Monday, March 19, 2018

Age defying skin food featuring Snow Crystal by Elldora

The human race has spent centuries to create antiageing beauty supplements. But not all is reliable or effective. Simple yet often neglected measures to maintain good skin health cannot do away without a healthy lifestyle, meaning healthy diet, adequate exercise, sufficient water intake, tobacco and pollutant avoidance.

This is an interesting quiz from WebMD for skincare tips about how to stay young forever.

Dr Zara from Malaysia has placed a lot of effort in creating beauty supplements in this respect. I had the chance to try Snow Crystal and I would like to share with you the experience.

Snow crystal is made of chewable tablets that contains skin super food. Despite being sweet and palatable (strawberry and lychee flavored), they are suitable even for diabetics because the sweetness comes from Stevia. As with all the other supplements I have shared with you all, it's registered under the Ministry of Health.

Let's go through the important ingredients one by one. There are a total of 22 skinfood but I'll focused on a few.

Birds nest
Photo from Google

Asians are big on the use of bird's nest that helps to maintain moisture and strengthen the skin barrier as it contains collagen and sialic acid.

Sakura as well as mixed berries whiten and are great to regenerate the skin. They also help to lighten uneven pigmentation and promote collagen formation.

L cysteine is the building block of glutathione, a potent antioxidant and detoxificating ingredient. This protein can be made naturally in the body in small quantities, but many can still benefit from supplements.

Astaxanthin provides and retains moisture to the skin, improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles, contains carotenoid which is a strong antioxidant. It also gives UV protection.

Applephenol also has similar effects as astaxanthin.

After our whole family went through a bout of stomach flu and cold, my skin really suffered. Lots of breakout and the dark circles, as well as dull complexion.

Me after a month consuming Snow Crystal. Again pictures don't lie. 

I have made this simple video about Snow Crystal. Still learning how to make good videos. Please kindly support :)

Visit these Facebook pages to know more about their founder and products. And of course if you are interested to try them out.

Besides Snow Crystal, Elldora is going to introduce Majestic Touch Treatment Foundation and Dermalic Skincare. After extensive research by doctors and chemists, this Elldora product promises to provide skincare product that is safe and natural in order to ensure youthful, fair and beautiful skin.

More testimony for Snow Crystal here

Link for Majestic Touch Foundation

Link for Dermalic Skincare

Friday, March 16, 2018

Osaka 3 days itinerary (Day 1)

This was baby Bing's third overseas trip and also third time taking flights. As he gets older, he becomes more curious and playful so he could actually skip some sleep in exchange of fun time. Our flight was an overnight flight. Lucky we got some shut-eye but baby Bing didn't sleep too well unlike during his UK trip with mommy solo. 

Having internet connection was extremely important so we subscribed to Digi's internet roaming service after touching down which was only at RM25 for 5 days! Enough to navigate around the city. 

Remember to buy Nankai Express tickets online at Yokoso. It came with a separate day pass for subway which could be validated later on. Buying online saved us 800yen per person.

We were famished after reaching our AirBnB. Immediately searched for food.
The first ramen experience in Japan and it was simply delicious! Came across this place randomly.

They treated cooking very seriously. Ramen was blanched according to timer into these pipping hot and rich pork bone based soup.

Topped with raw and crunchy alfalfa sprouts, a thin slice of braised pork (a mixture of lean and slightly fatty part with the skin intact) and kamaboko (The classic Japanese fish cake).

Afterwards, we spent the afternoon strolling along the famous Tenjimbashi-suji shotengai shopping street.

There's lots of duty free shopping opportunities such as beauty products and chocolates, as well as food stuff!

Yummy Takoyaki fresh from the grill. With the bonito flakes fluttering under the heat and drizzled with a generous amount of mayonnaise. It's so soft that it practically melted in the mouth.

Vivid ninja mannequin frozen in stunts above the head.

Loving all the cup noodles available from the local supermarket. Seafood flavored, curry flavored, spicy flavored.

Vending machines were everywhere in Japan, even in the most secluded neighborhood. What I really found amusing was the ability to order hot coffee from the machine during the cold winter weather :) thought the coffee was too diluted though. Ha

We called it an early day as we were already tired from the overnight flight.

Really love our tatami matted floor with Japanese style futon and bed.
I love how the toilet seats are warmed electrically! Cold toilet seat is one of the most agonizing thing to endure during the cold winter...

Nights! Stay tuned for our next adventure!

EzBuy now lists and Mogujie on the website

This is a great news for online shopping lovers like me! EzBuy now lists and Mogujie on the website. Saw this headline recently and am already excited to look at the variety of goods I can get at a fraction of the normal price!

For the past decade or so, online shopping in Malaysia has taken off. Started with websites such as Groupon, there weren't that much of a variety. Lazada then came into the picture. That's when shopping online becomes really popular. Except for fresh produce, I have now mostly resorted to online shopping due to the convenience and reliability of the service.

Subsequently, retail giants such as TaoBao and AliBaba has emerged as the champions in online shopping. However, for overseas shoppers, TaoBao can be kind of troublesome because they don't handle overseas shipping. That's where EzBuy comes into play.

EzBuy sources it products mainly from China and Taiwan. It also sells products from locally, as well as from the US and Korea. Recently it has also started to source from Mogujie and Global JD. What does the mean? More varieties at lower price tags. It's the Year End Sales everyday!

You name it, they have it. EzBuy gives one a comprehensive shopping experience. From things that one can find in the departmental stores such as male and female fashion, electronics and children's stuff, to supermarket/hypermarket everyday groceries. We recently ordered matching family T shirts for CNY. Economic yet creative and of good quality. Tempting much?

I am absolutely in love with this under RM30 category. From trinkets to household products and clothes, it's going to satisfy that inner itch to shop more. RM30 really doesn't worth much nowadays.. So this comes with great consolation at my purchasing power! It's indeed a steal .

Once payment confirmed, items will either be delivered via air or sea shipment which is up to one's preference. I personally don't buy things I urgently need online so sea shipment is more than adequate. My personal experience is that sea shipment will generally takes between 2 to 4 weeks.

There's no such thing as being conned while shopping online if one uses reliable websites such as EzBuy. For the past decade or so, I have been buying my mobile phones online without issues with delivery, quality, aftersale services and warranty.

As if the prices are not low enough, EzBuy had their first anniversary sales that just ended on 11 March. Too bad I missed the boat but I'll definitely hop onto the next one! But I'm still in time to get 15% off my first parcel quoting EZAPP15! I'm already making my next shopping list.

To know more, get on to their official websites.
EzBuy Website
Global JD

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Getting rid of permanent dark circles with intradermal filler featuring Vogue Clinic

I was born with dark circles and huge eye bags. So I look like I'm constantly tired and 'post call'. From home remedies to high end eye serum, the pigmentation under my eyes is permanent, worsens with stress because it's genetic. I have resorted to using concealers everyday.
This is the CC cushion with intense cover that I'm using currently.

It will be a freedom to go out of the house without wearing concealer. So for the benefit, I went for under eye fillers at Vogue Clinic.

Vogue Clinic
Address 36-3, Jalan 30/70A, Wisma Rapid, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL
Facebook page

Why dark circles form?

Genetics- certain skin composition affects how lights are reflected off the orbital bones. That's why most topical serum doesn't work that well.

Ageing- with age, our tear troughs lose volume/we were born with thinner fat pads around the area. This makes the tiny blood vessels underneath more obvious- seen as dark circles!

What's intradermal fillers?

This is hyaluronic acid aka collagen based fillers injected underneath the eyes.

What's the procedure?

Numbing cream will be applied first. Local anesthetic was then injected around the area. A cannula was then used to guide the direction of infiltration of the filler. The whole procedure took less than 10 minutes in the experienced hands of Dr Darren. In the same setting, both eyes can undergo the treatment.

Watch this short YouTube video here to appreciate the process.

What's the feeling like? Painful?

It's an very interesting feeling. Will try my best to describe. The injection of the local anesthetic stung a bit. The injection of the filler, on the other hand, has to be deep and near to the bone. So the feeling was not very pleasant, like someone poking around the bone. But it's not pain, it's more the distension of the soft tissue that made everything felt tight and kind of bloated.


Swelling was inevitable and most obvious on day two. The filled areas felt kind of unnatural and firm but disappeared after 3 to 4 days. I was reminded to keep myself hydrated to ensure the effect of the treatment was optimised. I was warn that the injection site could develop bruising so I was more than glad that it didn't happen.

There's a tiny risk of 0.001% of blindness if the substance was injected into a blood vessel. But as with every injection, doctors do draw back before injecting to make sure this does not happen.

The effect?
Before and after photo. Under the same lighting.

Instantaneous brightening of the undereye areas! Yet still looks natural. After 5 days or so, the under eye area looked as if there was nothing done to it at all. The skin had returned to it's soft and supple consistency.  The effect could easily last 9 months to a year.

However, certain factors such as smoking, sleep deprivation, alcohol, nasal congestion and excessive eye rubbing are a few things that we can all do to prevent dark circles from forming.

This is a photo of me without concealer after a week. Love it!

Welcome my dark circles and eye bag free days!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Nara Osaka Day trip

It was such an impromptu trip so we really had to improvise as it went. Because I felt lazy writing my 3 days itinerary in Osaka, so I'll start out with this Nara day trip instead. This is baby Bing's third overseas trip before he turned two this May. To think that I have never even boarded a plane before the age of 20!

Our homestay in Osaka was conveniently located within walking distance to tenjinbashisuji 6-chome subway station. Japan has a very efficient rail system but it can be complex because you need different tickets for subway vs JR vs Kintetsu rail vs Keihan rail.

For our day trip we took Kintetsu Osaka Nara one day pass which cost us 1500yen each. Even though people would tell you that you could walk in Nara but the free bus rides came in handy with the one day pass if you have a toddler in tow like us. Note that the JR/shinkansen/bullet train pass didn't come with the bus day pass.  In order to connect to the Kintetsu rail, we took the subway (extra one way ticket) to the nearest Ueohommachi subway station.

It took us about an hour to reach the Kintetsu Nara Station which was practically right where the town center was. We decided to take the bus all the way to Tamukeyama Hachimangu Shrine/Nigatsudo Hall first to avoid the crowd. Shinkansen would probably saved us 15mins but with a much hefty price tag.
Most of the sights in Nara are listed in UNESCO world heritage.

We were immediately surrounded by these wild deers that roamed freely in the whole Nara. Baby Bing enjoyed feeding the deers with crackers. Just be careful because they could kick or bite young children!

Watch our deer feeding experience here.

Tamukeyama Hachimangu Shrine/Nigatsudo Hall

It's a good stair climbing exercise to get a bird eye view of Nara.

The wonderful metal lanterns found everywhere in the temple.

Todai-ji Temple

This huge temple was just walkable from  Nigatsudo Hall with woods full of wild deer enroute. There's a small fee paid in order to visit the interior. 

Well worth it to admire the huge Buddha statue that everyone couldn't stop taking photos of.

As baby Bing decided to nap in his stroller, we headed to Kasuga-Taisha Shrine.

Love the garden surrounded by small stone statues.

Afterwards we had lunch back in the town center. Took us some time to locate this sweet little cafe recommended by Trip Advisor.

Mochidono Cafe Nara

Love the udon soup with dried tofu. Chewy noodles with soysauce based soup. All the sets come with their matcha pudding that tastes eggy. Yum!

Tempura rice set

Crunchy tempura fish, squid and crabmeat with mashed potatoes and garden salad. With pickled vegetables and rich mixed vegetable broth. Cold soft tofu dressed with soy sauce and bonito flakes.

Just because the food here was cheap according to Japan standards (average about 1000 yen per person), we ordered dessert. Redbean (Ogura) waffles with matcha ice cream. Everything needs to have matcha in Japan haha. Just a small warning, dessert here is sweet.

Finished the meal with a cup of coffee. Japanese love long black with cream. Different but nevertheless enjoyable cuppa.

We had a lazy stroll to Kofuku-ji Temple in the afternoon.

 Spent some time photoshooting the pagoda.

And enjoy the view of Nara from the top of the temple.

Ended our day with more deer feeding. I think everyone really enjoyed feeding the deers, especially for young children. What a great family day out!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The use of chemical peel to fight acne featuring Vogue Clinic

I want a makeover! Seriously sick of my acne prone face and dull complexion. I have been searching for beauty products and sharing about great stuff on my blog. But more stress and sleepless nights caring for baby Bing is still taking a toll on me. So I headed to Vogue Clinic for a makeover.

Vogue Clinic
Address 36-3, Jalan 30/70A, Wisma Rapid, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL

They will only officially launch on 25 March but I had the privilege to try their treatments before that :) The doctor in charge is the dashing Dr Darren Teo who has had experience performing aesthetic treatment and procedures for celebrities and influencers.

In order to eliminate acne, I had a chemical peel containing glycolic acid. Below is my own experience having the treatment.

What's chemical peel?

A chemical solution is applied to the skin which makes it 'blisters' macroscopically then peel off.
Photo from Google

Glycolic acid is one of the most powerful exfoliating agent. It's derived from plants such as sugar cane, beets and pineapple. It also moisturises the skin. Read more about glycolic acid here.

What's the benefit of chemical peeling?

The old skin is exfoliated to reveal smoother and less wrinkled skin. It also treats blocked pores and acne. Improves appearance of uneven pigmentation and faint scars.

What's the procedure?

You can choose to prepare your skin by applying glycolic acid products before the procedure.

On the day, a few layers of chemical peel is applied after cleansing. Some mild stinging or tingling sensation is common afterwards. It's washed off after a few minutes. Then you are good to go!

What to watch out for afterwards?

Please sun protect the area involved after treatment because the skin becomes sensitive and may become sunburn easily. My face started to peel off slightly after 2 days but not very obvious. I was given this Frizyderm sunblock which really does hydrate the skin and feels like the second skin!

Breakouts may worsen temporarily and Dr Teo advises the use of over the counter clindamycin gel which works like wonders! I had one or two new acne but the rest became much less inflamed.

How often should I get a chemical peel?
Very acne prone person can get a treatment every 2 to 4 weeks.

Me before treatment. Lots of blocked pores, whiteheads, blackheads and some inflamed papules on both cheeks.

Me 3 days after treatment. Face a bit puffed up because of the other two aesthetic treatments I received.

After a week, the peeling stopped and the skin feels so rejuvenated!

Watch this short YouTube video of me going through chemical peeling.

Remember to pop by Vogue Clinic on 25 March at 10am for their grand opening!

Versatile Orgalac Goat's Milk review

There's a recent hype about the benefit of goat's milk. Of course I have to jump into the bandwagon and show you all what's so great about goat's milk!

Goat's milk is nutritious and high in calcium. There are some claims that those who could not tolerate cow's milk may benefit from consuming goat's milk instead. I have previously talked about infant formula based on goat's milk here.
There we go, I would like to share about Orgalac Goat's Milk this time.

Besides the benefits of goat's milk, Orgalac also contains all these wonderful active ingredients.

Photo from Google

That sounds like a very wacky scientific name. It's actually extracted from eggs. It's the 'bio capsule' that contains powerful ingredients to sustain life and promote healthy bone growth. For children, bonepep increases the formation of cells that helps bone to mineralise and harden. In adults, it helps to make bone dense and to achieve peak bone density , thus preventing osteoporosis.

Photo from Google

This is the so called golden drops produced when mothers just start to lactate after delivery. It contains concentrated levels of protein, minerals, fat soluble vitamins and antibodies essential for the survival of newborn babies. Therefore, colostrum improves immunity, promotes growth by increasing muscle mass and bone density. Of course the colostrum here is not from human, instead it's taken from bovine sources.

In spite of the wonderful addition of bonepep and colostrum, multivitamin is added into Orgalac goat's milk as well.

Orgalac is also versatile. Besides having it on its own, I have also tried

Adding Orgalac to  granola oats.

Adding Orgalac to my morning espresso shots.

Having orgalac with homemade five grain cookies.

Orgalac has a light texture and is easily dissolved using hot or cold water. Ellvita, the founder company, has managed to market a series of goat milk based products without the musky smell which I think is mainly why many people could not accept having goat's milk.

What's more is that Orgalac does not have added sugar and is suitable for the whole family. Even for young children.

I have made this short YouTube video about Orgalac goat's milk. Enjoy!

Ellvita Orgalac Original flavored Goat's milk official website.

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