Monday, January 2, 2017

Sangkaya cafe ECM - going nuts with coconuts

Spent a great afternoon with hubby, baby Bing and sister in law. Sangkaya is all about coconuts.

Two basic sets @RM 12.90 each
Coconut gelato with cornflakes and chocolate shred topping.

Coconut gelato with peanut topping

Portion is actually quite generous with 4 scoops each. Love the fact that one can still scrape fresh coconut flesh from the coconut shell.

Two coconut water

One complimentary Thai milk tea mixed with coconut water.
Tasted like instant oatmilk.

All in all, quite refreshing and not too creamy or oily. Worth the try. If you like coconuts, definitely should try this place out.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Daebak cafe Kuantan

Decided to spend the afternoon at daebak cafe with my dear Anna and family. Haven't been here for a long time. Missed the Belgian waffles. First time bringing baby Bing here :)

Chocolate thousand layer cake 
RM 13.90
Soft and velvety yet can taste the texture of the  separate layers

Ginger lemon tea for my sore throat
RM 9

Belgian waffle with icing
RM 9
Beetroot flavoured dough for Christmas festivities.

How can Bing missed the opportunity to catch a snow flake?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

OK tuck steamboat@brinchang

Another night at Cameron's means more steamboat dinner! I have read a few good comments on other blogs about this restaurant.

I must say their chilli sauce is really good. I almost finished a small bowl of it! The ingredients are fresh and service is fast. However I must say I'm kind of disappointed with the stale prawns though.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mayflower restaurant steamboat

Had a wonderful steamboat dinner at tanah rata Cameron highlands.

We ordered mixed chicken soup and tom yum soup base with one serving of meat and another serving of vegetables. Forgot to snap a picture of the soup as Bing wanted Mr attention. Haha

Portion is big. Chicken soup is refreshing. Tom yum soup a bit overpowering though. Price is reasonable RM 20 per pax for meat and RM 15 for vegetarian option.

Hearty dinner for the chilly highland :) this place also serves a variety of other stir fries.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Dinner at fisherman's cove

Another weekend at kl. So as usual we will feast at starhill feast village.

Entrée was toasted focaccia dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Seafood soup was then served. A hearty serving of shellfish, squid and prawns in tomato based soup.

Hubby took pan fried barramundi with ratatouille. Crispy skin, slightly salted. However fish was slightly overcooked.

I had pan fried salmon trout with blanched vegetables. The fish was slightly caramelised to perfection. The cheesy sauce was extremely tasty and matched the flavor.

Dessert was equally good. Vanilla and chocolate mousse with orange vinaigrette and chocolate soil.

Bing was exceptionally happy during dinner. But I really wish he can grow up faster to enjoy all these with us.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hoi Yan curry noodles

Who says variety is the key to popularity? This ancient looking restaurant near teluk cempedak only sells curry noodles or meehoon or rice noodles. The place is always full with customers. All the chicken curry goodness only for rm5

Bess kopitiam Malacca

First time having breakfast in Malacca. Most just flock to jonker street for food.

Nice nyonya laksa, ground peanut toast and mee siam. Taste easily beats the so called best in town. Yummy and not oily.

All for the price of RM12. 

Hidden gem I would say. 

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