Monday, August 24, 2009

Rainy day

Today was a gloomy day. Rain all the way. The wind nearly blew my umbrella away. My PBL notes were nearly drenched :( Heard that there was a trauma case happening at ED but I was most probably not welcomed.

Sunday was an MCR-preparation day. I had to revised Talley book (Again!). But MCR was awesome with Dr Jenny Wong:)

I had been craving for all sorts of food recently. Wondering why. And I am hungry all the time :(

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Saturday

Ryan and I had breakfast with Adriel, Jun Ren and his girlfriend at Mackers this morning. Finally got to meet the famous Jessica.haha. We had fun catching up.

We then played badminton in the afternoon. By wearing contact lenses, I thought my accuracy would improve. However, to my dismay, I could not play well at all. It must be due to the fact that I have been training with my glasses. Anyways, I had fun running on a threadmill afterwards because I finally remembered to bring my mp3.

Lazy Friday

After Naveen's tute at Monash, I took half a day off and went grocery shopping instead. Just to find a way to slack :p

It's 1/3 through the semester and we have no holiday unlike some of my friends who are already having a nice respite.

Plan for the coming week: do MCR, do MCR, do MCR!

MCR=Mini case record(something like a practical exam if you like)

I promise to use less medical terms, bro :p or I will try to explain them.

Finally, I watched Ice Age 3! And I give 2 thumbs up for that movie :)

Fyi, my preference for 4th year placements are as follows:

O& G:
PreferenceOptionPlacementTypeExtra Details
1Option 5Monash Medical Centre - Clayton CampusMetropolitan
2Option 2Box Hill HospitalMetropolitan
3Option 4Dandenong HospitalMetropolitan
4Option 6Sandringham & District Memorial HospitalMetropolitan
5Option 3Casey HospitalMetropolitan
6Option 1Angliss HospitalMetropolitan

PreferenceOptionPlacementTypeExtra Details
1Option 6Frankston HospitalMetropolitan
2Option 2Box Hill HospitalMetropolitan
3Option 5Dandenong HospitalMetropolitan
4Option 3Cabrini HospitalMetropolitan
5Option 4Casey HospitalMetropolitan
6Option 1Angliss HospitalMetropolitan

PreferenceOptionPlacementTypeExtra Details
1Option 1Alfred HospitalMetropolitan
2Option 2Dandenong HospitalMetropolitan
3Option 3Eastern HealthMetropolitan
4Option 4Monash Medical Centre - Clayton CampusMetropolitan

Fingers crossed...I really don't wish to mull over it too much

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sense of achievement

Got 2 nice patients for bedside tute today^^Dinesha was impressed :)

One has a prominent goiter, the other had huge ascites with leuconichya(my first time seeing one)

I also interviewed+examined+performed MMSE on on of the patients in rehab.

Keat also asked me to see patients in the fracture clinic.

Ryan and I also went to IGA to get some groceries. Some of them were amazingly cheap!
I am exhausted yet satisfied^^

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On popular request :p

I have been too lazy to blog since there is little time left besides going to hospital and studying.

Just some quick updates:
I am now attached to rehab so there is absolutely nothing to do in the wards.

I planned to finish my next MCR soon but the registrar went on holiday without informing me :(

My new fifth years aren't all friendly.Some of them think that the 3rd years are invisible.How disappointing. Now I miss Corrine. Kai, give her back!

I may attach myself to another unit for fun^^ since I don't learn much in rehab.

That's it, folks.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

University life

A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in students.
- John Ciardi

No more spoon-feeding because we are adults.
Less structured teachings as the faculty encourages self exploration of knowledge.
More assignments that are not relevant to the science of medicine.
No past year questions as the faculty reuses them all the time.
I doubt I know enough anatomy to pass my intern year in the future.
No one cares if you go to hospital or not provided that you submit your MCRs on time and pass your exams.

Just some random thoughts from the quote.

Sunday, August 9, 2009








有时很压力,认为除了读书还是要拼命苦读。 生活有时很黯淡,应为只要稍为落后,就再也追不上了。








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