Monday, October 7, 2019

Is cheat day harmful for diet plan? | E-chiz Food Review

I have been doing clean eating for a while now.  After attending many conferences talking about pre-diabetes and fatty liver, I have become much more health conscious. But to fulfill 4 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables is no easy feat. When I walk pass and smell the fragrance of fried food,  I still yearn to have some. So last weekend we had a lunch date out- cheat day at E-chiz KCM- proudly Kuantan owned and next to Chatime!

An occasional indulgence,  in any manner,  does not harm previous consistent effort in healthy eating,  if done right. An acceptable cheat day will be a meal that does not follow strict calorie counting. Because life becomes so dull otherwise! But I would say portion control is still important-especially to cut down on carbohydrates and avoid overeating.

Having deep fried food and some dessert is fine. Try to eat only until 70% full. For the rest of the meals during the day,  stick to the healthy suku suku separuh meal plan to avoid guilt and a total upset of healthy diet. Share the meal with a group of people for easier portion control that allows a chance to try more food variety as well. Read more to find out about Cheat Day/Meal here.


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Fried stuff is always tempting. Look at the cheese corn dogs! The sinful combo comes with the classic breaded corn dog vs the healthier special corn dog. A huge sausage, coated with mozzarella cheese and bread, deep fried until golden then drizzled with more cheese sauce and chilli sauce. The special version has diced potatoes coated on the outside which provides more nutritional value.

The classic cheese pull photo! Yummylicious. Ask for sauces to be served on the side to reduce the amount of calories consumed.

There are 4 varieties of fried chicken available here. Each serving uses drumettes and chicken wings breaded and fried until crispy.

Honey and soy tasted savoury with a touch of the fragrance of honey. The most classic, non spicy option available. But it doesn't mean it's plain! I like how well balanced the flavor was.

Red hot pepper chicken wings tasted similar to the Korean Gochujang chicken. What I really like is the spiciness is mild with some sweetness and doesn't cause a spicy diarrhea afterwards. Lol.

Cheesy chicken wing is a must try for cheese lovers.  The amount of melted mozzarella was so generous that the chicken had to be literally dug out from underneath. Despite that,   it did not feel too weighed down and filling as the texture was light and not overly salty.

One of the popular flavour is the salted egg version. Salted egg goes really well with many dishes, even with dessert. And this E-chiz chicken wing is no exception. I had to order for extra portion because it was so good. That's why I said it's our cheat meal out.

A small bowl of sushi rice went down well with the sauces.

For children,  chicken nuggets were a good choice. They were served plain with ketchup when requested. Made from actual chicken meat,  it's lightly flavoured and still juicy on the inside. Knowing how picky Bing boy is,  we were glad that he actually enjoyed the nuggets.

Instead of ordering a meal set (which will give a serving of fries and salad for each set of chicken wings), we ordered cheesy potato wedges as a side dish instead to cut down the total carbohydrate amount.  We should have ordered for some salad to help adding to the daily vegetable requirement, but I forgot. The wedges were nice and crunchy outside but soft and fluffy inside. They went great with cheese and chilli sauce too! Wedges offer the same level of satisfaction but are healthier because they are baked, absorbs flavours much better and use much less oil.

Our verdict is 7.5/10! A quick fix for all the cravings at such an affordable price tag.

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