Thursday, October 1, 2009

l.o.v.e from everyone at home

Thanks anut for sharing such a nice poem...

The secret is within u.
and the more u use the power(think wat u wan, u become) within u,
the more u will draw it to u.
u will reach a point where u wont nid to practice anymore, bcos

u will be the power,
u will be the perfection,
u will be the wisdom,
u will be the intelligence,
u will be the love,
u will be the joy...

The earth turns on its orbit for u
the oceans ebb n flow for u
the birds sing for u
the sun rises n it sets for u
the stars come out for u
every beautiful thing u c,
every wondrous thing u experience,
is all there,
for u
take a look around
none of it can exists, without u
no matter who u tot u were,
now u know the Truth of Who u really r.
u r the master of the universe
u r the heir to the kingdom
u r the perfection of life
now u know the secret

by rhonda byrne
the secret
to teen power

jus to share after reading ha

jus for tis time
bye n take care
l.o.v.e from everyone at home
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt