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End of Life care 临终看护| Jasper Lodge East(Kuantan 关丹)

Life is short. It will come to an end eventually. How it ends is very important though. This is particularly true for those we love. We would love them to pass away peacefully with minimal suffering.

Advance directive is important, especially for those who have severe chronic organ failures and terminal cancer. As a doctor, I often ask myself the surprise question when I come across with these patients-- will I be surprised if they pass away within the next 6 months? If not, then I will start exploring about their wishes. Many people simply do not think about the inevitable. But it is important to plan beforehand how you want to be treated in the last moments of your lives. It can be extremely difficult for your next of kin to make decisions if it comes unexpectedly and abruptly. Because they want the best effort to be done to avoid losing you. And this may not reflect your true wishes. Many of these aspects differs with your upbringing, cultural and religious practices. There is often no right or wrong to choose a Do Not Resuscitate Order, or to choose withdrawal of life support to allow the dying process out of the hospital.

End of life should not be painful. Terminal illness can be associated with significant pain and breathlessness due to spreading of the cancer to bones and lungs or the gradual deterioration of the functions of the vital organs. It can be distressing to both the patient and the family to go through this suffering. There are many ways, both using or not using medications such as morphine to help relieving the discomfort. However, some times, patients may have side effects and reservations about using morphine which can be managed successfully with an experienced medical team.

End of life should not be lacking privacy and dignity. A person who is being palliated should be offered a comfortable environment with peace and quietness. If wished so, accompanied by their loved ones and spiritual community. There should be minimal interruption from the medical team and unnecessary medications and treatments should be ceased. For example, in most cases, medications to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes can be stopped in the last moments. Because it does not help to prevent the passing. In fact, the pill burden can prove unwelcoming for those who does not have much appetite or has problems swallowing.

At our nursing homes under Jasper Lodge, we have healthcare professionals who will guide you through this last precious moments in life. So you can leave the world behind in comfort and without regrets. Your loved ones will also be assisted in the grieving process. Jasper Lodge East is also opening soon to serve the Kuantan community.

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