Sunday, June 13, 2010

The heart of Australia

It took a while for Ryan to convince me to spend 5 days of the winter holiday to venture into the outback. I was not particularly impressed to walk through dusty and muddy paths to begin with. However, the Red Center was indeed breathtaking.

Soon we realised that travelling via a campervan/caravan is a popular option amongst the locals. We rented a Mercedes campervan from Maui and were very satisfied with its features. The total distance we drove was at least 2000km!
Our house for 5 days

Day 1: Alice Springs->East Macdonell Ranges
Jessie Gap 500m walk

Corroboree rock 1km walk

Trephina Gorge about 2km walk
Outback treat: emu, kangaroo, crocodile, buffalo all on one plate @ Bojangles
Starry night

Day 2: Alice Springs->Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon Rim Walk 7.2km
Sunrise on the way to Uluru
Needless to say, the pictures have told the story.

Day 3: Kings Canyon->The Olgas
Valley of the wind walk 7.4km
 One of the nice lookout points along the way.

Walpa Gorge walk 2.6km
 The green plants are spear vines.

Sunset at Ayers rock
 The colour of the rock changes every so frequent and it can be red and then glowing orange in half a minute~We had our picnic tables and chairs strategically placed to watch sunset.

Day 4: Ayers Rock->Alice Springs->West Macdonell Ranges
Sunrise at the rock
Spot the moon~
The climb 1.6km/863m above sea level.
There is quite a lot of controversy surrounding climbing the rock and you can read about the debate. Nevertheless, I found the rock worth climbing. The climb was quite challenging with rewarding scenery.

 I have conquered Ayers Rock!

Cultural Center
We were not allowed to photograph there. There were several Aboriginal Art Galleries there, with some of the pieces pricing up to $3000! There were stories about how 4 different tribes had a great battle near the rock and created the landscape.
Aboriginal life at a small town in the outback

Day 5: West Mcdonell Ranges->Alice Springs->Melbourne
Glen Helen Gorge
 This gorge was just behind Glen Helen Resort which we spent a night at.

Ormiston Gorge(Ghost gum walk+Waterhole walk) about 2-3km walk

Dingo sighting at the waterhole~

Standley Chasm about 1-2km walk
Simpsons Gap
Unfortunately, we had a flat tire 5km away from Alice Springs. But fortunately, emergency help arrived within half an hour.
This looked pretty impressive, eh?

I am in awe of the rocks and sands which can look really spectacular! A great trip during this winter indeed.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Medical Speciality Aptitute test

This is so different from what I think I would like to be...
Take the test yourself

Rank Specialty Score
1 general surgery 42
2 urology 41
3 neurology 41
4 otolaryngology 40
5 orthopaedic surgery 40
6 radiology 40
7 endocrinology 40
8 neurosurgery 39
9 ophthalmology 38
10 preventive med 38
11 occupational med 38
12 aerospace med 38
13 plastic surgery 38
14 physical med & rehabilitation 38
15 hematology 38
16 emergency med 38
17 allergy & immunology 38
18 nephrology 37
19 pathology 37
20 infectious disease 37
21 thoracic surgery 37
22 obstetrics/gynecology 37
23 cardiology 36
24 colon & rectal surgery 36
25 anesthesiology 36
26 gastroenterology 36
27 dermatology 35
28 radiation oncology 35
29 general internal med 35
30 med oncology 35
31 rheumatology 35
32 pulmonology 35
33 nuclear med 34
34 family practice 34
35 psychiatry 33
36 pediatrics 33

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Of craziness and night shifts

Since I am a peace keeper, the only way for me to get my deliveries done will be during night shifts. I try to avoid conflict, especially with the midwifery students. However, this also translates into a whole day of no sleeping(or sleeping for 2-3hours). And unfortunately, as our roster is NOT designed for us to stay overnight, I usually will have clinics/tutorials the next morning. Hence, the constant need to drown myself with caffeine. I used to get palpitations with a small cup of nescafe. However, I have realised that coffee doesn't work very well with time.

Doing nights is fun as I have plenty of opportunities to learn and ask questions. However, this also means that I might not be at my perfect state of learning in the wee hours of the morning. There are also more spontanoeous delivery happening, that is if lady luck is on your side. I once went home at 1am just to find out the next morning that the lady gave birth at 2.45am. Night staff are usually friendlier too. And I get to be the crazy medical student who does not need sleep. Haha. Fun.

But the problem is I need to find things(other than studying) to do in order to fill up my free time. This is just because studying too early in the morning(or rather, too late at night) doesn't work for me.

The part I worry about the most is usually when I am driving. With my passable driving skills, driving home when I am sleep deprived does not stand me in good stead at all. However, I can't find a place for me to sleep anyway.

Despite the cons, I still think I will enjoy night shifts. Less time, more deliveries~

Sunday, April 18, 2010


芸 颖  何何系您指定的姓氏用字。从生辰八字上看,名字中需有木相助,何字的五行属性为木。

芸 从生辰八字上看,名字中需有木相助,芸字的五行属性为木。从生肖上看,生肖为牛,名字中应有艹部首为吉,芸的部首为艹。

颖从生辰八字上看,名字中 需有木相助,颖字的五行属性为木。

音律何、芸、颖的读音是hé、 yún、yǐng,声调为阳平、阳平、上声,音律较好。
字型何为左右结构,7画;芸为上下结构,7画;颖为左右结构,13画;字型优美,利于书 写。
意蕴名字可以趣解为:“香草 • 聪敏”。 

:芸指去香, 是一种多年生的草本植物,全草有香气,可供药用,有驱虫、通经的作用。(此字在人名库中共出现约:154800次)

: 颖字的原义是指谷穗上的苞片,引申指尖端或聪明杰出的人。(此字在人名库中共出现约:656380次)

天格3解析: 进取如意的增进繁荣数。
地格26解析: 变怪奇异的豪侠数。
人格12解析: 意志薄弱,难酬志向,百忍尚可得和平。
外格17解析: 突破万难的刚柔兼备数。
总格28解析: 四海漂泊,豪杰气概,终世浮躁。
向上进取,容易成功而富贵,基础犹如立足于磐石。使之泰然安 康,心身健全,得享长寿配置大吉。
表面温和而内有怒气,处处为了别人而不顾自己吃亏,提防被人 所害。

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Dear xxx staff,

I would like to lodge a complaint with regards to the motor vehicle accidents claim center.

My car was involved in an accident on 24/03/10 at about 8am at xxx. It was hit by a company car from behind as the other driver could not stop the car in time. The driver knew that it was his fault and was completely happy for us to lodge a claim as he was insured by xxx as well.

When I first contacted xxx, the staff member was very approachable. However, as I was only available later in the afternoon for my car to be towed away, I had to wait for at least 1 1/2 hours for my call to be picked up at the claim center. I even had to borrow a phone from an office nearby as my mobile battery and credit ran out. I completed the basic claim form after 45minutes, and then the tow service and taxi service were contacted.

However, the tow service did not reach us. As directed by xxx, I had to call up the tow company myself. The company just gave an unsatisfactory response saying that the job was cancelled as the driver could not find my car. If I did not call, I would have wasted my time waiting for nothing. Furthermore, I was served by a different personnel everytime I called (I had to call at least 6times and each time had to repeat the exact same information even though I had provided the claim number. And no one seemed to understand where the problem was.) I was even belittled by one of the staff as I was really frustrated that there had been no progress. I had to wait for about 1hour after lodging the claim before I got to go home.

In addtion, the staff members could not give me a definite answer. I understood that my policy does not provide a booking for a rental car when my car is being repaired. I was told repeatedly by different staff members that I could go to Hertz and get a discounted rate and then fill in a claim form with the receipt. However, no one could tell me for sure whether will the rental fees be reimbursible.

Unfortunately, I am very disappointed with the standard of service I received today. I felt that I had wasted my time.

I wish you can take appropriate actions at the earliest convenience.

Thank you.

Yours Faithfuly,
Yun Ying Ho

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy Rotation

No time to sleep, no time to think, no time to blog!

Not complaining though.

But I need to cure my fatigue.

Monday, February 1, 2010

1st day of 4th year

Everyone was absolutely daunted by the commitment required in this semester. And I have to do nights in MMC ED for my paediatric rotation. Fun, considering I know nothing about paediatrics. But there is a roster, if you don't want to grab the opportunity, others will. It's that competitive.

Am home now after the most boring tute ever. Case based tute, I thought it's something interesting. Just found out that it's about social, legal, ethical aspects of a patient. FUN!

I really wish that I can cook with my housemates. However, given my craxy schedule, it's near impossible.

Gotta prepare for Directed Activities for next week.

And I have gotten the textbooks from Such a loser!

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