Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My holiday in short!

I have been browsing blogs from my friends. It seems like holiday has been spent with old friends and family.

As for me, my holiday only surrounded my family and there was not much action. Firstly, my dear secondary school mate Yih Ling departed to Canada as an exchange student and the other old friend Cheng Seng was not sure whether he is going back to Yong Peng for CNY or not. The others were also away. My college clique were either in Sarawak (I am way too lazy to board a plane to visit them) or too busy working in Australia.

So, this explains the amount of time I have on my hand. So, what have I been up to? Trying to spend quality time with my family, of course! So far, I have visited 2 of my aunts and I have 8 aunts...quite a big family, eh? As always, spending some time catching up with them.

I have devoted my time to eat and to be merry! I savoured almost all the Malaysian cuisine which I have been too lazy to cook in Melbourne. The list goes from my favourite Yong Tofu, Pan Mee to nangka and some others which I can never have enough! Malaysian food is always the best! Therefore, do not ask me why have I grown horizontally (if I have) when I am back in Ozzie!

Just to show you some of the local food that I love!Some are available in the Asian groceries in Ozzie but still the fresh ones taste better!

Drooling already? LOL

The next thing that I have indulged in is sleep! I can never get enough of sleep nowadays. 10 hours is considered just enough and more is always welcomed! I shall convince myself sleep is the essence to beauty! LOL... Besides that, I have not even laid my hands on any other beauty products.

You might say my holiday is way too boring and I do not deny that. But being able to relax and laze around at home is also a very ideal holiday, don't you think so?
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt