Thursday, January 17, 2008

The meaning of CNY!!!

Well, my blog has already gathered enough dust to begin with....

I did not realise that CNY is just 2 weeks away...time really flies! But I think that is partly because the atmosphere is just not right...At least cookie baking and Aunt's CNY party will set the mood right, hopefully....

I have been preoccupied by my driving lessons. And I MUST get my license before CNY!!!!
Mom used to scare me when I was young that if I do not finished my homework before CNY, then I will have homework due every CNY...and the naive me sobbed so hard while concentrating to finish my Chinese calligraphy homework!!!!!!
So, well, I have always thought that I am NOT a superstitious person but what harm can it do if I just follow what other believe?

However, I can't help but feel that CNY has lost its meaning in my life along my way to adulthood. I used to look forward to it so much, mostly because I will have a nice holiday, without mom restricting the time that I can play with my cousins! But, now there is no 'special' holiday just for that... And my cousins have inevitably grown up as well...There are no more lighting fireworks together as we are no longer kids ( I did not dare to light them when I was young anyway...) and 'frying' bugs and dogs with fireworks...All these remained as part of my childhood nostalgia...still, I wish that I still can, one day, ask my cousins to do all these crazy things once wake up the child in me :)

But, we have stop playing with each other too!

So, from an adult point of view, this CNY is just a alibi for me to reunite with my relatives and friends! At least I have an excuse to be happy, or do i need that? hmm...

Anyway, happy CNY, my friends!!!!!!!
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Eleanor Roosevelt