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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Kuantan Highrise Investment | Kuantan Waterfront Resort City Tour

Highrise is becoming a popular option in Kuantan City. Unlike other major capital cities in Malaysia, Kuantan is surprisingly laid back without traffic congestion. The city also maintains its old fashioned charm boasting many beaches including Teluk Cempedak, Bukit Pelindung and parks like Taman Gelora. When we first heard of Kuantan Waterfront Resort City, we were intrigued. It's a comprehensive resort city concept that encompasses 3 decades of developmental plan.
Swiss-Bel Hotel and Imperium Residence are their pilot projects. The soft launch was just in February 2020. However, we only managed to visit recently after the Movement Control Order as they were closed until May 2020.

Swiss-Bel Hotel and Imperium Residence Kuantan

Jalan Kampung Tanjung Lumpur, 
Perkampungan Tanjung Lumpur, 26060 Balok, Pahang 

Featuring 27 floors and 712 units, Swiss-Bel Hotel and Imperium Residence are two impressive high-rise in Kuantan City just across the river in the area called Tanjung Lumpur. The area is guarded and gated but the multilevel parking is free at the moment. Most of the relating project will be built on reclaimed land including a shopping center, a hospital, a theme park etc.

Overlooking the South China Sea, the scenery is spectacular with Tembeling Resort in view. 
Level 5 is where the gymnasium, playroom, outdoor playground, outdoor jacuzzi and the swimming pool complex is located. The reason why I said it's the swimming pool complex because there are multiple levels/types of pools featuring a river shaped pool, an infinity pool and a children pool which is also a mini water theme park. Warning! It can be extremely difficult to drag the children from the area. It took us 1.5hours. Lol.
We had the chance to view both the studio unit as well as the family unit with 2 bedrooms. Each type is also divided into city view versus ocean view. It's a completely different experience to see Kuantan so high up. A luxurious existence indeed.
For foodies like us, all day dining options like Swiss Cafe offer classic Malaysian and Western food choices with a breathtaking Seaview. 
Our lunch date- fish& chips, seafood penne, lemon cream seabass with a refreshing PAM (pineapple, apple and mint juice without sugar). Taste was great, ingredients were fresh but portion was on the small side and we hoped there was more variety on the menu.
3pm onwards there's also high tea set for 2 if you feel peckish. Our set had fried breaded chicken breasts, blackcurrant jelly, peanut butter brownies  , scones with cream and strawberry jam. Also a huge pot of hot coffee and fresh fruits. The set was enough to feed 2 adults and 2 children if you are not too hungry. We preferred a stronger coffee though.

The opposite restaurant, called THERE restaurant,  is a fairly good Western/Italian restaurant. Dinner was served-- braised duck leg, braised lamb leg, seafood bouillabaisse, spaghetti carbonara, grilled chicken chop. 
Night view of the area.

If u feel adventurous, there's also activities like paddle boat, cruise, horse riding and mirror in the sky photo taking. 

For those interested to have a look, please do contact Imperium Residence to redeem a tour of the property as well as a complimentary high tea set. We had a very enjoyable afternoon and the area is definitely great for families with young children like us to hang out. 

Friday, March 20, 2020

Delicious 3 course Western food in Kuantan | Java Flava Cafe

There are many cafes in kuantan but not many can whip out proper 3 course menus. Java Flava is definitely one of them.. From a cafe that focused on coffee and tea initially, Java Flava has now grown into one of the local favorite hangout spots. It's pork free as well.

Java Flava Cafe
B-1786, Lorong Sekilau 30, Perkampungan Bukit Sekilau, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang
Opens daily 10am-11pm except Thursdays

If you are planning for some work related discussions over lunch, Java Flava is a great spot. Comfortable with air-conditioning. Enough space on the table for a few folders and laptops.

Pots of tea can be refilled to last the discussion.

Or if you are coffee lovers like me, their barista makes creamy and foamy hot latte and cappuccino as well.

We wanted to order a salad for entree but it wasn't available. So there's a less healthy version of cheesy nachos with so much guilty cheese sauce which 4 of us only managed to finish half. Because the nachos were already drizzled with lots of mayonnaise and cheese sauce already. Perhaps the cafe can consider a salsa version instead?


This is one of the best croissants I have had. Crispy skin with warm, soft fluffy insides. Heavenly combination with some salted butter. It's bigger than my hand but I just couldn't stop having more. Strongly recommended!

Chicken wrap

Juicy chicken breast cutlets marinated in BBQ sauce, pan fried then slot into pockets of dense pita bread with lettuce leaves as well as tomato slices. Topped with yummy mayonnaise, half a pocket is enough to fill my hungry stomach. The dish comes with a serving of fries which can be substituted with mashed potatoes upon request.

Grilled lamb chops

Each serving comes with 3 generous slices of turmeric flavoured lamb shoulder. I'm quite particular about having lamb because I dislike the gamey smell and taste. But this lamb chop tasted really like local favorite satay. Dipped in mint sauce, it enhanced the sweetness of the meat. But it can be difficult to cut the lamb chop as there was quite a bit of tendon and fatty bits which I don't eat. A huge serving of mashed potato and coleslaw could easily feed 2!

We were already full by then but could not resist the temptation of ordering the instaworthy dessert!


By now 2 doses of caffeine made me slightly giddy so I was glad that I was sharing it with Mr hubby. This espresso shot was slightly bitter which neutralized the sweetness of the coconut icecream. A sprig of fresh mint was a surprise element of the dish. A must order for coffee and ice cream lovers!


2 matcha flavoured crispy Belgian waffles sandwiching dark chocolate sauce, served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, sweetened red beans and a dollop of cream. The matcha biscuit sticks added some crunch to the dessert.

Therefore, these were out verdicts
Price 7.5/10 (more value for money lunch sets that we didn't try)
Taste 8/10
Atmosphere 8/10
Service 7/10 (Order and pay at counter only)

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Weekend santai breakfast at Ombok Cherating Surf Cafe

Having a short getaway can be really therapeutic after a hectic week at work. Facing non ending patient queue and paper work, we need to put all these behind and clear up the mind. Therefore we decided to relax at Cherating area. A sumptuous breakfast by the beach sounded like a great idea since Cherating is just half an hour's drive away from Kuantan.

Ombok Cherating Surf Cafe
Cherating, 26080 Balok, Pahang
09-581 9275
Opens daily 9am-5pm

The Cafe was located just by the only main road along Cherating beach but there was no obvious signboard so it took us a few rounds to arrive at the correct spot!

The Cafe is of bohemian style. Wooden tables with rocky benches. A simple mural which describes the local lifestyle so well- catch the waves under the blazing sun. The glass window is full of wall stickers-- leaving footsteps from all over the world.

There's only one indoor seating--comfortable and homey couch covered by a patchwork quilt. Next to it is a standing table with DIY jewelleries and dream catchers for sale. A small book corner for those who wants to exchange novels FOC. A small section selling local batik and beachgoing paraphernalia.
The menu looked simplistic but we were blown away by the quality of food served.

Big Wipeout

Pan fried cherry tomatoes, sauteed button mushroom, 2 slices of caramelized baked potato wedges, a ramekin full of delicious baked beans, 2 slices of crispy beef bacon with caramelized fat, 2 gourmet sausages , garden salad, fresh spinach leaves on top of a perfect omelette with 2 slices of multigrain toast! I would say this is breakfast befitting to the King! Generous portion and can easily fill 2 hungry tummies.

American pancakes

A stack of fluffy pancakes topped with fresh banana and strawberry slices. It looks so appetizing and is just at the right amount of sweetness. Spread butter and drizzle maple syrup over the pancakes for additional oomph. It would be better if pure butter is served instead though.

Hot cappuccino

Mr hubby is a great coffee fan. We have our own espresso machine and coffee bean grinder. Cartons of fresh milk are always available in the fridge 24/7, if not at least pasteurized fresh milk. And I would say, this cuppa passed his coffee taste buds! To me, the smoothness of milk mixed well with the bitterness of the coffee perfectly but the blend is a bit strong as I could feel my heart racing after half a cup.

Our verdict:
Price 8/10
Taste 8/10
Environment 8/10
Location 6/10 ( a bit far from Kuantan town!)
Service 7.5/10 (family friendly)

Monday, January 13, 2020

Christmas at Genting Highlands

We were finally at Genting Highlands last Christmas. It's rare for us to stay out during festive seasons because a good tip to travel with young children is to avoid excessive crowd. And it's definitely ask our first time spending Christmas in Genting!

Since we started the journey late morning, we reached Gohtong Jaya just in time for lunch.

Chuan Kie Restaurant 全记小菜馆
Goh Tong Jaya, 29-30, Jalan Jati 1,
69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang
03-6100 1151

Gohtong Jaya is a popular lunch/dinner spot. It's full of eateries for those who are looking for a sumptous meal without having to splurge. Chuan Kie is one of the must tries if you love Chinese cuisine.

Our lunch menu was
-Braised noodles Hokkien style had a rich caramel gravy, full of the fragrance of fried pork lard and was definitely my children's all time favourite.
-Steam catfish was fresh and the flesh was tender that there was no need for too much flavouring. But the price was a tad high.
-Enoki mushroom tofu was a comfort food. Tofu cubes fried to golden, drizzled with a thickened gravy cooked with julienned carrot and enoki mushroom.

Another half an hours drive and we have reached the largest hotel in the world-- Genting's First World Hotel! This complex also housed Malaysia's only casino, a huge shopping complex, as well as an indoor theme park. The range of food and beverage options was huge- from fast food outlets to high end dining such as the only Burger and Lobster in Malaysia. It is conveniently linked to 2 other hotels by a series of escalators. Bing and Mr husband ventured into the Snow World and had lots of fun playing toboggan but even the boy who really loved the cold had to give up feeling cold despite wearing the additional winter gear provided.

We were here mainly for the outdoor Christmas decorations. It's not easy to find as signage could be confusing. The tip was to follow the direction heading to the Arena of Stars. There was a giant snow globe for people to take photo in (free of charge), outdoor ice skating rink, a real-sized double decker bus (replica of the famous London bus) and lots of food trucks.

First World Plaza
69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

Our energy was spent by the end of the day. We decided to stay in this newer hotel chains called G-luxe which was about 15minutes drive away from the First World complex.

G-luxe by Gloria
1, Jalan Ion Delemen,
69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang

The Executive Deluxe room at G-luxe was comfortable and spacious with a King sized bed, flat screened TV, a lounge and a small kitchen area with complimentary Aristo coffee and packet drinks. Other facilities included kettle, fridge, safe box and rain shower.

Their breakfast buffet was only at RM35 per pax (start charging for children aged 4 and above). There were a few non conventional options such as dumplings stuffed with chives, fried chicken pao, braised chicken feet along with other standard spread including bread, cereals, Rendang chicken, baked beans, noodles and rice porridge.

After breakfast, it was swimming time! The indoor heated swimming pool was so welcoming to the cool weather with a children pool, an adult pool and a jacuzzi. Be careful not to spend too much time though because the heat can easily make people light headed.

For us who had very energetic children, the indoor playground was such a welcoming place. There was a ball pit, slide sets and a gigantic xylophone. It was clean and neat. We were happy for Yi and Bing to crawl and roll around. They were equally excited.

The 3 main hotel complex under the Gloria group was connected via Sky Garden with lots of instagrammable spots and was definitely a must visit as well!

That summed up our free and easy Christmas 2 days 1 night trip at Genting Highlands. It was definitely family friendly and a great getaway.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Family friendly one day itinerary @ Port Dickson

We haven't been on a true holiday for ages! Besides having Jasper Lodge Kuantan to keep us occupied,  it can also be a real struggle to bring two young children on tow. Therefore, we just have to let things happen naturally on this trip with minimal planning.

We left Kuantan on a late afternoon and drove for slightly longer than 4 hours to reach our staycation destination- Thistle Port Dickson. It's been 2 years since our last visit and we were pleasantly surprised that it's been refurbished recently.

We love how much space was there in the room with a side lounge. The bed was made of 2 King single beds with ample room to squeeze in our family of four.

I vaguely remembered an old bathtub before the refurbishment. Fresh fruits were provided as compliments.

Cape Rachado Lighthouse
71050, Malacca

After a sumptous breakfast buffet, we headed out for some fresh air. 
Cape Rachado Lighthouse is located at Negeri Sembilan and Malacca border. It's quite a leisurely climb for half an hour with some gentle slopes, tarred roads and many shaded rest stops along the way.

Army Museum Port Dickson
Kem, Persiaran Pahlawan, Kampung Baru Sirusa, 71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Opens daily (except Mondays and Tuesdays) 10am to 5pm

Visit is free or by voluntary donation. It's great for family. For young children, they are just in awe of the helicopters and tankers. For school aged children and adults, they learn about Malaysia's history and fight for independence.

Xiwang Village
Jalan Pantai Teluk Kemang, 71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
012-292 6219

Lunch was at Port Dickson's favorite curry Mee and Yong Tau Foo restaurant. The place was spacious, food tasty and owners children friendly with lots of toys for children to spend their time with.

Back to Thistle, there were 2 children play rooms- one purely for Lego playing; the other with indoor ballpit and playground. Besides that, we also spent time playing giant chess and frolicking in the huge swimming pools with water slides and outdoor jacuzzi although we would prefer cleaner children pools.

Weng Yin Seafood Village
Lot 4132, Batu 9.5 (KM15.5), Jalan Pantai,, 71050 Port Dickson
012-628 1660

We were so famished by dinner time that we didn't take any photos of our satisfying dinner but we ordered steamed Negeri Sembilan local fish, claypot tofu and mixed vegetables. Would have tried Lucky King Bun if we had more adults (our boys do not eat curry to our dismay).

That's the snapshot of our fulfilling Port Dickson 1day itinerary!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Family Outing | Great British Circus Malaysia in Kuantan

The haze,  unfortunately,  is still lingering around.  This makes weekends so boring because the children are cooped up at home. Besides frequenting the shopping malls to spend some energy,  we have also visited Circus On Ice which is in Kuantan until 29 September 2019!

I got so excited that I produced a short YouTube highlights the night I came back from the show !

Great British Circus Malaysia
Serambi Teruntum
Jalan Tanjung Lumpur, 26060 Kuantan, Pahang
017-922 2044
Opens daily 9am-10pm

The indoor sitting in the circus was comfortably set up with a central stage and many mobile hawkers in the tent- selling classic carnival food like hotdog buns,  fairy floss,  pop corns and toys. The venue was well aerated and cooling without air-conditioning, I think partially due to the fact that we were in the VIP rows right in the center near the stage which doubles as a skating rink. I would say it's worth the fee because we got an unobstructed view of the performers!

The performance started with a group of dancing skaters dressed like birds with fancy and shiny wings.

There were short skits featuring a clown with his boss Inma during intervals- he was extremely entertaining while engaging the audience. For example,  handing out umbrellas, later just to spray the audience with a water gun.

Acrobats were skating, balancing and manipulating fluorescent cubes overhead.

The juggler was so good that he could manage up to 10 blocks at a time without dropping any while skating!

Of course the children were already singing along and screaming when Olaf came onto the stage accompanied by a graceful Princess Elsa skating away.

We were absolutely amazed by how Melissa could bend her body like that. Or even shoot an arrow to burst a balloon using her feet! (as shown in my YouTube video)

Baby Yi nearly got a head butt from the skating penguins of Madagascar!

The clown engaging a volunteer to shake his booty (in which his missing coin eventually got shaken out into his hat).

A very impressive performance of two acrobats running in and out of the metal frame in gathering speed.  At a point,  blindfolded, all without safety ropes!

A cute and light giant bubble making show. Bing boy was chosen to be enveloped in a giant soap bubble but he chickened out as he was being ushered to the stage. What a shame!  Maybe next time one of us should follow him.

I was so worried that the gymnast may fell off from a height.  He was so agile at wrapping the cloth around parts of his body to halt the unravelling and freefall. I could imagine the strength required just to hoist himself up and spinning around the stage.

I love how the British performers adapted their costumes to have such vibrantly coloured hibiscus flowered dancers weaving around.

The grand finale came with tightrope walking.  Not only were the 4 performers were able to walk across in sequence, there were also daring acts like double splits on the rope,  cycling on the rope. We were in awe while watching the performer cycling on the rope.

The whole show was over in about 1.5hours with a 15 minutes break in between.  Just a good timing for family with young children like us. We were all fixated on the show and the children were dancing and applauding away. Importantly,  Bing boy managed to overcome his fear of clowns!

We highly recommend Circus On Ice because it's a show great for all ages.  Light and entertaining with impressive feats throughout. It's only in Kuantan until 29 September so hurry up before the show ends. Now I'm planning to visit their next show Circus Extreme which is coming up on 5 October in Kuala Terengganu.

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