Monday, May 24, 2021

Protein Supplement for Sarcopenia

Protein is essential not only for building and maintaining muscle; but also bone strength and other body functions. Muscles grow larger and stronger from birth to about 30 years of age. Subsequently, many begin to lose muscle mass and function called age-related sarcopenia.

Therefore, diet and exercise are important lifestyle approach to maintain that strength and stamina. There is no quick fix and people must be motivated to change.

Sedentary people can lose 3% to 5% of their muscle mass each decade after age 30. Those who exercise often are not exempted either. This risk is real especially when people are advised to stay at home, resulting in a drastic drop of incidental activity and way too many couch potatoes. A downward spiral renders those people weaker and deconditioned, especially the older generation who has less reserve to begin with. Therefore, do maintain at least 30minutes of moderate intensity exercise at least 3 times/week!

It goes without saying that eating well helps in maintaining a healthy weight and muscle mass. Adequate calorie and protein is even more important as we age. But many resort to a tea and biscuit diet due to changes in sense of taste, problems with the teeth, gums and swallowing, or increased difficulty shopping and cooking. To help prevent sarcopenia, 25–30 grams of protein intake each meal is recommended.

Daily recommendations from the American College of Sports Medicine and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics are as follows :

The average adult needs 0.8 grams of protein each kilogram of body weight everyday.
Recreational athletics need more- 1.1 to 1.4g
Competitive athletes need even more- 1.2 to 1.4g
Muscle builders need -1.5 to 2.0g
Ultra-endurance sport persons need the most- up to 2.0g

To put things in perspective, a 60kg person will need at least 48g protein a day. Diet sources from lean meat, fish, chicken, and dairy products are great. Vegans should consume more tofu, edamame, tempeh, seitan, chickpeas, lentils and nutritional yeast for instance. Protein sources should be varied for wholesomeness. Head to the Better Health website for more information about protein serving.

Those who cannot consume enough protein in their diet should consider using good quality protein supplements. Examples include:

-Athletes with sports injuries
-Anyone recovering from an injury
-Pregnant and breastfeeding mums
- Weight watchers and fitness enthusiasts
- Meal replacement
- Older adults becoming frailer with poor oral intake
- Growing yet choosy teenagers active in sports

Excessive protein supplementation can burden the kidneys and liver which need to work harder to break down the unwanted protein in the body though. Therefore the amount consumed should be guided by the requirements stated above. Read more on WebMD.

Dynamic Nutrition’s Live Protein is a blend consisting of organic pumpkin seed protein, pea protein and prebiotics (inulin) with high bioavailability. It is plant-based with a complete amino acid profile. This product is easily digestible, gluten-free, allergen free, non-dairy, soy -free, vegan friendly, organic and Non-GMO.

Pumpkin seeds is abundant in protein, dietary fiber, amino acids and low in sodium. Advanced processing technology used in Dynamic Nutrition’s Live Protein preserves most nutrients and reduce fat content.

PISANEᵀᴹ pea protein supports muscle synthesis. Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) maintains energy level. Iron and arginine in the pea protein enhance strength, power performance and muscular recovery. PISANEᵀᴹ pea protein also promotes satiety and supports lean body mass maintenance. Arginine and lysine are essential for good bone health.

What does Dr Yingzangel think?

Dynamic Nutrition’s Live Protein is easily water soluble unlike most other plant proteins. The nutty aroma is pleasant and palatable. It is great as a wholesome breakfast or lunch on the go-- I am always trying to beat the rush hour traffic in KL!

For those who have lactose intolerance, plant protein like Dynamic Nutrition’s Live Protein can be a great protein source. Or for those who does not like meat that much (like my mom!), plant protein can be a healthy alternative. Mom prefers to add Dynamic Nutrition’s Live Protein into her coffee. 

More information about Dynamic Nutrition’s Live Protein here


Thursday, May 20, 2021

Celebrate World Cheese Day with Tom and Jerry!

 KUALA LUMPUR (May 19, 2021) – Did you know that everyone’s favourite dairy product had its own day of celebration? Yes – World Cheese Day falls on June 4, and Cartoon Network is inviting fans to join in the fun with a Tom and Jerry-themed no-bake cheesecake recipe that the whole family can enjoy as part of the perfect bonding activity for the holidays.


Make it in the morning and it will be ready for a fun and delicious dessert for Raya, birthdays, and more special occasions. Along with other cheese-themed recipes, you can also download Tom and Jerry’s Cheese Day WhatsApp sticker pack at https://tomandjerry.cartoonnetworkasia.comCartoon Network has even prepared a cook-along video to help you in your culinary pursuit.


What would Tom and Jerry be without cheese? For more than 80 years, cheese has been central to Tom’s hapless mouse-hunt routine. Slices wedged in mousetraps, dangled from a string, cheese is truly Jerry’s kryptonite. However, despite Tom’s firm belief that he will one day succeed, Tom’s record of failed attempts to capture his frenemy is impeccable. Poor Tom!

Jerry's Cheesecake Recipe.jpg

Make it one of your indoor holiday adventures this summer, together with more than 150 activities that can be found on Cartoon Network’s Best Summer Ever microsite In fact, explore the Gymsville with Tom and Jerry section to get your heart pumping with Tom’s secret set of workout videos to stay just as fit and active, and help burn off those cheesecake calories too! 


Tom and Jerry Social Media Post.jpg


Ever wondered if you would excel better as #TeamTom or #TeamJerry? From May 21, grab your friends and try out the Go Get Cheese Instagram filter, where you can either be on #TeamTom and chase after Jerry for the stolen cheese treats, or join #TeamJerry on his wild escape from his best frenemy!


Tom and Jerry Show Pix.JPG


Round out your Tom and Jerry experience with special line-ups on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615 HD)From May 31 to June 4, catch brand new episodes of The Tom and Jerry Show at 11.30am, with a special movie feature of Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on June 4 at 12.30pmFor even more cat-and-mouse action, stream shows on HBO GO to watch Tom and Jerry anytime, anywhere! 


Last but not least, no true fan would go without adding the latest Cartoon Network merchandise to their collection. Here’s the latest selection available in Malaysia:


·       Kidz World MY

Looking for the perfect outfit for your little one this Summer? Head over to Shopee to check out the extensive Tom and Jerry apparel collection!

·       Toys“R”Us

If you love Tom and Jerry figurines, head over to Toys“R”Us to check out their full toy collection today. Available at selected outlets only.

·       Aurora Italia 

Looking for the perfect gift this season? It’s time to impress your loved ones with the limited-edition Tom and Jerry 24K gold bar gift cards. Shop online today. 

·       Kismet Decals

It’s time to deck your space with Tom and Jerry! Featuring everyone’s favourite duo, these Kismet decals are made of high quality, durable and waterproof Oracal material.  Head over to their online store to check out the new range today.

·       Onwards

Bring comfort to the next level with Onwards’ Tom & Jerry facial tissue. Start pampering your skin today by heading over to the nearest leading grocery store right away!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Systema Pledges To ‘Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums & Teeth’ with Malaysia

 You are probably among the 94 percent of Malaysian adults with gum disease based on data from the National Oral Health Survey of Adults 2010[1]


The main cause of gum disease is plaque, a soft sticky film containing billions of bacteria. When plaque builds up between teeth, along the gum line and inside gum pockets, the harmful substance caused by bacteria build up will damage the gum tissue. 


In a recent study conducted by Lion Corporation on 450 Malaysian adults showed 80% of respondents had at least one visible sign or symptom of gum disease, the most common being bleeding and swollen gums, but only 1% realised that they have gum disease (Project Katsu 2017).


Oral health has a strong and proven relationship to systemic health. Research studies show corelations between gum disease and general health including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis,and most recently Alzheimer’s disease[2]


Preventive oral health measures such as early detection and treatment of gum disease can change the oral disease continuum, a means to address the cumulative public health burden. 

Systema, the gum health expert from Japan is working with the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), and the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) on a Corporate Social Responsibility campaign to help the public Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums and Teeth, continuing and increasing its collaborative efforts of previous years.


The campaign aims to educate Malaysians and continue to uplift their oral care practices, working towards better gum health for all by reaching more than 2 million people with fact-based and research-supported oral health information and free dental check-up to gradually reduce gum disease among adults by identifying and preventing oral health problems like gum disease before they become more serious. 


The holistic CSR campaign includes the contribution of 10,000 trial size Systema toothpaste for the public, 9,000 full-sized Systema toothpastes for oral health frontliners, an interactive website that provides education on the signs and symptoms of gum disease, and a free gum health check assessment tool, free dental  checks-up via participating MDA member clinics, engaging educational and awareness raising activities on social media and deeply discounted Systema products to bring quality oral health products within everyone’s reach. 


A social media campaign featuring influencers and users encouraging everyone to Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums and Teeth will support the campaign from April 1st to April 30th, 2021. 


Gum disease is highly prevalent, yet preventable. There is a serious lack of awareness of gum disease and its potential to impact quality of life, and its link to other major diseases as well. Collectively we need to help the nation improve its gum health to reduce the cumulative public health burden. Research studies show corelations between gum disease and heart disease and diabetes[3]. If early detection and treatment of gum disease can help to lower corelations of these life-threatening diseases, we should explore it. Diabetes and heart disease are also known co-morbidities for COVID-19[4]. Malaysians need to recognise the signs and symptoms of gum disease so that they know when something is wrong and can seek help.


Systema and MDA is looking forward to provide support in contributing products, educational materials, online and in-clinic dental check-ups, social media support and services to aid the public at this time when public dental clinics are stretched. This campaign can help the Oral Health Programme, MOH to educate more people on the critical need for better gum care and oral health, equip them with products, and channel them to free dental health check-ups for assessment.


Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Senior General Manager, Ms Carmen Foo highlighted Systema’s social purpose of creating higher awareness of oral health for healthy gum and a lifetime of healthy teeth, moreso as the world grapples with the pandemic.


“The pandemic has held us in ‘survival mode’ for almost a year, but now it is time to refocus on important issues such as gum health again. Healthy gums and teeth are vital for better quality of life, so let’s ‘Gumbatte’!  Systema can help by making more people aware of the signs and symptoms of gum disease, that it can often be reversed during early stages by simply brushing teeth and gums twice a day,”said Ms Foo.


“This CSR campaign has measurable goals that can be used to assess its effectiveness across the public and front liners, providing data on what works so that we can provide more targeted support in future to improve oral health outcomes. Tens of thousands of people can do online gum health assessments, and those who require can have free dental check-ups via MDA member clinics. The Systema Gumbatte campaign in 2019 resulted in almost 50,000 people taking the online gum health check, and more than 10,000 visits to participating MDA member clinics for free dental check-ups.,” Ms Foo explained. 

The Malaysian Dental Association, Honorary General Secretary Dr Chong Zhen Feng shared that since the COVID-19 pandemic, with the general public putting off routine dental check-ups, dental professionals have noticed the decrease in patients’ attendance. This will inadvertently delay any prompt management and may even lead to worsening of oral diseases. 


The MDA has been partnered with Systema on oral health campaigns, year after year. In Malaysia, gum disease is highly prevalent due to the low awareness on the importance of good oral health care. Through the Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums and Teeth campaign, we wish to provide oral health care education across the country with the aim of improving the gum health and the general health of the nation. The number of people we will be able to impact by this initiative is very encouraging. 

“Take control of your oral health by visiting, the website: to assess your gum status, and if needed, please visit our participating Malaysian Dental Association member dental clinics for your free dental check-up. ” 


He said that the members of the Malaysian Dental Association will be providing free dental check-up in support of the campaign, and it is recommended that everyone visit their dentist at least twice a year. 


The Gumbatte Towards Healthy Gums and Teeth campaign plays on the Japanese motivational cry of ‘Ganbatte’ that means ‘you can do it’ as a rallying call to get Malaysians to take charge of their oral health, even during the pandemic. Visit to take your online gum health check, today.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Keto Coconut Flour Bread Recipe

High protein and low carbohydrate, gluten and sugar free bread!


6 Eggs
2 tsp Vinegar
½ cup Coconut Oil
½ cup Coconut Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
½ tsp Salt

Place all the ingredients into the bread pan in the order listed.

Use Gluten free preset 5 Kenwood Breadmaker BM250.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Moist Butter Cake Recipe



200 g cake flour or all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
225 g unsalted butter, at room temperature
100g sugar
5 B eggs
4 tablespoons plain yogurt (preferred) or full milk

Use our food processor to beat the butter and sugar until well combined or pale yellow in color, about 3 minutes.

Add in the first egg. Beat well after each addition of egg until creamy, about 1 to 2 minutes after adding each egg.

Add flour, salt, yoghurt and baking powder.

Pour mixture into silicone baking tray.

Bake until golden brown and cooked, about 40 - 50 minutes.

If desired--> make some cream cheese frosting

225 g package cream cheese, softened
1 to 2 tablespoons​ cream or milk, more as needed
130g confectioners' sugar, sifted
1tsp salt
2 tsp corn starch

Whip using food processor until stiff. Add more corn starch if too soft, more milk if too stiff.

Serve warm and enjoy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Get Your Dose of Omega-3 with Ayam Brand™ Tuna and Saba

 As Malaysia is on the road to recovery, many of us are returning to a more rigorous daily routine of work, education, exercise or leisure. We need to safeguard and maintain our health, and increase our immune system. 


In Conjunction with World Health Day in April, it is indeed time to make a commitment to eating cleaner, leaner and tastier. Heart healthy Omega-3 should be on the menu to get you back on track, thanks to its many health benefits.


Omega-3 fatty acids are naturally found in cold water fish, algae, other marine sources and in flax seeds. Saba and tuna are especially rich in Omega-3, and are much tastier than popping Omega-3 supplements! 


The time is now to get your daily dose of heart healthy Omega-3 with Ayam Brand™ Tuna or Ayam Brand™ Saba. Here are some of the health benefits of increasing your Omega-3 intake.


Omega-3 benefits is essential for development and growth!

Omega-3 is said to render cellular membranes supple, and the smooth passage of signals through neuronal membranes is key for several brain functions during childhood development, and throughout life. EPA and DHA are also said to reduce the symptoms of dyslexia, ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder), and other learning, behavioural and coordination disorders in children.


Ladies, get your daily Omega-3

The fatty acids in fish oil improve skin barrier function, prevent UV-induced inflammation and hyperpigmentation, decrease itch and dry skin, and aid skin wound healing. 


Women are generally more likely to get osteoporosis than men as women tend to have smaller and thinner bones. In addition, the risk increases as women reach menopause due to the drop of oestrogen level which protects the bones. 4


The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that adults get 8 or more ounces of oily fish per week (at least 250mg/day of omega 3) as this level has been shown to maintain healthy bones. 



All adults benefit from Omega-3

A study by the Association for International Cancer Research found that regular dose of Omega-3 consumption boosted skin immunity to sunlight. It reduced immunosuppression which interrupts the body’s capability to fight infection and skin cancer. Hence, omega-3 fish oils help to protect against skin cancer.


Seniors should increase their Omega-3 intake

Benefits to seniors include a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, other conditions of mental deterioration, and possibly age-related macular degeneration (AMD). 

Omega-3 is also being researched for its role in reducing sleep disorders, anxiety, and impaired immune response. 


Saba is especially rich in Omega-3, 1 can of Ayam Brand Chilli Saba contain the equivalent of eight fish oil capsules, but much more delicious and conveniently packed in easy-open cans. Ayam Brand uses sustainably caught tuna and saba, without artificial preservatives or added MSG for a cleaner eating. Each can of Ayam Brand Saba or Tuna has more than 500mg per 100g of Omega-3 for a scrumptiously healthy addition to your meal. Ayam Brand Tuna, and Ayam Brand Saba are available nationwide in. They are ready to eat directly from the can, or can be used in a variety of delicious meals to suit your taste including sandwiches, fried rice, fried noodles, congee and more. 


Ayam Brand™ offers tuna in a variety of styles including Chilli Tuna Hot, Chilli Tuna, Chilli Tuna Light, Tuna Flakes Spicy in Olive Oil, Tuna Flakes Omega 3, Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil Light, Tuna Chunks in Water, Tuna Chunks in Mineral Water, Tuna Light Flakes in Water, Tuna Chunks in Oil, Tuna Flakes in Oil and Tuna Flakes in Oil Light to suit your dietary requirements and preferences. 


Ayam Brand™ Saba offerings include Saba Flakes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Saba Flakes in Mayonaise and Saba Chilli.


“Eating tuna or saba regularly is an excellent and affordable source of lean protein and essential vitamins and minerals. It is an easy and tasty way for consumers to add foods rich in Omega-3 to their diet and fulfil the twice weekly servings of fish as recommended by the American Heart Association,”says Teoh Wei Ling, Marketing Manager at Ayam Brand.

” This year, let’s make a commitment to add one more serving of fish to your diet, as well as variety of fruits, vegetables each day – while cutting down on fried or sweet food. It can be a significant movement towards a healthier lifestyle,” Ms Teoh explains. “With Ayam Brand Tuna or Saba , consumers can easily increase their intake of Omega 3 fatty acids and begin to enjoy the benefits of a balanced diet, an essential part of healthy living.”


Follow for delicious Tuna/Saba recipes.


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Dirran Organic Product Review

Dirran Organic showcases a wide range of products to suit every skin and hair care needs using various herbal blends. Not every skin is the same. Therefore, getting professional help to choose products that will address specific skin care concerns is the secret to ageless appearance. Individual's skin care needs will also change with skin condition and time, depending on age, environment and stress. Let me introduce the following Dirran Organic products that I have tried recently.

Super Fruits Antioxidant Masque Q10

I did not know how useful exfoliation was and feared about how harsh it is to my skin. In fact, exfoliation needs to be done weekly to remove dead skin cells to allow new cells to appear for more radiant complexion. The Super Fruit mask is made of a powerhouse of antioxidants including blueberry, cranberry, oregon grape, bayberry, cayenne, sea buckthorn and coenzyme Q10.

Apply a thick coat and allow on for 15-30minutes then massage in circular motions to assist exfoliation. After rinsing off, remember to complete the skincare regime (toning, serum and moisturising).

Peptide Complex Hydration Masque

This is a hydration boosting mask which can be incorporated into the daily skincare routine (after all, much effort is needed to upkeep the youthful appearance!). A beautiful concoction of plant oils, peptides and hyaluronic acid is allowed to infuse for 30minutes before rinsing to nourish and strengthen the skin cells.

Vitamin C Stem C 20 Serum

Orange stem cell and dandelion extract are the main ingredients which boost skin hydration, collagen synthesis and provide antioxidant effect to fight ageing by keeping the skin supple. After cleansing and toning, spray a small amount to the face avoiding eye areas twice daily. Moisturize after serum is absorbed. 

Peptide Complex Serum

98% ingredients of the Peptide Complex Serum are naturally derived and 72% organic. These include botanical hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, organic aloe vera juice, jojoba oil and peptide complex.

This becomes a powerhouse to even out skin tone and texture, maintain skin firmness and elasticity, as well as deterring signs of premature skin ageing. Apply a small amount on cleansed and toned skin before moisturizing. This serum is especially effective for dry skin.

Advanced Retinol Serum 2.5%

Retinol is a VItamin A derivative which delays the ageing process to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, faints pigmentation, boosts collagen production, softens and heals damaged skin. It also enhances skin absorption of wheat germ oil and green eta leaf extract which are rich in nutrients and antioxidants such as EGCG. 

Use as part of a night routine after cleansing and toning. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Moisturize after serum is absorbed. Expecting and breastfeeding mothers should avoid this product as retinoids can cause miscarriage, premature delivery and birth defects. Do not combine with other retinoid products either.

Complexion Renewal Dry Oil

Dry and mature skin is deeply nourished and rejuvenated using Complexion Renewal Dry Oil. Dehydration lines and wrinkles are smoothed by this fast absorbing formula, also with the ability to fight free radicals and faints pigmentation. The oil blend is made of skin loving vitamin E, rosehip seed , argan, rice bran and sea buckthorn oil. Pat onto face and neck daily after cleansing, toning, serum and moisturizer before sun protection. Dry Oil is especially useful for postmenopausal women like my mom as dry and itchy skin can be a real issue.

Advanced Noni Facial Treatment Oil

Noni, grape seed, avocado, macadamia, jojoba and tamanu oils make Advanced Noni Facial Treatment Oil extremely useful after a day out in the sun or after laser treatment. This is able to soothe and heal skin by replenishing and locking skin moisture. Splash some water onto face and neck, followed by patting on the treatment oil. Add some water to the oil to remove eye makeup. My eye area is sensitive to makeup removal products but this treatment oil removes makeup effortlessly without irritating the eyes.

Vitamin C Eye Treatment

If you have puffy eyes and dark circles like mine, Dirran Vitamin C Eye Treatment is a must try! The eye area is revitalized using highly concentrated and bioavailable vitamin C. Liquorice root extract brightens the skin whereas hyaluronic acid and horsetail plant extract keep the eye area hydrated and less puffy. Lightly pat a small amount around the eye before applying makeup twice a day. Remember not to rub to avoid stretching the delicate skin.
Advance Firming Eye Creme

The active ingredients are Matrixyl 3000, peptides, lactic and glycolic acid, vitamins, minerals with plant oils like organic aloe vera leaf juice, sunflower oil and squalene from olive oil.

The eye creme softens and calms the skin around my eyes to keep them hydrated, rejuvenated to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After cleansing, gently pat a small amount around the eyes to enhance absorption. Advance Firming Eye Creme is also suitable for all skin types.

Peptide Day Eye Moisturiser

Gently pat some around the eye area, allowing it to be absorbed before applying makeup. And I have noticed significant difference-- the lines and dark circles are no longer so obvious. I don't have to use as much concealer anymore. This moisturizer is great for daily use-- even more so after my oncall.

The main star ingredients are castor oil which contains triglycerides that locks in skin moisture and peptides that boost collagen production.

Cafe Mocha Coffee Scrub

It is easy to fall in love with a whole body coffee scrub-- my first experience was in a local beauty center. Now I can enjoy this in the comfort of my home. Coffee scrubs can be done daily to boost circulation, energy level and circulation, as well as whole body exfoliation. The various plant oils nourishes, hydrates and soften the skin as well. The lingering coffee scent is a bonus for coffee lovers like me.

About Dirran Organic

Dirran Organic products are manufactured in the US and backed by the latest skincare research. Organic here means the active ingredients are plant derived with naturally occurring ingredients. These are cultivated without pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and GMO. The formulas are 100% biodegradable, 100% parabens-free with no dyes, artificial perfumes and harsh skin irritants, of course halal too!


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