Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Artistic DIY home painting | Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint Review

I have always wanted to repaint this wall in the master bedroom. The paint 4years back has started to crack and peel.

The workmanship of that particular wall sadly was also rough and uneven.  So i thought this pot of Nippon Paint Momento Special Effect Paint  from the Home tester club came just in time.

Each set came with 1L of primer and 1L of special effect paint. I chose ultraviolet not just because purple is my favorite color but also because it matches the rest of the bedroom. This special effect paint is made for interior walls. It also came with a set of brush,  spatula and ruler.

Furthermore,  this Nippon Paint series has low VOC, low odour and does not contain heavy metals such as mercury,  lead and chrome. I could hardly smell the paint a few hours afterwards.

How to apply?

This is a short YouTube video about how to paint using the Momento Special Effect Paint.

Paint primer using roller.
Paint two layers of the special effect paint in a crisscross manner.
Wait for 15mins.
Use the spatula to create more texture when the paint is still semidry.
Leave air dry for at least an hour.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

On the left is the old paint. The right panel is Nippon Momento.

I used to hate the rough workmanship on this wall in my bedroom.  And the old paint has started to bubble and peel off now. But now it's become so artistic after I painted it using Nippon Moment Special Effect Paint. It gave such a textured appearance to the wall and concealed the uneven and rough surface so well.

It's also very easy to apply. For a person who rarely does any paintwork nor artwork, it's incredibly easy to paint. The color is shimmering and paint at just the right consistency because it did not drip to the floor at all even though i didn't cover it with any protective surface.

Want to try it yourself? 

Nippon Momento Special Effect Paint website

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