Thursday, February 1, 2018

Soothing the sensitive and ezcematous skin featuring Glow Gelenggang

Last year was a bad year for me because I started to develop contact dermatitis on my wrist. On the good days, they don't bother me. On the odd days, I really have to lather my wrist with strong steroid ointment to ease the itch so that I will not scratch and damage my skin. Since then, the condition had waxed and waned. Oh well, I am not allergic to anything but certain substances just irritate my skin. Read here an article from Mayo Clinic to understand more about contact dermatitis.

In order to keep my skin calm and itch free, I have started to be more vigilant about the skincare product I use. I was the type of girl who did not really care about the brand or read through the fine lines about ingredients used in skincare products because I never had problems with any of them. In my search, I came across this homemade skincare product proudly made in Malaysia by Glow Gelenggang.

A set of Glow Gelenggang consists of a herbal soap and a bottle of organic herbal oil. Look at the cute packaging I received in the mail.

These are the powerful natural herbs/oil used in their products.

Cassia Alata/Senna Alata

This is an important Indian herbs used for centuries. Among its affects are relieving pain, inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti- fungal and wound healing properties. In fact, western medicine uses senna as laxatives.

Black seed oil

This seed has been used for its medicinal use for the past 2 centuries.  Black seed has been shown to have anti-histamine properties which alleviate itch.

Argan Oil

This is rich in vitamin E. It also relieves dry skin therefore useful in eczema, psoriasis and preventing wrinkles.

Olive Oil

There's increasing evidence that this helps to relieve eczema and psoriasis.

Goat's milk

Great moisturiser and may alleviate psoriasis.


Provides a cooling effect, thus lessen itch.

One may wonder but it is already explicitly stated that there is no steroid contained in the products. Long term  use of highly potent steroid cream may potentially cause local side effects such as thin skin, easy bruising as well as telengiectasia (visible small blood vessels on the skin). More severe side effects are usually not seen as it is only applied on the skin. Therefore, this Glow Gelenggang set could be a useful adjunct in order to minimise steroid usage.

However, in most severe skin conditions such as extensive weepy eczema and psoriasis, the use of steroid cream is necessary in order to keep the skin condition under control.

Why is maintaining healthy skin so important? Besides the obvious cosmesis concerns, skin is also the barrier against invading bacteria and viruses. Skin integrity is also important in maintaining body heat regulation, as well as avoiding loss of water and minerals from the body.

Watch this short video about how I use these products. First time trying this funky feeling on my video.

This is my dry itchy skin before using the product. I have seen a few dermatologist and had lots of testing done, proven it's ezcema.

After 3 days, visibly less inflamed and skin not itchy anymore :)

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