Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hersday takes care of woman's intimate needs

Being a woman, there's no avoidance of the monthly occurrence of menstruation. This is an open secret. There are many alternative names used to disguise it 'aunt Flo visiting', 'struck down with girl flu', some even call it 'having technical difficulties'.

It's a time when women often feel emotional, nothing seems to be able to cheer them up when they feel yucky down below.

And the hormonal changes just make them feel horrible which often involves collateral damage ha. So it's extremely important to have a good sanitary pads to help with the woes.

I have received 3 variety of sanitary pads from Hersday. It's shipped from China so be patient. It took about a month before mine arrived in the mail though.  I really love the packaging because it's compact and light. This can easily fit into my lady bag at any time.

The three varieties:
Liner 160mm
Great for usual days to absorb the vaginal discharge.

Daily use 245mm
This comes with wings to avoid leaking.

Night use 290mm
The extra length makes sure that one can sleep peacefully and not worried about staining the linen.

I used to be a Whisper/Laurier girl but it's always good to get to try out new pads.

What I really love about Hersday is that the sanitary pads are made of a material that is soft, more paper like and with less those annoying plastic edges. Hands up for those who have problems after a few days of menses. My skin around that intimate area is very sensitive. Even with changing the pads twice to thrice a day, the skin still gets irritated by the plastic wings and often feels burnt or itchy :( the worst feeling when the V area is already leaking away.

What I have not tried before are scented pads because I'm worried that the added perfumes/fragrances are going to make the sensitive skin worse. Not with hersday though. All the varieties are lightly scented to help maintain the feeling of freshness with a long busy day ahead. And surprise! I have not had any problems with it after a week's use. It does give a slight airy/minty feeling down below for the first half an hour or so but it slowly fades away during the day.

All these attributes will not help if the pad doesn't have good absorbency. And don't worry, watch my video below. Not only does Hersday absorb better, it also keeps the  surface of the pad dry. I have purposely poured more fluid over the Hersday daily use pad but it's still a convincingly better outcome.

If these aren't enough to convince you, listed are the 6 reasons why you should use Hersday.
- Dries 9 Times Quicker
- Absorbs 3 Times Better
- Free Shipping
- No Hidden Fee
- 100% Risk-FREE Money Back Guarantee
- Part of their profits will be donated to the Breast Cancer Community

For every sales we make, $0.20 will be donated to Breast Cancer Organization. So head on to this link to make your first purchase now. Make yourself feel happier and more confident during the crampy week and do charity at the same time!

Hersday official website
Hersday Instagram
Hersday Facebook

Saturday, July 14, 2018

McDonald's D24 Durian Mcflurry- even for non durian lover

The durian season is back! For durian lovers, it's everywhere now. From the commonest durian kampung, to D24, udang merah and the so coveted Musang King.

Because there's so much supply, the price is also very much reasonable at the moment.
I'm a durian lover , as well as Mr husband. But baby Bing, unfortunately, is a not fan. We tried to feed him when he was one. But he has only shown disgust much to our dismay. The fall half a year ago when his small hand impacted onto a durian on the floor was the last straw for him.

So, us parents were excited when we knew that D24 McFlurry was coming up! I don't usually have durian food products besides actual durian. But it looked so enticing on the advertisement. So we decided to give it a try.

We had it at the river front McDonald's because it's also nearby to a huge and popular children outdoor playground. Took this chance to have dinner out on a Friday night as well.

Besides McChicken, Big Mac, Fillet O Fish and Nasi McD, we also ordered the D24 Mcflurry. Firstly, the vanilla ice cream never disappoints. Ever so smooth and melted quickly in the mouth. As for the D24 cream, it's made of quality D24 durian :)

And Malaysia being the country of origin for great durian, it's definitely fresh and yummy! Not a sweet tooth though, I find the cream just slightly too sweet to my liking. Surprisingly, baby Bing also enjoyed the Mcflurry. He even kept asking for it after we finished it (he gives clear signals of refusal to things that he dislikes).

There you go, 17 July2018. All you can eat D24 durian Mcflurry only at RM10! (Usual price is RM8.99 each). Don't forget to drop my your nearest McDonald's outlet because the offer is only for the first 20 customers!

McDonald's Jalan Gambang stopover Kuantan food review

We love to stop by the McDonald's outlet that's along the Jalan Gambang near Sg Isap area. The most recent visit was after our Bukit Gambang Blogger Family Trip.

We love how convenient the location is. Located just before the Permatang Badak traffic light turnoff. Easy to stop by and cure the hungry tummy. Also to let baby Bing release his pent up energy from sitting too long in the car.

Besides its 24 hours fast food service and drive through, it also has a McCafe that operates nonstop. So Mr husband can get his coffee fix.

This time round, we got to sit in their upstairs suite area because there were I think 8 families in our group. A big, happy and noisy crowd with lots of young children at tow.

Unfortunately baby Bing wasn't in his best mood. He only wanted to play in the playground next door. What I loved was that I could sit next to a huge glass window which directly visualize the indoor playground. Great for parents who wanted to get a quick bite but the young ones just wanted to play.

The playground was a very clean and cosy area. Its walls were wrapped with soft paddings. No worries when the little ones got too excited and bumped his head. The slide was also sturdy and made of plastics that didn't have sharp ends. The only thing was I couldn't stop baby Bing from climbing up the slides.

While the rest tried out the Rio burger, I had a McChicken instead. And baby Bing had his share of Happy Meal (chicken nuggets and fries). We had it with iced Milo and orange juice. He was more excited to have the balloon and transformers toy instead.

Tada. The friendly McDonald's crew on duty that day. It's worthy to mention a special staff among them. She's nonetheless Mrs Nik Anisah binti Mohd Ibrahim. Affectionately addressed as mama, she's the eldest staff at 50 years of age. This is part of MacDonald's humanitarian effort in employing the more elderly population or those with certain disabilities.

Not only that, McDonald's also care for their employees' welfare. Zakat were distributed to the Muslim employees during the Raya period. Those who came from outstation are also provided with comfortable accommodation that's nearby the working area. They are also entitled to free medical care and sick leaves.

We have been wanting to celebrate baby Bing's birthday at McDonald's. They do have affordable birthday party options. Besides the Happy meals, options such as birthday cake and party packs can also be added. Just pay and spare the time. Nothing else needs to be arranged on your own. Nice and simple.

Not forgetting the all-you-can-eat Mcflurry D24 is coming up on 17 July! They're always something McD can offer to everyone in the family. And now that they are embarking on more healthy food options, it has become one of my favorite hang out spots. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bioxcellent Slenbrn review

During our blogger family trip at Gambang, we were introduced to Bioxcellent range of health beverages. Mr husband got to try Slenbrn berry drinks.

Bioxcellent is a great blend of botanical goodness. Read about harnessing the goodness of phytonutrient from my previous blog post here. The same post also explained about why is it important to make sure the supplementary products you used is approved by GMP. Bioxcellent is also a winner of the Asia Pacific Super Health Brand Excellence. 
Enjoying having Bioxcellent at Bukit Gambang resort

Official website for Bioxcellent

So what are the important ingredients?

Raspberry &Cranberry
Image from Google

Besides anthocyanins, other important phytonutrients in raspberries include ellagic acid, quercetin and vitamin C. As for cranberries, polyphenols (particularly proanthocyanidins), vitamin C and flavonoids. These are important antioxidants which has anti-aging and anti-cancerous properties.

Carcinia Cambogia/Malabar tamarind
Image from Google

This is a tropical fruit famous for weight loss effect. These are theoretical effects from hydroxycitric acid  and an increased level of serotonin after consuming this fruit. This results in fat burning, lowered cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Read more about this fruit on WebMD.

Hoodia/bushman's hat

An interesting import from Kalahari Desert, it contains lots of hoopla. This may suppress appetite.

Green coffee

These are coffee seeds that haven't been roasted to maintain the levels of chlorogenic acid which enhances metabolism leading to weight loss.

L cartinine 

This amino acid helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart, muscle and brain function.

Watch this short video about how a great glass of Bioxcellent Slenbrn is made. It boosts Mr husband's energy and helped him through a physically challenging day at Gambang Resort.

I didn't try because I am expecting and also breastfeeding at the same time as stated on their official website. According to Mr husband, it tastes like a fresh berry drink. The color is slightly cloudy pink but it can vary as fresh products are used. 

Personally, the drink is very easy to prepare. And Mr husband just have it before he heads out for some badminton or running. A quick way to get a great beverage to replenish his energy during immense exercise. He likes it how the taste is natural and not too sweet. One important thing to remember is that one needs to drink at least 2 litres of water to wash out toxins and to help with the fat burning process. 

A little setback is that he does feel giddy for about an hour. I have clarified with their product specialist. This is harmless and can happen because increased metabolism rare. And it's recommended for him to consume half a spoon every day instead. I really like their post sale customer service who replied my queries within a few hours.
This is their official contact number.
016-316 3069

As for myself, I am open to supplements which complies to the necessary regulations. Supplements in general are fairly safe for young healthy individuals.  But remember to follow the all the recommended directions. However, for patients who have medical conditions especially lovel and kidney problems, it's best not to consume any supplements without consulting healthcare professionals. 

Bioxcellent is very transparent in this respect by listing out the people who should not consume this product. This includes expecting or breastfeeding mothers, those who have migraine, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic medical illness. Be very careful when certain supplements claim it can cure illness because it's almost always untrue and a lot of permanent irreversible damage can be done. 

Besides Slenbrn, Bioxcellent also has a range of other interesting supplements
-Guot Xcid (help with joint pain)
-W.line fibre(help with indigestion and constipation)
-Tripeptide Colla W. Diamond (maintain youthful skin)
-Cupplus white (for skin whitening and maintaining elasticity)

So how can one get hold on this supplement? It's not difficult to find Bioxcellent range of products because it's sold exclusively through Watson.

Disclaimer: the opinion given is merely a personal experience and does not constitute formal medical advice. Please seek your medical professional's advice before any complementary therapy. Always ask for product certification before proceeding with treatment and stop if side effect ensues.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Bukit Gambang Safari Park review

Bukit Gambang Resort is the nearest and the best theme park around Kuantanese. We have explored both the water park and the Safari when we were both single. Now it's time to return for family fun! There's just too much to write about and I'll focus on the Safari park.

This is a brief itinerary designed for our blogger family trip. A great and fruitful 3 days 2 nights indeed!

We started our safari adventure by hopping onto the Safari tram! Note that at Bukit Gambang Resort City, one can commute using these trams without using your own car. So sit back and relax. The kids were excited about the bumpy ride. We had Mr Tajudin a very experienced guide to talk us though the 30min safari tour.

Most of the adults went on to an ATV adventure into the Safari. It took some guts and real driving skills to maneuver this machine. I didn't join the rest because it's not recommended for pregnant ladies or children. Mr husband had a great time watching African/Malaysian wildlife close and upfront with the rest of the team. Be rest assured that the ATV course excluded sections with wild predators for obvious safety reasons though.

From African antelopes, water buffaloes, goats to Friesian cows, we got to understand more about these wild lives and watched them in the wild. The more exciting bits were about the predators such as crocodiles, hyenas and lions. Unfortunately, the Malayan tiger was no where to be found in his enclosure.

Luckily, we were then led to the Predator show. Being the first of its kind in South East Asia, these ferocious predators showcased their feeding habits in the big enclosure. Rangers placed pieces of bait in the show area and the animals were left on their own to show the audience what they do. The most exciting part was possibly how the Malayan tiger was able to swim across to feed on chicken pieces.

Shortly afterwards, we moved on to the wonderful birds' show very popular with children. Trained Professor parrot was able to answer mathematical questions and spell words chosen by the audience. Impressive! Baby Bing thoroughly enjoyed the part where a multicolored parrot flew from his hand holding a RM5 note back to the trainer. He couldn't stop reminiscing the moment when we asked him whether he wanted to have the same experience :) And we were all entertained when the 'sexy' flamingoes in cute pink skirts came running across the stage.

The multi animal show was equally interesting. From watching a cute cattle drinking milk from a bottle to white handed gibbon climbing across the rope, the animals were so adorable. I really admired the courage of a young boy holding on to a heavy python. After much coaxing, baby Bing stroke the python at the end of the show (Not that I would dare to do! Ha) I think these shows really taught him how important it is to care for wild animals and their habitat.

There wasn't much time to stroll around because there was just so many animals to learn about! But we did have some time enjoying the company of the marmosets, sun bear and the petting area (chicken, rabbits and goats).

Dinner was also a unique experience- Dining with the white lion! We throughly enjoyed a buffet spread of local and western cuisines with the company of the white lion and lioness. These are African lions and born white, not albino. Knowing that they sleep for 20hours a day, it's not easy to catch a glimpse of them active on the other side of the glass.

The day was not over yet! The exhilarating African Yabara fire show was nothing but filled of stunts. From spinning the fire torches and juggling the torches, the performers also spit and swallow fire! Very dangerous act that I really would not dare to try.

We ended the night with the action filled Tarsan adventure show. The story was about how a group of human was trying to kidnap a sun bear. But the gorilla and Tarzan came to the rescue in time. There was lots of rope swinging, gun shooting and explosion including explosion in the water. Very exciting plot but also a bit scary for the young children but we were warned beforehand and baby Bing was able to enjoy the show. Catch the night safari shows on my Facebook Live.

Fire show 
Tarzan show

There's just so much to write about the safari! I have made a short video. Enjoy and come experience the magic of the wildlife here. Great holiday package and discounts await you. Contact me for details.  Don't forget it's only 40 minutes drive from Kuantan!

I'm glad other bloggers also had a great time at the Safari. Please refer to their blog posts here.


Till then stay tuned for many other product/food review that I received during the trip :)

Bukit Gambang Resort City Official Website

Saturday, July 7, 2018 -car tyre maintenance service in Malaysia

Knowing where and how to get good tyres for your ride is no longer only a man's job. Now that more ladies own their own car, so it definitely comes in handy to know the best deal in town. Afterall, we are not pros in this line of business. All of these are made easy by has a collection of car tyre workshops that offers 100% original tyres that's less than 18 months from its manufacturing date. The prices offered are the lowest possible from the workshops involved.

Just key in the car model and my location, I was led to a result page that had all these tyres listed- Michelin, hankok, continental, Goodrich and Dunlop just to name a few. Unfortunately, there were no network workshops around the kuantan area yet so I have to search for workshops around KL area.

I decided to get continental tyres. That will cost RM255.41 each tyre. To confirm my booking, there's a deposit of RM12.77 each tyre purchased. This price included Tyre(s), rubber tubeless valve(s), installation, off-wheel balancing after trade-in of current tyre(s). Free Alignment check when one buys 4 tyres or more.

After adding the item to my cart, I then proceeded to checkout. Add in the discount code if any. Payment can be done easily through internet banking/PayPal/credit card. Easy peasy. No worries getting any counterfeit tyres or old tyres. What happens if I find a workshop that's cheaper? Contact because they are more than happy to involve the workshop as a partner.

As you can see from the map, the network workshops are mainly from the west coast of peninsula and concentrates around the KL area.

That's it! After payment I then contacted my workshop to schedule an appointment. Just be a bit careful to call within 10 days because the deposit is not refundable and your purchase will be considered invalid if you do not contact your workshop within that period.

My tyres were then changed by the professionals. All brand new and original! I always believe that good tyres and car maintenance service are important for obvious reasons- for the safety of your loved ones and yourself while riding in the car. This is why I choose to help me to get the best service at the lowest price.

Another section that I like the most about is their educational section.

Not only does it teach me about the technical terms used for car tyres, but it also includes information such as when to change your tyres by looking at the age of the tyre and the tread depth. Even tips like how to clean the tyres, and the importance of maintaining enough air pressure.

Dear folks, I hope this will remind you the importance of getting your tyres maintained and changed regularly especially for the upcoming holiday season.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Pampering facial treatment for pregnant ladies at Vogue Clinic

The ever enlarging belly makes me feel unattractive and kind of clumsy at times. Especially the awful breakout due to hormonal imbalance. Regardless of comments about how cute the bump is..ha.. I'm in need of a pampering session to look and make myself feel good. Expecting mothers commonly worry about how safe certain beauty treatments are. I'm hoping to shed some light on this.

I have just gone through a great session at Vogue Clinic with Dr Darren Teo and his team. Firstly, please let your beautician/physician know that you are expecting so they can plan for suitable treatment accordingly.

Vogue Clinic
36-3 Jalan 30/70A Wisma Rapid, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
018-234 2128
Official website
Facebook page

Facial treatments are generally safe in pregnancy. I had an enjoyable facial cleansing and scrubbing by trained nurses. Firstly, there's no disruption from my cute baby Bing when my face was cleansed for at least 5 minutes. Lol. This was then followed by a good scrubbing to exfoliate with the help of gentle yet effective microbeads.

Read this comment from Dr Lynch on BabyCenter about facial in pregnancy.

My face was then steamed for 10 minutes to open up the pores to prepare for exfoliation. Steaming just the face is perfectly safe in pregnancy but wrapping and steaming the whole body is not. This is why sauna and spas are not recommended for pregnant ladies. Afterwards a good suctioning was done to clear or loosen up the sebum and dirt. Mechanical extraction is just what I need for this face full of acne. This is because many acne products are not safe for pregnancy use.

The big no nos in acne fighting products during pregnancy includes retinoid acid which can cause deformity in the growing baby. Others such as salicylate and benzoyl peroxide have not been studied extensively (because the ethics committee will not pass this type of study using pregnant women to experiment about the safety of these drugs!) But they can be used sparingly and are fairly safe. If you have strong fear and worry, you can always avoid these too.

After a thorough extraction, my pores are finally free of impurities. The areas with comedones are so smooth and clean :) I would say this is a fail safe way to clear off acne (but must be done by the professionals to minimise the risk of scarring). Read this article to know about about acne extraction. 

As my breakout was too extensive, we had to postpone my mesotherapy and skin booster treatment. I was then given chemical peeling instead. Not all chemicals used in suitable for pregnant ladies. But the following are safe. Firstly glycolic acid (derived from sugar cane) was applied to exfoliate. Lactic acid (derived from milk so it's very mild and safe) was then used to reveal a smoother and fairer skin. Read here to understand more about chemical peels in pregnancy. One of the downsides included stinging during application which was alleviated by a mini cooling fan.

A nice cooling layer of 100% organic aloe vera gel was then applied after the peel was washed off to ease off the discomfort and soothe the skin. LED light was also used to repair the skin. I wrote in detail about the LED light in my previous post.

It's essential to avoid sun exposure and use sun protection for the coming week because the the skin will start to peel slowly. New skin is invariably smoother, fairer with even complexion and produces less sebum. But it is also very seen sensitive and one should handle it with care.

 A good facial leaves one with clear and smooth skin. Absolutely in love with the pampering I received. At least I don't have to live with this terrible pregnancy breakout. Hope that now you understand more about facial treatment during pregnancy and will not deprive your skin with the care it needs.

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