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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Korean Lunch | Daebak Cafe Kuantan Unpaid Review

It can be quite a rare occasion to have enough lunch time to enjoy a cuppa in a local cafe during weekdays. The task becomes even more difficult to have 2 young children in tow during weekends. So we were fairly lucky to be able to try these Korean lunch menus at Daebak cafe recently.

Daebak Cafe
Jalan Taman Beserah, 25300 Kuantan, Pahang
017-914 8747

This cafe is owned by a Korean lady. When it first started up, the menu was mainly about coffee, certain special beverages, waffles and its famous crepe cake. So far, we have really positive experience dining here so we were really excited to introduce their lunch menu to everyone. 

The atmosphere in the dining area was calm and soothing. Great for a few hours of chit-chatting and relaxation. 

These are the lunch menu options:
Muesli raisin toast
Ramen and rice ball
Cream soup + toast
Smoked salmon salad
Kimbab roll
Spicy chicken rice
Rappoki noodles
Smoked chicken salad
Bibimbab rice
Bulgogi rice
Croissant sandwich (cheese & tomato, egg& potato, smoked chicken, smoked salmon)

We ordered 3 different types of coffee. The coffee blend here is just the right flavour for me aromatic yet not too bitter or sour. Or what Mr husband would call as full body.The beauty of having coffee is that it's practically sugar free and only contains the calorie of the milk. 

Latte- hot


Cold latte

In terms of the dishes, we ordered the following:

Topokki is Korean rice cake which is slightly sticky and chewy. I love how much the onions add to the sweetness of the dish and balance out the spiciness of the sauce. The fish cake and hard boiled egg complements the dish perfectly. The sauce if also of generous amount. 

Japcha is a vegetarian dish. Glass noodles with springy texture mixed with bak choy, mushrooms, julienned carrots, black fungus and onions. It has the fragrance of sesame oil. Even though it looks heavy, but it's actually quite refreshing and light in flavour.

Spicy chicken rice. I love how wholesome this dish is. An average portion of rice with spicy chicken strips stir fried with cabbage and onions. Crispy seaweed salad adds crunch to it. And it also comes with a sunny side up egg. 

Of course we have to try their signature crepe cake. My favorite is the original flavor but only matcha was available that day. The green tea is surprisingly good and not too sweet. The cake was light and the layers add texture. 

Overall our verdict is 8/10! Lovely cafe with great food and coffee. Although we would love more meat in the food though :p 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Drive safe on the road

As a full-time working mother, I drive myself everyday to work. Picking up baby Bing to and from the babysitter usually falls within my daily responsibility too. Being a mother of 2 lovely boys, you would have thought I'm a pretty cautious driver. But I must admit this is not always the case :p

I have had my fair share of speeding tickets on the highway for instance. Having had a close friend who just had her car declared as total loss due to skidding, I now know better than to play around with the speed limit. I also have my moments of showing attitudes to other drivers sometimes after a terrible day especially when confronted by someone with poor road etiquette but I have learnt that it doesn't pay to retaliate. Instead I let the mat rempits and tail gaters pass.

Image courtesy of EZtakaful

Besides adhering to speed limits, mobile use and texting while driving has become one of the devils. Being a doctor, sometimes there's no off time. From fellow doctors, nurses to allied health, one gets called all the time. And it can become tempting to pick it up while driving. Therefore I have learnt to use Bluetooth earphones while driving.

The other common danger is fatigue. After experiencing microsleep on the highway at full throttle, now I always make sure I'm well rested before the start of the journey. For trips longer than 1-2 hours, I'll stop and rest be it a quick toilet break or just a way out for some fresh air. Now that the R&R pitstops are equipped with clean and spacious bathrooms as well as many food choices, baby Bing loves to stop by too. Making sure our tired toddler gets enough sleep and fastened in his car seat also ensures a peaceful drive. One main problem for Malaysian families - letting young children loose without car seat! Can't stress how much this can save your children's life in an accident. There's no such thing as children refusing to stay in car seat because as with everything else it comes with habit and discipline.

Being a safe driver is not only important to both the drivers and her passengers, but it's also a civil responsibility. Now that the motor insurance is liberalised, there's even more incentive to drive safely! The following diagram from Bank Negara Malaysia sums up the benefits to consumers. Those who have low risk profiles i.e. no accidents and who maintains their car well get to pay lower premiums. That's definitely great news and beneficial incentive for Malaysian drivers.

To read more on how you can benefit from the liberalisation of motor insurance/motor Takaful, kindly refer to

Monday, April 22, 2019

Exploring lunch spot in Kuantan | Max Kitchen review

The hot and hazy weather made me kind of grumpy. So we were pleasantly surprised to discover this new lunch spot along the back alley when we were heading to micasa cafe. Max kitchen has been opened for about 6 months now.

Max Kitchen

17, Jalan Besar, 25050 Kuantan, Pahang
016-932 8333

Opens daily 9am to 11pm except Tuesdays

Absolutely in love with the atmosphere. The old Chinese style with music back in the 60s. My parents would enjoy it. However, would prefer the place to be colder because we were still sweating while dining indoors.

Time to try the food!

Curry noodles was mildly spicy with a great balance of coconut milk flavor. With stuffed brinjal, tofu puff and fish ball. It goes well with their sambal which is slightly soury in taste. But I prefer more kick to the chilli.

Noodles with prawn wanton. The clear soup is fairly bland to taste. Would also prefer real fresh prawns in the wanton too.

Dumpling soup. I deliberately ordered it without any noodles. Love how they pan fried the dumplings before cooking it in soup to give it a slightly charred flavour. But again, slightly disappointed with the bland soup.

Tomato chicken with rice. The tomato sauce is sweet and I couldn't taste any natural sourness that comes with tomato. Chicken was tender. The old cucumber soup was fairly tasty. Would be perfect if this soup was used for their noodle dishes.

Smoked duck breast roll. An interesting side dish at RM10 each set. I love how soft the roll and the filing in. But I would prefer more duck breast.

The coffee, on the other hand, was fabulous. A strong bitter trademark of Lavazza coffee which still retains its smoothness. Given that there's no barista in the cafe, I give them praises for serving such good coffee.



Overall, we rate the cafe 6.5/10. Very affordable with all these at only RM52 (they do charge for plain water). And awesome dining atmosphere at such a price tag. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

Le Meridien Hotel KL Central Family Staycation. It's not just for weddings.| Review

Having small children in tow, we have stopped back packing. And have resorted to more comfortable staycation with shopping center nearby. In November 2018, we stayed 1 night at  Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur. Below is our experience with the hotel.

Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur
2, Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
03-2263 7888
The room itself. Deluxe room with 2 twin beds and city view. We requested for a King sized bed in advance. Unfortunately it wasn't available so we resorted to two King single beds instead. Hubby on one bed, Bing and I in another one because Bing insisted to sleep with me despite me being heavily pregnant in third trimester. Very comfortable and clean as what a 5 star hotel is expected to be.

What we, or rather Bing really enjoyed was the view. We had a huge panel of glass directly overlooking the KL Central station. It's basically a free 24/7 train show for baby Bing! He could watch the trains and buses going in and out all the time.

The bathroom had a modern feel. A square sink with adjoining shower cubicle. The water from the rain shower was of course heated and the water pressure strong enough for a good back massage. 

The pool is always the highlight because baby Bing loves the water. Besides having a picturesque view, the pools are huge. The kiddie pool, Bing can easily wade through the water and it becomes too boring for him. He enjoys playing the big water slide in the adult pool with daddy instead. Diving into the pool is one of his other favorite activity. I remember the pool is also shared by guests who stay at Hilton KL Central.

The mesmerizing sunset view from the pool.

 I didn't have any photos for their buffet breakfast the next morning but I can assure you that it meets all your expectations of dining in a 5 stars setting because I was simply too busy chasing after baby Bing.

Western food choices- assorted bread, omelette, cereal, pastries including my favourite croissant and Danish. Salad and yogurt. Cheese platter.

Asian breakfast- from Malaysian nasi lemak, rendang, noodles station, sushi, pao and dimsum.

Le meridien’s proximity to the Central KL station is definitely a bonus with easy access from the KL international airport using KLIA express. It's also just a train ride away from major KL attractions such as KLCC, KL tower, bukit bintang. The station itself has also been transformed into NuSentral which is a shopping complex that caters to travellers’ needs.

We rate our stay 8/10! With the quality of the stay experience it's worth the price tag.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Travel luxuriously within your budget featuring Wonderfly Asia

I really have my hubby to thank for becoming a wanderlust. Being a very homey person before this, I have no idea how much fun there is to offer in the whole wide world. As young as 3 months old, baby Bing has taken a local flight to Kota Kinabalu. And at 2 years of age, he has been to Singapore, the UK and Vietnam. With the addition of our second boy, we only have more traveling plans! Children learn unbelievably fast with traveling with the reminder of digital photos and videos.

Traveling has really opened our eyes about various culture and practices. It has made us more tolerant and receptive to these differences. We have also learnt to adapt fast in different environment. For example, to navigate through various public transport systems and to communicate effectively with locals. And technology has helped immensely in our travelling plans. If possible, we always try to plan our own itinerary instead of following tour groups. Because planning is part of the fun!

Having Wonderfly Asia on board has made all the planning much easier. It is Malaysia’s Largest Travel Activity Platform across multiple countries. Now there are so many sites available for accommodation booking, it’s time to have a similar site offering tickets at the best available rate for consumers! That’s where Wonderfly came about. As Wonderfly caters more to the needs of South East Asians, it totally fulfills our kiasu-ness in getting the best price offered :p This is sans the hassle of comparing multiple sites.

The types of tickets/services available are
Theme parks- Examples include Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park
Events- Rainforest Lumina (a multimedia night walk in Singapore Zoo)

Festivals- One day Kimono rental in Kyoto
Shows and performances- Jeju horse show (acrobatic Mongolian horse riding performance)
Tours- Tokyo Sky Tree (observation deck)
Zoos/Aquariums- Jurong Bird Park
Tourist/ transportation pass- Singapore EZlink pass (for MRT and buses), Osaka Amazing pass
Pocket wifi and SIM card- Bangkok 4G SIM card (unlimited data for 7 days only at RM28!)

The pricing is competitive and the amount of discount offered varies with the attraction selected. With a few simple mouse clicks, one can skip the long queue to purchase entrance tickets only at a fraction of the price tag. Depending on the attraction, one may either need to only show mobile or printed e-ticket to allow admission.

There are also important information about the attractions such as operating hours, exact address and directions to the attractions using public transport. It also reminds you to bring certain documents for identification purposes.

Of course the destinations are among the most popular ones including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. I have been to all of the countries listed there with the exception of South Korea. But there’s always chance to revisit when the opportunity arises! Especially when there are good deals like the ones described above.

As if the discounted tickets are not enough, Wonderfly also offers this RM5 credits referral program. Any Wonderfly member can accumulate RM5 credit deposited to their account for each transaction their friends made. The invited friends also get RM5 off their first purchase!

Get your own Wonderfly Asia account today to enjoy the benefits! Register here to get your RM5 off your first purchase.

Monday, June 19, 2017

JW Marriott KL, luxurious weekend staycation- hotel review

We got a free night at Marriott bukit bintang complimentary of our second year of ytl platinum membership. Baby Bing first time staying here and he absolutely loved the place! Staff was baby friendly and approachable.

Our room was on level 11 which overlooked the busy bukit bintang street.

We got free upgrade to their newly renovated executive deluxe room. Bing was so happy exploring the room the moment he stepped in! Plenty of room to burn some toddler energy without my 100% supervision. The TV was at least 50 inches-even bigger than our own!

What else to ask for when you are provided with this fluffy king bed?

We got a square bath tub and a rain shower just next to it. Time for some baby bubble bath :)

Egg shaped sink and a separate makeup area with a magnifying mirror that zooms in my horrifying aging face.

As Marriott is still under renovation, we got to enjoy our gym, swimming pool and kids room at the adjacent Ritz-Carlton hotel. Bing enjoyed himself so much and we would love to return again!

Overall enjoyed the stay very much. The only downside was perhaps of the noise due to the ongoing construction. But we were informed before assigned our room.

We rate it 9/10!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Palm Garden Hotel Putrajaya- Spacious and homely- Malaysian hotel review

Palm Garden Hotel is located just next to IOI mall. It is also adjacent to Le Meridien and Marriott. Stayed overnight to attend my specialist placement meeting.

First impression-relaxing and laid back. Spacious. We booked deluxe King sized orchid room. It's as big as a studio. With enough space for baby Bing to run around without knocking into things. Despite the extended bed, Bing just wanted to snuggle against mommy when he slept.

Huge bathroom too with attached bathtub. The hotel is a bit old but well maintained.

Wonderful fish ponds along the corridor.

Buffet breakfast. Mostly Malaysian food-nasi lemak, fried kuay teow, rice porridge, baked beans, chicken sausage, omelette, Danish, croissant, bread, fruits, coffee and tea from the espresso machine.

Overall, comfortable. Friendly staff. Well maintained. Affordable. Will consider staying here again.

Verdict 7/10

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Polpetta cafe- it's raining meatballs

No plan is always a good plan. We were heading to PJ for a meeting. Searched his off-peak app and discovered this hidden gem Polpetta in Petaling Jaya.

The cafe gave us a very homey feeling. Baby Bing was absolutely in love with the tic tac toe set.

The cute soft toy hung on the door also functioned as the door bell.

The menu was laminated. Guests then placed their orders using marker pens provided. Much more eco friendly then handing out papers.

This was our mixed meatball with extra helping of mashed potatoes and classic tomato sauce. To our surprise, We loved mushroom ball the most, followed by beef ball then chicken ball. Huge juicy balls with flavors permeating our palate. The tomato sauce had the right punch of herbs as well.

We also ordered kaya toast for baby Bing. Toast was cripsy and I think kaya was homemade :)

Staff were also friendly and enjoyed playing with baby Bing.

Cosy environment and good food. Price mid range. Spent RM20 only. Got 25% off with offpeak app. Shall visit again with friends. 
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