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Monday, September 9, 2019

Kuantan Public Library and Petroscience Centre Family Day Out

It's unbelievable that we have not been to the Kuantan Public Library after 7 years residing in this idyllic town! So there we were, on one fine saturday morning, we decided to bring the two children for a fun visit. As usual, we also have to prompt Bing boy a day beforehand because he does not take surprises very well and likes to know where he is going. 

Pahang Public Library and PetroScience Centre
Jalan Kemunting, Tanah Putih, 25100 Kuantan, Pahang
Opens daily from 9am to 5pm except Sundays, Mondays and Public holidays
09-515 5050

This was a long weekend in September and there was already a singing competition happening earlier during this Merdeka month. We arrived nice and early to have a great spot to park under the shade. The library has a wheelchair and stroller accessible ramp, as well as 4 lifts. The whole building was sparkling new with exciting colour combinations that looked really welcoming. 

We visited PetroScience first. I still could not believe that entrance is free of charge. There was various small stations with challenging science related experiments that was not only appealing to children but to adults as well. There were various levels of difficulties and many involved mathematics which I think we can definitely bring Bing Boy from time to time. So as he grows, he will be able to solve more difficult quizzes. Nevertheless, we had fun maneuvering the robot on "Mars', experiencing 120km/h fast of storm brewing up and punching lit up boards on the wall.

We only managed to visit half of PetroScience before we ran out of steam and decided to head upstairs for some quiet reading time. The Library mainly had 3 levels with the children's library and adult fiction located on level 1. Level 2 was the general knowledge section.

The children library had vibrant murals that really made the place so welcoming. It was clean and bright with many chairs and tables, as well as comfortable couches for people to lounge on. The selection of books were not exhaustive but the books were new and well kept. We were extremely excited to discover many flippable story books that were interactive ways of learning. 

With an annual membership at RM10 each year, one can borrow up to 5 books in one go. We ran out of the quota too fast to be honest. And there was still so much to explore. So it looks like we have gotten our own treasure chest! We would definitely welcome a wider book selection in other languages as most of the books for younger children were in English. The check out system is very convenient. Just scan the books and key in the member's IC number. 

Time flies when we had so much fun in the state library. We were feeling a bit peckish by the end of the trip. The book cafe had a decent selection of halal food choices from Nasi Lemak to cookies, brownies and doriyaki. They do not cook hot food on the spot so it mainly serves packed food from caterers. It is good enough to fill the tummy before one goes for a proper meal. 

So if you run out of ideas to spend your children's energy, why not head to the Pahang Public Library and have hours of fun!


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Weekend Business Trip at Pullman bangsar KL

This business trip was my first ever attempt to leave both baby Yi and Bing boy under the care of my parents and husband. I decided not to bring them along as I would only be away for one and a half day. The separation anxiety was not really there by the time I drove out of the house because I had already prompted Bing boy a few days beforehand but it certainly took him a while to accept that mommy was not going to put him to sleep on Saturday night. 

With the newly found 'me time', I arrived at Pullman Hotel Bangsar an hour ahead of the scheduled meeting. 

Unfortunately, the rooms were not ready yet so I had to leave my luggage at the concierge. Since I would be pumping, I asked about leaving my ice blocks in the hotel fridge but it was not possible due to worries about cross contamination. I was reassured that the hotel would be able to provide me a bag of ice though upon check out the next day. I was glad that I checked in before the meeting started because there was a long queue because they advised to only check in after the day ended. 

No. 1, Jalan Pantai Jaya, Tower 3, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 (3) 2298 1888 
Fax: +60 (3) 2298 1999

The room was too spacious for me alone to be honest! It's what everything a 5 star hotel should be. Comfortable, fluffy pillows and fresh beddings. A working desk. Flat screened TV with satellite TV channels. Tea making station with bar fridge (no freezer compartment). The fridge was bug enough to fit all my expressed breastmilk- about 20 oz worth. A safe. 2 bathrobes with iron in the wardrobe. 

The bathroom was equally fabulous. 

I could finally enjoy the whole big bathtub to myself. But this tub could easily fit 2 people and it took about 15miutes to fill it up. 

The toiletries provided was of good quality. Hair dryer was also available. 

I even managed to squeeze 30minutes time each for a quick swimming before dinner and cycling trip after dinner.

The highlight of the hotel stay was definitely the food!

Dinner was spectacular with seafood theme. It featured Chinese, Malay, northern Indian, Japanese and Western menu. From sashimi (salmon, tuna, octopus), iced seafood (scallops, prawns, crabs and oysters), grilled seafood, seafood hotpot (soup choices- chicken, prawn or tomyum broth). 

The standard rice dishes, brocolli cream soup, pizza, bread, salad bar and soup noodles were also available. 

The dessert section was so colourful with tempting chocolate fountain and a great selection of local kuih muih.

The other side has assorted cakes, very rich brownies (to die for!) and cashew chocolate cones, not to mention their yummy ice-cream and shaved ice stations. 

The breakfast was of equally good standard and variety. My favorite is their croissants and danish with fresh delicious salad bar. Their bread is soft and still warm. 

They also have one of the freshest and cheese selection! Love it to bits. 

I would easily rate my weekend stay a 8/10! Very impressed and exceeded my expectations. Definitely would consider staying at Pullman Bangsar again.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

DIY cookies | Weekend parent with toddler activity idea

Bing Boy's assessment week at his school was coming up the next Monday. We did not want to put too much stress to ask him to revise. After all, he is only 3 years plus and we would like him to explore and develop an interest in reading, writing, reasoning and counting at his own pace. There has been studies stating that children nowadays are forced into formal education too early. The expectations from schools and parents can be unrealistic for young children which may have adverse effects on their emotional, physical and social development. The full study can be accessed here.

Bing Boy happily munching away and reciting the alphabet and number cookies. 

Since Bing was not happy to write A-J, 1-7 which were his assessment scope, we decided to make it fun to revise. There came our weekend alphabets and number cookie making.

We got this Dr. Oetker chocolate cookies premix from Giant Superstore. So we did not have too much mixing to do because young children get bored if there are too many steps involved.

Fairly simple instructions: Bing boy fetched an egg for me. Mixed that with 125g of butter and the premix then we were all good to go!

After mixing the dough thoroughly, we had a nonsticky and fun playdough!
Time to shape the dough into alphabets, numbers and shapes. I did most of the shaping but Bing Boy had his share of fun mixing and handing me the dough. Of course we revised the strokes for writing and taught him to recognise them. We did not use any mould but in retrospect that would be a lot easier and faster.

After 15mins of bakingn at 180 degrees, tadaa! We were quite proud that the cookies did not break. They turned out crunchy, buttery, yet not too sweet. 

Dr. Oetker has many other premix for cakes, cookies and Malaysian dessert. It makes baking so much easier and less hassle. Their website also has many other simple recipes. Involve the children and they will appreciate the result so much better than you baking or cooking it alone.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Children trusted skincare range | JOHNSON’S® CottonTouch™ Review

I grew up with Johnson's product and I am still using it. Husband and I are loyal fans of the pH 5.5 body wash. So it's not surprising that baby Bing and Yi also use Johnson's products. Johnson's has been around for so long and is widely available on supermarket shelves. But this does not mean that they have stopped progressing. In fact, we have just recently tried Johnson’S® CottonTouch™ Top-to-Toe™ Bath and Face & Body Lotion. 

Why do children, especially newborns need special skincare products? This is because their skin is 30% thinner and is much more sensitive. The caveat of less is more holds very true in this case. This means that children products should have as few ingredients, fragrance, additives and if possible no preservatives at all. 

The principle is similar to weaning your baby to solids. When something new is introduced, persist for a week and watch for possible allergic reactions. For skincare products, try it on an inconspicuous spot, on the inner arm, for example, let's say in a 20 cents size and wait for 24 hours. If there's no adverse reaction, then it's most likely safe for use. 

So what's so special about the new Johnson's Cotton Touch products? Compared with previous Johnson's products,  the Cotton Touch range uses 50% less ingredients. It's still tear free, just how we love it because Bing boy won't have it otherwise. Besides that,  it lathers and rinse easily, leaving no residues behind. 

The Johnson's Cotton Touch products are also hypoallergenic, because they don't contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates or dyes.

What about the active ingredients? 

-Cotton is what we called as a slip modifier which makes application of the wash and lotion much smoother. 

-Naturally derived Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Decyl Glucoside, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate are surfactants used for cleansing 

-Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate is a natural chelating agent that helps to maintain product freshness

What does Dr Yingzangel think? 

The Johnson's Cotton Touch body wash and lotion is a very much welcomed innovation for baby skincare. Knowing that it's now much simpler,  I feel much more confident to use it for my children who have eczema just like me. 

Johnson's Official Website

Friday, June 14, 2019

Nursing Away from Home made easy | Adrini's Nursing Inner Review

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and one of the aspects that I totally enjoy as a mother of 2. Because it gives me a sense of being able to meet the needs of my children. Not only does it nourishes them physically but the bossom also provides a strong sense of security and helps them to build a secured attachment to me as a mother. As I weaned my eldest from the breast when he was 2years and 8months because tandem nursing can be tough, I felt a sudden emptiness and guilt that I can no longer be as closed to him anymore.

Therefore, nursing friendly clothes allow me to nurse freely in the public. As natural as it is for us adults to eat when we are hungry, young babies also need to feed whenever and whereever they are famished! It may not be feasible to find a secluded spot/ nursing room/ get into my car to feed the baby who is screaming his heads off wanting to feed. Note here, both my boys hate nursing cover so I have never used one. They will refuse to feed and make even a bigger fuss.

There are various styles of nursing clothes available in the market. Some includes a double hidden flap, some with zips. This allows us to maintain modesty without exposing too much of the tummy when lifting up the clothes for a quick feed in the public.

Adrini's is a Malaysian brand that offers many comfortable and stylish maternity and nursing clothes for mothers. I was honoured with the chance to try their nursing inner recently.

I love how bright the color of orange is this Adrini's nursing inner.
This series of inner wear comes in many colors including army green, black, orange and red. It's stylish, the material soft and comfortable. In our Malaysian tropical weather, this nursing inner is also airy and absorbs sweat easily without compromising on the thickness of the shirt so that it's not seen through easily. Not only that it also enhances our feminine figure/silhouette perfectly.

Besides that, the Adrini's nursing inner needs very minimal care. It's machine washable, dries fast under the sun. The Adrini's inner doesn't wrinkle much and no ironing is required!

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

I think the Adrini's nursing inner is an essential item in the wardrobe for nursing mothers. It's beautiful, easy to wear, modest yet stylish. And it makes breastfeeding in and away from home so effortless and elegant. Additionally, because it's long in design, it also makes me look slimmer.

Importantly, it's easy and fast to reveal the nipples for quick access while breastfeeding. No fiddling before my boy loses patient while waiting as there are no buttons or zips. The design also offers double protection to avoid maybe not so innocent passerbys from revealing our precious asset. There's overlapping material both sideways and from above, making nursing cover redundant.

The Adrini's nursing inner is also versatile. It can be worn on its own without appearing too baggy or too pyjamas-like. Pairing with a buttoned up cardigan, it's also suitable for a shopping trip or even office wear. As for the bottoms, it looks great with skirts, tights or slacks. At the price tag of RM40 each piece, it's indeed value for money.

After trying out this nursing inner, I'm so tempted to acquire a few other nursing wear designs such as Adrini's long flowing maxi dress and Ranaerissa by Adrini's (long sleeved nursing top suitable for work wear). 

Besides nursing wear, Adrini's also has its range of modern looking maternity wear and Muslimah fashion such as baju kurung modern, kebaya and matching suits with pants for a shrewd corporate look. The Raya collection is definitely worth owning as well. Browsing through their Instagram makes me feel like owning almost each clothing article. Mommies can also get great children wear like unisex hoodie and cute lacy dresses.

So, mothers, head on to Adrini's to get your own nursing clothes now. Or dear spouses, buy some as a surprise gift for her birthday/ anniversary. She will love you for it!

Adrini's official website

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Good domestic cleaner | Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner Review

I woke up 3am last night trying to clean up my boy's soiled diaper and onesie. Just when I opened up the diaper, he happily shot a fountain of urine so I had to clean up the floor as well. By the time I finished, I was already wide awake and luckily the boy fast asleep.

Does this sound familiar? Parents with young children will agree with me. Cleaning can be a real disaster. Not to sound obsessive compulsive, these dirty items often become the breeding ground for germs. I won't be surprised if you tell me this is the 5th time you are mopping the floor for the day.

Naturally when Clorox Scentiva was first introduced in the market, I fell in love with it. Grab one bottle and spray it all for cleaning. It's suitable for stainless steel, synthetic marble, glazed ceramic tiles, linoleum, countertops, stove top, appliance exteriors, sinks, floor, cabinets, tubs and walls.

Clorox® Scentiva® Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria; powers through tough grease and grime. It also effectively cleans, disinfects, degreases surfaces and eliminates odors!

Product Ingredients

Water/aqua is the most widely used solvents and serves as the base of this cleaner. 

Lauramine Oxide is  as a primary cleaner, foam enhancer, stabilizer and thickener.

Alkyl C12-16 Dimethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride is a quaternary ammonium compound (or "quat") and is added to products as cleaning agents, or as antimicrobial agents in EPA-registered disinfecting cleaning products.

Ethanolamines are used in household cleaners and laundry detergents as a solvent for removing soils that are fatty, oily or acidic.

Fragrances and perfumes are mixtures of fragrant essential oils, aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents to add a particular scent (lavender, lemon, etc.) to clothes and homes, and to mask unpleasant odors. 

Tetrapotassium EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is used to remove soap film and hard water scale in a wide range of cleaning products, including hard surface cleaners, liquid soaps, laundry detergents, antimicrobial cleaners, and commercial products. It also helps maintain the product's appearance, and prevents deterioration.

How to use Clorox Scentiva?

1. Spray 6–8 inches from soiled surface.
2.  Wipe clean with a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth.
3. Repeat for heavily soiled areas.

Look at the difference after a single application on my kitchen top. That's without presoaking the surface with Clorox Scentiva. For a fulltime working mom who has no time for house work, this is an absolutely amazing result. My mom who visits us once in a while, helps with housework because she can't stand the grime (lol), loves how well it works in cleaning the fumehood which hasn't been cleaned for months (gasp!)

Besides Clorox Scentiva Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner, the Clorox Scentiva range also has wet mopping cloths, wet wipes, bathroom foam cleaner and toilet cleaning gel. It comes with 4 amazing scents: Tuscan Lavender & Jasmine, Pacific Breeze & Coconut, Hawaiian Sunshine™ and Fresh Brazilian Blossoms.

I love this YouTube ad about the 5 seconds rule!

Besides that, Clorox also plays an important role by giving back to the society. Clorox has teamed up with Animal Planet to help fund a multimedia project calling attention to a deadly fungus that is destroying frog and amphibian populations. All the tools used in the frog rescue are disinfected with Clorox bleach to help prevent the spread. Clorox also helped The California Rice Commission to controlling a fungus, Fusarium fujikuroi, which causes rice crops to fail to germinate. 

Find out more on Clorox Scentiva website.
p.s. I got mine from Home Tester Club.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Practical products for family | Gajah Baring Balsamo, Oless Lip balm and thermometer review

As a family with young children, we always have to make sure we have a few practical things in hand. As a doctor, I do believe in certain traditional remedies particularly in remedies that are applied to the skin such as massage oil, essential oil and herbal rubs/creams. Having products with ingredients suitable for the use of the whole family is even more important when we travel to reduce the amount of baggage. I am sure those with children will understand how much luggage our children need for a short 2 days away from home! I have recently received Gajah Baring Balsamo, OLESS lip balm and a cute froggy body thermometer which are good additions to the house.

Gajah Baring Balsamo

This garlic balm is useful for the whole family from babies to the elderly. It can be simply used as a massage oil to moisturise the skin or as a chest rub to relieve nasal congestion while suffering from cold. As our weather has become so unpredictable with sweltering hot sunny day and chilly raining evenings, many have fallen to viral infections. I have just recovered from one but my poor 5 month old has caught the virus from me. Because he's so young, he's not suitable to use cold medications. Therefore, traditional remedies like this garlic balm come in a very timely manner.

Gajah Baring Balsamo contains white garlic, olive oil, vitamin E, sunflower oil and bee wax. It's made of real garlic so it smells exactly like one! Without any added fragrance or artificial colouring that may cause allergies in those with sensitive skin.

I also love how Gajah Baring Balsamo comes in the form of a solid balm because I have way too many stained baggage items due to ointments/creams in the liquid form. When rubbed into the skin/chest gently, it doesn't really give any heaty sensation but it does help to relieve blocked nose. This helps my little boy to sleep better because he could breathe easier and was more comfortable. The other options is nasal irrigation which I find really unpleasant for both parents and children. My boy often chokes when I tried to irrigate his blocked nose which made his all the more irritable.

With every purchase, it now comes with a cute froggy body thermometer like this. I would like a thermometer is an essential item in every home's medicine cabinet. This is particularly because high grade fever can be an indication of serious infection which may require hospital admission.

In young children, they are also prone to having what we call febrile fits-- when body temperature is too high, it can cause convulsion. Even though febrile fits usually do not carry any serious consequences in our children's development and is usually self limiting, it's still better to know the exact body temperature and to lower it using paracetamol or other medications when needed. It can be a real scary sight. To learn more about febrile fit, refer to this RCH article.

If you are interested, you can get a Gajah Baring Balsamo at RM29.90 (excluding postage RM8 West Malaysia, RM12 East Malaysia)

For more information, please refer to the official website
Gajah Baring Balsamo
FB: Gajah Baring HQ (Garlic Balm)
IG: gajahbaring_hq
Distributed by ARS Pure Solution
Contact no.: 0187665694

OLESS lip balm

This is another family friendly product. This lip balm is homemade and safe for children use because the flavour and coluring are food grade. It's exactly like putting strawberry candy directly on the lips. Yums!

OLESS lip balm contains extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E, strawberry flavour and colouring.  These are nourishing ingredients that moisuturise the lips to deal with problems such as cracked lips, dry lips and pigmented lips.

Look at how excited baby Bing is! He has been observing me putting on my coloured lip balm so he immediately knew what to do with this lip balm. Strawberry is also his favorite flavour! I think this lip balm is going to finish in no time.

The price tag is also affordable at only RM10 each (excluding postage RM8 West Malaysia, RM11 East Malaysia).

For more information, please refer to
Official website
FB: Zuraini Muhammad
IG: zmbeauty_hq
Contact No.: 01132484182
Distributed by ZM Beauty

P.S. If you purchase these items during Raya period, you will also get these extra duit Raya packets. I love the design, so elegant :)

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Birthday Treats for Daycare- ideas and activities

Happy belated birthday baby Bing! My eldest had just turned 3! This is his first year at kindergarten/afternoon daycare. So as new as it is a learning experience for him, it's also new for us as parents. We are glad that he loves schooling. Basically he's the positive vibe there!

Bing with his trophy, medal and gift pack coming first in individual running, games and group games just 2 weeks before turning 3.

A simple discussion with Bing and we have decided to celebrate his birthday at school. Hubby and I do take Bing's opinion seriously because it's good to train him to make decision on his own. As long as we could remember, we offer him choices as long as it's not hazardous. This makes him think and gives him a voice as well as respect.

One afternoon after school brought us to the Mr DIY near our house for gift shopping. We love to shop here because their children section is simply fabulous! Good quality craft sets, books, stationery and toys at affordable prices. We deliberately chose a few different things to mix and match. Because there's more fun in the gift preparation this way.

LOT A1 & A3, GROUND & FIRST FLOOR, LORONG BUKIT SETONGKOL PERDANA 1, Lorong Bukit Setongkol Perdana 52, PERUMAHAN, 25200 Kuantan, Pahang
03-8961 1338

Baby Bing couldn't wait to prepare gift sets for his school mates. In each bag, he carefully placed an English alphabet book, a pencil with cartoon eraser attached, a whistle and a hand puppet craft set. We got 12 sets of these goodies at around RM50 only.

As for Bing's birthday cake, he decided to have a chocolate cake instead of his usual favorite pandan layer cake. We love to frequent Summer Bakery on the way to work. Not only are the pastry and cakes fresh, but it's also great value for money. We often buy bread and cake flour from the bakery as well (Baking is another Bing's hobby. That's story for another day!)

Summer Bakery
Jalan Darat Makbar, Kampung Darat Makbar, 25100 Kuantan, Pahang
016-936 8520

The Oreo chocolate cake had just the right amount of chocolate- light and not too rich. We simply love the presentation! What's the best about their cakes are that they are not too sweet. Just enough to satisfy cravings but good for parents like us who don't want to deal with more dental caries. Being a May baby as well as a Teacher's Day boy, we got 10% off because it's also Mother's Day promotion. The bakery opened as early as 7.30am so we were ready for our birthday party really early.

We notified the teachers a few days in advance and they have put up a simple yet lovely birthday decoration at school. With balloons and stuff. They have also prepared birthday hats for the children. Thank you teachers!

Bing got really excited when everyone sang a birthday song to him. As usual, he blew everyone's birthday candles and of course his! In the next half an hour, half of the cake was devoured by the happy children. We actually prefer this more traditional type of cake than fondant which has way too much sugar and artificial colouring.

After morning teatime and cake, Bing then handed the goodie bags to his school mates. The hilarious part was that he was really sad to part with the gifts and was only consoled after he also got a set himself (which explained his sulking face).

I finally managed to grab a photo with the birthday boy. So that's how awesome Bing's 3rd birthday went! I hope this gives you all some amazing ideas about what to do for your children!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Lang Tengah Family 3D2N Getaway | Summer Bay Resort Review

Island hopping is not the privilege of the young and single. Us, with 2 young boys on the tow, managed to enjoy thoroughly on a 3days and 2 nights trip to Lang Tengah island at Summer Bay Resort just offshore of the Terengganu state of Malaysia. It's the site of shooting for the popular Chinese movie, Love U U (夏日乐悠悠).

 Remember the iconic pink church?

Recently a short movie was also produced locally featuring The resort.
Watch the short clip here.

Summer Bay Resort is a accredited 4 star accommodation which brings together the idea of living luxuriously as well as in a bohemian style. Do you know that many tourists also visit here after medical tourism such as in vitro fertilization which is gaining momentum in Malaysia.

We self drove from Kuantan around 6am and arrived at Merang Jetty just short of 9am. The drive was leisurely with a few pitstops for breakfast and toilet breaks along the highway. The toll road is so much easier to drive to compared to the old windy and narrow state roads. Summer Bay Resort has its own special shaded carpark which is guarded. Transport will then be arranged to Merang Jetty which is 1km away.

The speedboat left around 10.30 am. The weather was great and sunny with a calm water. The boys had fun watching the view and whirring past other islands. Towards the end of the half an hour ride, both were lulled to sleep by the waves. 

A welcome sour lime drink and cold towel washed away the fatigue. Check in was a smooth process for at least 6 rooms concurrently in which the guests arrived in the same boat trip. The staff were lovely and extremely helpful. We paid for an all inclusive package- accommodation, snorkelling and food so that we don't have to worry about spending on the island. The price is very attractive for the quality of service provided.

We settled down in deluxe pool view family room with 1queen bed and 2 single beds- a very thoughtful design for family. Besides the spacious bedroom, there were also two separate showers with toilet. The room was also clean and well maintained.

Other facilities include safe, bar fridge, wardrobe, flat screen TV and plenty of RO water. Water here is treated on-site and freely available. Remember your last vacation spending USD22 for a bottle of mineral water on an exotic island? Here you can unlimited supply free of charge!

Our lovely balcony overlooking the pool with clothes line available both outside the room and on the balcony.

The food here was equally awesome. A great variety with yummylicious way of cooking. It's Chinese buffet style (for lunch and first night dinner) and unlike many other all inclusive tourist package, the ingredients were fresh and delicious. The presentation was attractive. I could smell the cooking even from our room. And we looked forward to meal time- breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner. There's no need to bring extra food into the island because they can also cater to your special dietary requirements if you inform in advance.

A 3D2N stay will include a wonderful spread of BBQ dinner like this. One can even order extra portion of seafood if desired but there were more than enough to savour. For those who chose the 4D3N package, a steamboat dinner will be arranged.

We rented snorkeling equipment and follow a free daily snorkeling trip around the vicinity. For more exciting options, one can purchase night snorkeling options to sight baby sharks and sting rays, or island hopping to redang and turtle point. Even the romantic option of appreciating the beauty of blue sand in the middle of night ocean. The snorkel guides are so friendly that baby Bing enjoyed his first snorkeling trip.

If going out on the boat is not an option, you can still snorkel around the resort because corals and baby sharks are not far away from the jetty.

There are many other activities to enjoy:
-sunrise walk
-scuba diving and licensing
-sand play
-turtle watching
-blue sand discovery
-pubbing at Sunset Bar
-supper at Mamak stall

The sun rise walk was worth the 15-20 minutes walk. Some parts were steep and required support from ropes and surrounding tree branches. It's not easy but I managed to do it while baby Yi was in the carrier.

Watch my YouTube for our awesome experience at the resort.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Besides quality accommodation and food, the service here is really tiptop. The staff went as far as locating baby Bing's lost monster truck in the hotel room after we checked out! We would definitely be back again! A true home away from home which is befitting as Maldives in Malaysia!

Summer Bay Resort Lang Tengah

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