baby Yi used to scream every night and fight sleep as an infant. I almost lost my sanity sometimes holding and breastfeeding him for hours in a stretch. Ecostore body oil became our massage oil every night to relax him. I also used the oil to fade itchy stretch marks during confinement. Besides that, the oil works really well to soften baby Yi's cradle cap along the hairline. Again it smells wonderful because of the lavender, not to mention the great moisturizing effect of both blackcurrant and almond oil.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

New Zealand has one of the strictest standards in the world when it comes to baby skincare products. Therefore, I feel rest assured that the Ecostore baby series is 100% safe for my children, as well as the environment. Given the high quality, the price tag is very much affordable and value for money.

Get Ecostore products here. Quote BABYS1 for discounts! Valid until end of July 2020.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

How to care for the atopic children | ATONO2 Oxygen Baby Travel Kit Review

Atopy runs in our family.  This means a terrible triad of eczema,  allergic rhinitis and asthma (luckily only my immediate cousin has that and none of us in our nuclear family).    Besides genetics,  there are a lot things that can be done to protect my children from having itchy and inflamed skin. Preventing it from flaring up using suitable products is the best way to stop all the troubles.

Once the eczema flares,  it's important to keep it under control with as needed steroid based creams and lots of emollients because when left unchecked,  the skin can break which may become a portal of entry for infection besides being unsightly and extremely itchy.  The vicious cycle of itchiness, scratching and inflammation cause the skin to thicken in a process called lichenification. Unfortunately, anti-itch medications can't be used in children younger than 2 years old because it could make them too sedated.

We recently tried ATONO2 Oxygen Baby Travel kit which contains

1. Oxygen Baby Soothing Gel 30g soothes the inflamed skin to reduce itchiness.
2. Oxygen Baby Lotion 30g gets absorbed fast to boost skin hydration without residue.
3. Oxygen Baby Cream 30g  works similar to the gel in relieving eczema.
4. Baby Slightly Acid Bath and Shampoo 30g is great for both hair and body cleansing, as well as maintaining skin pH around 5.7

So are you wondering what does ATONO2 mean?

It is a skincare brand specializes in baby products, especially for those who have dry and sensitive skin prone to eczema and allergies. Famous in Korea, it's widely publicised in News Media and Korean TV programs. It has obtained ECOCERT (meaning all ingredients are organic) and approval by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

The ambassador is none other than the soccer player ‘Dong-guk Lee’ and his children, are popular and featured  in a Korean TV reality show called ‘Superman Is Back’. ATONO2 has also won numerous awards as listed above.

ATO (sensitive skin) + o2 (Oxygen water)! This has high oxygen concentration which hydrates and heal the inflamed skin better.

Oxygenated water makes up the top of the active ingredient list. Others include
-cinnamomum cassia
- scutellaria baicalensis
-hinoki cypress
- white willow
-shea butter
-macadamia ternifolia seed oil
-Epidermal Growth Factor
-hyaluronic acid

These are combinations of natural plant extracts that soothes and calms irritated, inflamed skin, as well as hydrating and maintaining a good skin pH balance. It also helps the skin to repair and heal itself. Of course, ATONO2 does not contain artificial colouring, fragrance, talc, paraben and steroid. As I have mentioned before in this article, steroid free preparation can be used in mild eczema cases. But correct usage of steroid based products under your doctor's direction should not have serious side effects.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Baby Yi has started to teeth so he tends to drool a lot.  This has created irritated and inflamed skin around his upper chest. He's only prone to having an exaggerated skin reaction to insect bites. And oh boy,  he can really scratch! At one point,  he got really bad impetigo that looks so roundish (I was asked whether those were inaccidental injury!) Unfortunately I did not have any photos when it was at its worse. Only when it's already much improved a few days after using ATONO2.

 Look at how ATONO2 has helped him. It soothes the bitten or inflamed skin and prevent him from scratching and going into the vicious cycle. Back to the happy and bubbly baby who is no longer cranky!

Where to get ATONO2 Baby products? Get on to Ippuni website, Shopee or at selected Multicare Pharmacy and Sensey Pharmacy.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

A dummy guide to parenting | The Asian Parenting App Official Launch

I have downloaded The Asian Parenting App for more than a year now.  Do you know that they actually have 25 million users? And officially launched on 25 September 2019. That's such a big community and I enjoy having the support of other parents in the virtual world.

Parenting is a rewarding journey but it is also challenging. Being a mother of two active boys and a full-time doctor, I do not have the solution for all parenting skills. But I know where and how to get my information from-TAP app. Sometimes there's no right or wrong in parenting,  but it's just comforting to know that others are going through the same thing.

Besides being a support group,  TAP also features DoctorOncall and experts from Sunway Medical Centre to answer any medical related enquiries. This 24 hours service is especially important for expecting or first time parents.  It's reassuring to know that expert help is just a few clicks away. It can be daunting, for example,  to deal with febrile fits. It's all very easy to talk about it because I'm also a doctor. But when emergency happens to your own kid,  it's still very easy to panick. Lifeline like this is therefore very important.

When one is free,  browse through a variety of topics from pregnancy advice to parenting tips, as well as articles about your children's development to educate yourself. There's always something new to learn everyday. It enriches my parenting experience and update my knowledge.

TAP also has a great database of popular children songs and videos to entertain the young ones.  Even though screen time should not be encouraged in children,  sometimes it is necessary. Especially in small nuclear family like ours,  I do have to bring my 3 years plus and 9 month old boys with me after office hours for events.  I just have to use it to distract them for a while on and off.

Not only that,  TAP also offers an exciting array of family themed competitions online. The prizes varies from household appliances,  electronics,  beauty products and free party event venue. The winner in me just loves to join these contests.

Watch the features of the TAP app on my YouTube!

Want to know more about The Asian Parenting App?

Official website
Follow theAsianparent on Facebook

Monday, September 23, 2019

Family Outing | Great British Circus Malaysia in Kuantan

The haze,  unfortunately,  is still lingering around.  This makes weekends so boring because the children are cooped up at home. Besides frequenting the shopping malls to spend some energy,  we have also visited Circus On Ice which is in Kuantan until 29 September 2019!

I got so excited that I produced a short YouTube highlights the night I came back from the show !

Great British Circus Malaysia
Serambi Teruntum
Jalan Tanjung Lumpur, 26060 Kuantan, Pahang
017-922 2044
Opens daily 9am-10pm

The indoor sitting in the circus was comfortably set up with a central stage and many mobile hawkers in the tent- selling classic carnival food like hotdog buns,  fairy floss,  pop corns and toys. The venue was well aerated and cooling without air-conditioning, I think partially due to the fact that we were in the VIP rows right in the center near the stage which doubles as a skating rink. I would say it's worth the fee because we got an unobstructed view of the performers!

The performance started with a group of dancing skaters dressed like birds with fancy and shiny wings.

There were short skits featuring a clown with his boss Inma during intervals- he was extremely entertaining while engaging the audience. For example,  handing out umbrellas, later just to spray the audience with a water gun.

Acrobats were skating, balancing and manipulating fluorescent cubes overhead.

The juggler was so good that he could manage up to 10 blocks at a time without dropping any while skating!

Of course the children were already singing along and screaming when Olaf came onto the stage accompanied by a graceful Princess Elsa skating away.

We were absolutely amazed by how Melissa could bend her body like that. Or even shoot an arrow to burst a balloon using her feet! (as shown in my YouTube video)

Baby Yi nearly got a head butt from the skating penguins of Madagascar!

The clown engaging a volunteer to shake his booty (in which his missing coin eventually got shaken out into his hat).

A very impressive performance of two acrobats running in and out of the metal frame in gathering speed.  At a point,  blindfolded, all without safety ropes!

A cute and light giant bubble making show. Bing boy was chosen to be enveloped in a giant soap bubble but he chickened out as he was being ushered to the stage. What a shame!  Maybe next time one of us should follow him.

I was so worried that the gymnast may fell off from a height.  He was so agile at wrapping the cloth around parts of his body to halt the unravelling and freefall. I could imagine the strength required just to hoist himself up and spinning around the stage.

I love how the British performers adapted their costumes to have such vibrantly coloured hibiscus flowered dancers weaving around.

The grand finale came with tightrope walking.  Not only were the 4 performers were able to walk across in sequence, there were also daring acts like double splits on the rope,  cycling on the rope. We were in awe while watching the performer cycling on the rope.

The whole show was over in about 1.5hours with a 15 minutes break in between.  Just a good timing for family with young children like us. We were all fixated on the show and the children were dancing and applauding away. Importantly,  Bing boy managed to overcome his fear of clowns!

We highly recommend Circus On Ice because it's a show great for all ages.  Light and entertaining with impressive feats throughout. It's only in Kuantan until 29 September so hurry up before the show ends. Now I'm planning to visit their next show Circus Extreme which is coming up on 5 October in Kuala Terengganu.

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