Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Hi all,

This is a link to my FB group about my journey in Europe.
If you are interested, give me a holler and I shall add you as a member :)

Journey to the West

Monday, May 23, 2011

The lollipop lady

My favourite person to see every morning when I walked from my car to DDH.

I greet her every morning and occassionally she stops the cars for me.

She makes me smile :)

Monday, April 11, 2011


It's autumn again. Way too cold to go outdoor and have a run. So we have started to go to gym. Instead of getting on a treadmill, we joined a group program called fatburner. It's aerobic exercise. My first experience in doing that. I have always been quite an antisocial person though.ha. It was fun and got intense only at the end. And Ryan was the only guy in the class. I need to improve my coordination though.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Emergency rotation

I am a person who makes decisions about what I like quickly. I shop quickly too. And I think I have finally found the profession of my choice :D in ED

Amongst the things that I saw and did yesterday (I know it was public holiday but I had to do 4 shifts in a week):
1. Did an Electrical cardioversion for AF
2. Did 30+ stitches for a kid who fell onto a picket fence
3. A severely displaced and shortened NOF due to motorbike accident
4. Interviewed a dude who just decided to come to ED because the swelling in his feet refused to go down after cellulitis (and he came on Australia Day because he had nothing better to
5. Interviewed a dude with gout
6. A poor kid with hundreds and thousands of cactus thorns (is that how you name them?) on her hands and arms
7. A FOOSH (she has WPW syndrome too and I managed to get that right on an ECG!)
8. A kid with pharyngitis and abdo pain (?EBV)
9. A lady with multiple PE and breast ca
10. A young guy with migraine
11. An old lady with asthma and URTI
12. A slashed wrist (no suicide but cut by power tools)

And I think there were more patients that I have seen but have
Such is the variety of clinical presentations in ED.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The night with little sleep and lots of drama

Ryan and I took the midnight express train intending to travel from Kluang to Kuala Lipis. There were a couple of 'interesting' incidents.

A woman in her 60s was a chatterbox. Her seat was at the 2 o'clock direction from us. She had to repeat everything she said for at least 5 times. As much as I tried to block her voice out of my head, it was in vain. I only managed to shut my eyes when she stopped chatting which was a rare occasion. One of the funny things that she said was, " 火车没有停居峦啦,难怪酱快啦。它只是有停kluang一下啦!" For those who didn't get the joke, 居峦and kluang refers to the same place 0_o!! Her pronunciation was also off. For example, she kept referring 吉兰丹 as 吉林丹, 回去 as 飞去. 真令人啼笑皆非。

When the train drove through Kemayan, it stopped again in the middle of nowhere. Ryan and I was awoken to a half empty carriage. It then dawn upon us that an accident had happened. Most of the passengers were already alight, joining the growing crowd at the scene. There was a lot of speculations around it. The general consensus was that a car had skidded and plunged onto the railway tracks from the overhead bridge on 光明路。The train driver saw the white Proton car and braked. However, the car was still run over by the train and dragged along for about 100m. The passenger survived but the driver was killed. It took about 2 hours for them to rush the survivor to the nearest hospital and to tow the car away from the rail. It sounded as if there was a lot of excitement. But we were just stuck in the train and bored. haha.

So the estimated time of arrival was 3.30am. We reached Kuala Lipis at 6.10am. After a plate of spicy fried noodles, we headed home. I only managed to force my eyes open at 11am.

The poor car crushed beyond recognition
Mom was so worried when she heard about the eventful journey. But we could barely feel the impact. Lucky us. I could only feel fatigue :p

Monday, December 27, 2010

Gulliver's Travel on a Sunday evening

It's been years since I watched a movie in Malaysia. Zhe suggested us to go for Gulliver's Travel in 3D at Kluang Mall yesterday evening. I wanted to watch Tron more, actually. Ha. But I wanted to tag along for some fun too. We were expecting the cinema to be freezing cold but it was just nice.ha

Ning and I with our 3D glasses which kept falling off my actual glasses.haha

IMDB rating 5.5

Not an awfully good rating but the movie in general was funny. It was more like a comedy for family. The plot was predictable yet did not lose its moments of humour. There were not enough special effects to worth watching it in 3D though.

The movie did teach me something important though. Everyone needs an aspiration and shall not be afraid to live their dream.
Dinner was Sushi King. It was actually my first time (if I remember it correctly) stepping into this restaurant. It had conveyer belt sushi too.

The conveyer belt

Some octopus sushi

A selection of sashimi

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The case of the missing crab

Uncle brought 3kg of crabs home yesterday night. In the morning, I woke up seeing Ning holding a torch looking for something. So some of the crabs went missing! lol...We searched the whole house, including upstairs. The crabs were finally found in...........................

THE STOREROOM under the staircase!

They forgot to close the door before turning in...haha

Besides that home is as uneventful as ever. Relaxing but I'm starting to yearn for something more exciting.haha

My laptop has gone crazy, can't re-upload the pictures that I have rotated-->

My new ceramic water bottle--christmas gift from Ning <3 it!
More warm coffee made possible..hahaha

My new hairstyle. I am still learning to get used to my fringe because I find it annoying sometimes.
But my godmother and godsister says it makes me look younger..haha
Mom keeps disapproving it. Her comment was 盖头盖脸。haha

Christmas pies and tarts!

 We are having these lovely pies and tarts for tea time today!   Baked fresh and by order @reccapieshop with the tasty all butter crust.  Re...